All Scorpios, Please Help with advice!

  • Would you text someone you where thinking about them and missed them if it wasn't really how you felt???? Or do you scorps mean things like this??

  • Please, anyone!

  • Am not a scorpio but I have experienced that with a scorpio as well but don't really know if its the truth from them or not. It seems many people experience that with their scorpios but only the scoprs hold the answers to that . sorry I couldn't be of much help.

  • From a human point of view and I am not a Scorpio, I think it is human nature to reattach to someone you've had feelings for in the past when you're lonely. I would not look too far into it other than the person was feeling lonely at the time they text you.

    If the texting continues and unless they are giving you the green light I would not pass into it.

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