Laura87SA - a reading request when you have time

  • Hi again Laura,

    I see you've posted some new offers for readings but looks like I'm too slow - they fill out very quickly:-) I thought maybe you won't mind if I repost this request so it is kept separate and you could maybe look at it whenever you get around to it (or not, no pressure either way)?

    I have 2 questions, about my current biggest 'problem areas'.

    Firstly, I'm in pretty dire state financially. I wouldn't mind having a second income and I'm just wondering if the cards would give any suggestions in terms of where it is most likely to happen? Will there be an improvement? I've been looking online for a scond job but no luck so far. Maybe it means the additional money isn't meant to come from a second job? Perhaps I should be looking out for a new opportunity altogether? I've sort of been up for promotion for a while but it seems to be politically quite complicated and I'm not sure if this will happen...

    Secondly, my personal life is in even worse shape (I should say mess). I am desperatly in love with a man. The connection is strong, but situation very difficult. I'm in this relationship because I couldn't let the chance to be with someone I love pass me by. I know that he loves me too but he is convinced he needs to stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of his children. Doesn't leave me with many options. In the beginning I also wanted to be with him because I kept hoping that he will wake up to an alternative view but I know even if he had occasional thoughts about what it would be like to really be with me, he'd never say it. because he doesn't want to give me hope. At the same time, he constatly lets me know he's thinking about me and he comes over, all emotional, saying 'he just had to see me'. Does he ever think that a real relationship with me would be a possibility? Where is his head/heart at with this?

    There is someone else who is very keen to be with me. A man who just got out of a very long marriage. He says he loves being with me and he would like to get closer to me. And I do like him, but not to the levels of the first one. Because all three of us know eachother, I feel uncomfortable taking it further with him. Sometimes I think I should, because he is able to have a more 'real' relationship with me and I deserve that. But sometimes I wonder, if I wouldn't be better off just meeting someone completely new, without this kind of baggage and linkage.

    I am a very emotional person but I am trying to be very rational when it comes to the first relationship. I hope that the first man will come around, but am not holding my breath. I'm not one of those women who think they don't deserve a man of their own and therefore sabotage themselves. I simply think I would rather spend 5 min with man #1, than no time at all. But I know that the more you spend time together the closer you get, so I know that this particular kind of relationship can't last forever. And moving on doesn't necessarily mean that nothing can happen in the future. I just really need help. I never had doubts that the universe supported us getting closer because it was impossible to keep it inside any longer for either of us. But I don't know what the next step should be.

    Sorry for the long post. I need guidance and your help would be very much appreciated.



  • hello helbells I just saw this I am sorry for the late reply. I can give you a reading, sure 🙂

    Im using Touchstone Tarot (Kat Black)

    Firstly this is a reading regarding your financial situation.

    Card 1: 9, The Hermit

    You have friends in unlikely places, you just need to find them, you are not alone. A journey of self discovery and spiritual purpose. The need for quiet contemplation. I f you open your eyes and look for the unexpected you may find what you are looking for.

    Card 2: 2 of Wands

    A firm grasp on ambition. Seize what you want, the world is yours. Think globally. A time for passion and enthusiasm.

    Card 3: Knight of Coins

    Slowly work towards your goal, you will get there in the end. There is another atlas in this card like in the 2 of Wands. I think this means think big. You have the inner resources to make it work. But also be practical like the Knight of Coins.

    Story of the Cards:

    What you have wanted for so long is probably your path to success. Help is there if you need it and think big, the world is your oyster but also keep your feet planted on the ground like the knight of coins. The Knight of Coins aims to reach his desires through practical means.

    This is a reading regarding your love life:

    Card 1: 9 of Swords

    Despair and depression. The swords above the persons head are arranged in a neat pattern, however this is not the case regarding your situation. Unnecessary worry. The worst thing you can do is sit and think. Make a decision which is guided by logic. Cut yourself free.

    Card 2: Page of Cups

    A dreamer. Living in a fantasy world. Come back down to earth. Emotional immaturity, someone who has a lot of growing to do. I think this page represents either you or the men in your life. There is also an abundance of sensitivity and maybe even over-sensitivity also an active imagination.

    Card 3: 7, The Chariot

    A move toward victory. A strong warrior woman. Do not let yourself be swayed by others do what is right for you. Find your own strength. A battle. I think maybe this card is saying that with either of these 2 men finding a safe road you can travel would be a struggle.

    Card 4: 10 of Cups

    A happy family life. Obviously this is not the case. I dont see how emotional fulfilment would be possible.

    Card 5: 7 of Coins

    The watering of a plant. Making new things grow. A healthy move toward what is practical and sensible. Take the time to heal yourself and rest create new positive things.

    Story of the Cards:

    I think the chariot is a decision card and you need to pick what direction to take. Either way this will require the warrior within. The cards are saying this situation has plagued you for a long time and caused incredible stress, put away fantasies and make a fresh start with small practical things. I think the 10 of Cups is saying that happiness from either of these 2 people is not possible.

    helbells this is just what the cards are telling me Im not always right but also from a commonsense angle I dont see how it could work with either. Unfortunately the heart wants what the heart wants and it barely ever listens to reason. However I think from the last card its saying go back to doing what you enjoyed before all this happened. Return to simple uncomplicated pleasures.

    sending love and hugs your way 🙂

  • Hello,

    I would also like a reading.What can I expect in the near future?

    My love life and relationship.

    Thank you for the offer.

    Much love.

  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much. The finance reading was very encouraging. But not sure really still where to look. Would these people who could help be blood relatives or contacts I've made through work perhaps?

    Sorry to ask but could you take a look at our relationship with the one I love? You're so right about the heart. I've fought this for such a long time. But I love him so much. Unconditionally. I love the person he is and feel we have a lot in common. And lately he's said things that lead me to believe he has at least considered choosing me. Even though it seems impossible in this situation. I wonder if a celtic cross would help make sense of this relationship situation?

    You're right, I have been under stress from this for a while. Just can't seem to let him go.

    Thank you for helping me.

    Love and hugs,


  • Laurasa87 could you do a reading please I have been looking for a job since August , I went for my 16th interview last week do you see me getting a job soon are my finances going to totally collapse I. Am trying very hard thanks

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