Shuabby-I feel stuck and trapped-can i have your insight

  • Hello, Shuabby

    Like I said I feel trapped and stuck, I try to move on but I keep coming back. The reason is that Im still very in love with this guy, he is overseas and we dont talk to each other, we choose to end the relationship we had and I chose not to talk with him ever again (stupid decision), I was hurting so much when I did that, because I didnt knew what he truly felt for me. So now I keep wondering what he still feels for me or if Im going to see him again ( someone told me that he will come back), if I should contact him so we can talk about what happened, I really want to be at least is friend. What do you think? Im so depressed

    Thank you

  • mariapisces

    Is this man married? As I feel there is a reason you stopped the relationship. You can't help who you fall in love with, but you learn to control your emotions and mature from the experience and move on. I would suggest to you that you move on as soon as possible to a new love experience that will fullfill you and be a long lasting connection of the mind , body, soul .

    Keep busy with friends or get into helping others in some way to keep your mind away from this man and moving forward.

    Good Luck to you,


  • Thank you so much for the reply. No he isn’t married in fact he wanted to marry me and take me with him, but I couldn’t. So he started to pull away when he saw that I wasn’t willing to gave up on everything and choose him. When we came apart by my decision I realized that he was the one I wanted and when he left got worst, on his birthday I wished him a happy birthday and he replied with a thanks, nothing more. Im already in a relationship, sometimes with this man I feel good others I feel empty. I keep myself busy and even when Im not thinking on him when Im about to say someone name his name comes out of my mouth, and I still have this weird feeling that we will see each other again, and that is killing me. And somehow I feel I can’t trust this guy Im with now, there’s something that makes me feel unsecure and I don’t know what it is, he keeps telling me that he loves me but…

    A year as gone and I still feel the same. Oh well I guess I just need to give some time for this feeling to go away.

    Thanks again, and many blessings for you Shuabby

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