6 Tarot Readings

  • Hello everyone 🙂 !!!!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    I'm posting this topic because I would like to give people readings. However I'm only going to give readings to 6 people so I can better keep track of them and so I dont become overwhelmed. I hope you all understand. However last time I posted a topic I got a lot more than 6 requests.

    If you wanted me to use a certain spread or deck you need only ask. I do have a few different decks I could use.

    Also I will try to get back to you as soon as possible but there may be a wait.


  • Hiiiii Laura! Me again! In for one please :)))

    As I mentioned earlier, this guy that I was supposed to meet up last weeek put off our meeting. And

    He explained its becuz of his work getting in the way. Is that true? I haven't heard frm him for a couple days... Wondering if he is still interested in going on a date w me? Or did he lose the interest in me? If he does wanna see me, do u see if we can meet sometime soon? Like this week?

    Also, can u please give me any insight on my job hunting for the next few weeks? Will

    I find a job or at least get an interview?! Any insight would be appreciated !

    Laura, I noticed u post a thread asking for reading for urself. I'm sorry I couldn't give you one. If I knew about tarot reading, I would have def given you one!! Your such a warm hearted lady and

    I do hope ur doing well. Lots of bright blessings to you. Xxxxx

  • Hi LauraSA87, could you tell me what i can expect in the next few months?

  • Hi Laura,

    You gave me a good reading before...may I have another?

    So, I saw mike, 7/1/66 on Saturday, I said hi, he did not...how does he feel about me?


  • Hi Laura,

    Recently, a guy I really like has informed me that he really likes me too, however I am afraid that he will change his mind about how he feels for me. (I think I am slightly worried about this due to past relationships and the fact that he is bi-polar.)

    However, I am curious if and when he will make a commitment, and what I should do to help move this along?

    I really like him, and am dying for this to work out.

    Would you mind doing a reading for me, please?

  • Hi Laura,

    You gave me general reading before and if possible, can I have a reading please about this guy that I like for a long time? He hasn't contacted me for awhile and I wonder why. How does he feel about me now? Thanks so much for your time.


  • Hello, LauraSA87,

    Thank you for your generous offer. Can you please do a reading telling me about my career and love life?

    thank you,


  • Hi Laura,

    You may not want to do one for me and thats no problem but i've tried to get in a few times and would love a reading!

    Just wondering if there is love in the air any time soon for me ? Elaine DOB 01/18/83. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Moonlisa. I appreciate it. You're very kind. 🙂

  • Hello DDTT

    how are you? 🙂

    I will give you a reading using Golden Tarot (Kat Black)

    Here is a 5 card reading regarding that guy:

    Card 1: Ace of Coins

    New beginnings regarding career. Considering this is the first card I pulled and its the ace of pentacles, I think he was being honest about his job.

    Card 2: 2 of Wands

    Departure, moving away. A considering of options. The world is yours, do not limit yourself.

    Card 3: Knight of Cups

    This card is telling me this guy dosent seem to be the type you usually go for, and that usually you like someone more sensitive and humble like the knight of cups.

    Card 4: Queen of Swords

    You may have to be direct if your going to get what you want. Communication. Cutting through the nonsense. Things dont make much sense right now.

    Card 5: 5 of Cups

    Disappointment. Things do not look promising. Dont let this situation get you down, talk to a friend. You are focusing on what has been lost, but there is still a lot there.

    Story of the Cards:

    Theres a lot of mixed signals, and the cards seem to be a real mish-mash. Maybe you 2 are just finding your groove or you could be completely wrong for each other. It seems like neither of you know what you want. At the end of the day there may be disappointment. However that ace could mean a new beginning for you and may not relate to his job but it didnt seem to be saying that.

    Here is a 3 card reading regarding your career:

    Card 1: Queen of Swords

    This card again! Is there a logical step that should be taken? Be direct. Diplomacy.

    Card 2: XI, Justice

    Maybe an air sign can help you, a Libran maybe. It is only fair that you should get a job soon. Concentrate on what you need to do instead of letting yourself be pulled in different directions by others. Its ok to say no. What is fair and right.

    Card 3: XIX, The Sun

    This job is the barrier to your happiness, or at least thats how you feel. A bright sunny new day. Things are looking up. The darkest hour is before the dawn.

