Help, my dreams are coming true

  • Hi,

    Sorry if i insult any one...but can i please start by saying that i am a non believer. This is what is making all of this so scary!

    From being little i always remember certain dreams coming true but it is in the last year that thing have started to become a lot clearer....and beyond any way of excusing it as coincedence.

    Also, when I am stressed everything electrical starts to go wrong around bulbs start blowing (21 in one week?) i have broken toasters, hair dryers, microwaves...etc Plus I have broken 3 cars without any mechanical explanation behind it?

    An example of the dreams...

    I dreamt about some ones cat, it was in the conservatory and it kept escpaing and i had to keeo getting it back and it kept escpaing...etc. Over the weekend i got a text saying that the cat had died. When i next saw the owner i mentioned my dream and the lady went sheet white. When they had got home, the day after my dream, the cat was no where to be found. Apparantly they are very private when they know it is there time to die, but they found her outside and put her in the conservatory, she kept escaping and they kept putting her back. What is weird is that i didnt even know they had a conservatory and the owner ended up sleeping there all night which is where she died.

    I had another disturbing dream about a big, luminous green vehicle. This time when i woke up i knew it was something to be worried about and i felt sick in my stomach and everything around me felt heavy, like ther was a thunder storm coming. That day my van broke down...what came to tow me away and tell me that my engine had seized and my van was therefore a write off??? A big luminous green van. maybe a coincedence? But it is not a popular colour and after it happened, instead of feeling angry about my van i just felt relieved...cause i knew what ever was bothering me had stopped.

    Another one....this dream had lots of components, a dog called Buddy being on thin ice, fresh white paint on the road and a big red tractor. I told my partner about the dream. They are a non believer too, but could see i was distressed. A couple of days later (with lots of ill feeling and un-explained heaviness in the atmosphere) we were driving along and my partner stopped the van. When i asked what was the partner pointed up the road....over the top of the bow of a hill and on a blind bend was a red tractor. Overtaking it was a car...if we had not of stopped i am CONVINCED it would have hit us! I thought this is just a coincedence, red is a popular colour for a tractor. My partner pointed at the road and explained that the line had been painted only yesterday as it is a route they had travelled the day before (i had not, so did not know about it) and also pointed out that we had buddy in the van which he never is on that side of town....EVER, never has been before then as we drop him off home before going that way...and hasnt since. But it was also the 10th anniversary of a young lady dying on that exact road on thin it was winter and the roads were icy that day also. I didnt know about the white line painting or about the death my brain could not have concucted it! Plus i could not have made it up after i saw the i had told my partner about the dream a couple of days before hand. How can 4 different facts all add up to save my life???? I had not even seen all the signs match up as i didnt know about 2 of partner had been so worried that they had seen it all add up.

    Another was a dream that had lots of components, but there was only one bit that stood out and made me feel sick the next day. There was a pile of bird cages and bird houses, i asked the guy if i could have some for my work but he said "sorry, but they are going up to the SCHOOL". But he said i could have a gold one lying on its side, I walked over and looked in and at the bottom was a big, dead blackbird. The next day i was thinking about the dream and thinking "if only there was some way i could know it is true, some sign". At that moment my son in the back of the van piped up "mummy, you know the big playground", "yes" , "well there is a cone on it" , "right", "do you know what is under the cone?" "no", "a big, dead black bird!" . At that point i decided to change the subject and started thinking about the kind of house i wanted to move to, then my son said (and it is not what he said that freaked me out, but the way he said it) "so mummy, what IS the house were moving to going to look like?".

    Lastly, I had a dream the other day that i was going to break down in my van, in the rain without my phone on me. The next day i broken down in my van, in the rain without my phone. What is stranger is that the management light had come on, we checked everything we could, oil, water, diesel...etc. Everything was ok, but we took it to the garage anyway. He confirmed all the levels were ok and when he turned on the engine the engine manegement light went out??? Then it did it again later that day, it felt like it had ran out of petrol and then the engine manegement light came on and the battery light, i lost all power and could not get it to turn it over. My partner arrived, got in and drove it home absolutely no problems????

    As i said at the start, i dont believe in this sort of thing...destiny, fate, ghosts, premonitions....but it has got to the point where i can not explain this with science.

    What is scarier is that i have had one dream that really bothers me but has not come true yet...this has been the longest i have felt weird about a dream. It usually happens the next day, or at the most a couple of days. This has been weeks. It is about a bright orange boy racer car and a black boy racer car havng a crash that involves a black and white horse. Every time i see an orange car the same colour as the one in my dream i feel sick! There is one that is round the corner from where i live, some may say this is why i have dreamt about one. I almost want to warn him....but im scared i would sound crazy. But i dont know how i would feel if i found out that something had happened to him and i maybe could have prevented it???

    What are this dreams??? What can i do about them??? Why are they scaring me so much???

    Sorry for the long winded post,

    Kind Regards, Jenni

  • I do know that your guides give you your dreams. Some dreams you give yourself but if the dream has a message it is your guides that are creating them. If you want to speak with the guides and ask them for some advice in dealing with this please say: I (name) give you permission to cast my cards about advice concerning my dreams. Then I will post their reply on this forum for you.


  • The guides want me say to you: "It's your manifestations coming true."

    I can still give you a tarot reading if you want more information.


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