How do Scorpios react when ignored?

  • Just out of curiosity, what would happen if you were to just stop talking to a Scorpio male? How would he react if he said you were the love of his life and soulmate, but has recently hurt you?

  • He would be utterly hopelessly in PAIN. He would try to get you to at least speak to him, and he's not above popping up at your house if you refuse to answer the phone. However, beware-if you seriously still want this man, don't stay away too long, because he will eventually stop calling, stop popping up and completely shut down. Even if by some long shot you manage to get back in his good graces, he will put up a wall that would be almost impossible to tear down.

  • Thank you! He's the one who hurt me, I'm a Cancer and he's said he's sorry but I can't bring myself to speak to him again for a while...if I just stop contacting him for a bit, will he come back?

  • if you are punishing him by not contacting him at all, he'll pick up on that and not bother contacting you at all when 'you' decide to contact him. Of course he wont come back. when you behave like this toward him.

  • If you are punishing him for hurting you by not contacting you.

  • I'm not really trying to punish him, he just hurt me and I have nothing else to say to him...we've never gone more than a week without speaking, so I was just wondering how he'd react to that.

  • yeah, eventually-even of he's the one who hurt you-he's going to stop trying, and he won't ever come back. Don't forget, Scorpios have a big "I can do it but YOU can't" mentality. Best believe he will act every bit of that if you keep not talking to him.

    He would rather hear you in pain then to not hear you at all. It's obvious you still care about him, otherwise you wouldn't care about his reaction to you not talking to him. So give him a call, and talk it out slowly.

  • He's with someone new...It's not something that can be talked out at all because nothing with us can change since we're long-distance and unless he gets a new job and/or moves we can't work out right now. He only admitted to being with somebody else after I asked several times, up until a few months ago he was telling me he loved me and calling me baby and just 2 weeks ago told me he missed me and that we met for a reason and that he's extremely unhappy...I just don't understand.

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