Give a stab at my marriage?

  • Will my marriage last? My mind is in a whirl

    He says he loves me, I'm his only girl

    Theres something in my brain, going, tick, tick, tick!

    I'm sure it's a bomb, i want to give in to the kick

    I don't know why anyone would ever be as miserable with me as he has been.

    I'm such a people pleaser, used to be such a happy persona, why is this like walking through hell???????????? We are PSYCHOTICO I am losing my MINDio!

    So he says that his "stars" predict 7 years of hell (which he says is me, we've been together a rough 7 years) and then he'd die at 35 and thinks it's from stress with me. Thanks for the guilt! WTF, I only ever tried to make him happy. THis must all be My Faultio-ooooo

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