    Story of the Cards:

    Maybe someone you have helped in the past can help you now. It is only fair. The outlook looks good because of the sun card, also maybe a more optimistic and carefree attitude will help you feel better. There is a very strong blockage though, a wall of sorts. Also the law seems significant, court.

    DDTT I hope your going well.

    Dont worry about not being able to give me a reading. I think you may be selling yourself though. If you have an interest in the Tarot which you obviously do you would probably make a good reader, you probably just need to practice.

    Thank you for the compliment that is very generous. 🙂 xx

  • Hey Laura, Thanks so much for the reading. again, your reading is spot on! this guy is working hard on promoting this new movie. Im starting to lose interest in him.. I certainly dont want a man who doesnt know how to balance work and life. deal-breaker

    As for my job hunting, I really hope I can get one soon, so I can chase the sun. 😉 we'll see. I may "bother" you in the near future about this topic again...

    I do have interest in Tarot.. And I bought my deck of tarot cards awhile back. The prob is I dont think I have any talent 😃 I cant "hear" or "see".. you know what I mean. ha.

    Anyway, dear Laura, thanks for your time helping me out. Much appreciated. I hope your doing well;) good luck on everything your working on! hugs.

  • Hi DDTT

    thats cool. Your welcome.

    What deck did you buy? Maybe you need to try a different deck. Yeah I know what you mean about hearing and seeing, Im still learning, Iv been doing it for 2 years and sometimes the cards dont say anything or very little. But usually they do have something to say.

    Again your welcome DDTT.

    hugs back

    Im hoping that sun does shine down on you, Im sure it will 🙂

  • Rider-Waite Tarot Deck... bought on amazon.... I think I need to take a class. Cant do self-taught.

    I sure hope sun shines down on me soon! then I will ask you about my new job! if I will do well, blabla.. 😉 dreaming

    Later, Laura 😉

  • 😄

  • Hi Laura,

    Can I get a reading or are you all maxed out?



  • Hello moonalisa

    Im going to give you a spread I've been using lately called The Simple Celtic Cross Spread. Its in the shape of + with a card in the middle. Im using Deviant Moon Tarot.

    Card 1: You Now (the middle)

    3, The Empress

    In charge, in control. But also turning away from something, or the refusal to accept it. Nurture yourself. Dont let your strong will dominate you too much, sometimes it is ok to say no.

    Card 2: Air/East, The Mind (top of spread)

    4 of Cups

    You may need to take time out in the next few months to asses what you want emotionally and spiritually, are you really where you want to be, or do you feel locked in a tower? Whatever the problem is, you have the key and the ability to overcome. There may be a need to hide away or you may feel insecure about something. I get the feeling the problem you have now will make you feel this way in the future, but there is a key in this card, so the outlook is not all bad. The man in the card cannot see the key so maybe you are not looking in the right places.

    Card 3: Fire/South, Passion (to the right of the spread)

    Page of Cups

    A new friend, in an unexpected place or circumstance. The meeting of this person may cause you to daydream or fantasise. Im unsure whether they will be a water sign as represented by this card or if they will make you feel like the page of cups: sensitive, emotional and dreamy. Whatever it is emotions will run high. You will be more sensitive and creative and could develop a passion which allows you to explore this area of your life.

    Card 4: Water/West, Emotions (the bottom of the spread)

    10 of Swords

    Again feeling trapped or closed in. Feeling like things could not get any worse. I think this card is linked with the The Mind card. How you think will affect how you feel. If you try to stress less you will feel better. This worry could be completely illogical to, or that there are logical steps that could be taken to relieve it. Feelings of being pulled in different directions and being overwhelmed.

    Card 5: Earth/North, The Body (to the right of the spread)

    17, The Star

    Physically things are hopeful and positive. There is a harmony and a union, maybe this is from the Page of Cups, and there is a new lover in your life. Flow. Fulfilment.

    Story of the Cards:

    Denial about a problem, you may think your in control but your not. You need to nurture yourself more and be honest with yourself about what you want. There could be a meeting of a new lover or friend which will make you feel physically fulfilled or the page of cups could mean new creative endeavours. The problem you are facing now is making you feel trapped but there is hope. I think the key to your problem is logic.

    There are 2 Major Arcana cards in your reading. These are the most significant. I think your strong will and feminine intuition could help you out of your problem if you havent already taken the logical route. Also The Star is extremely positive and symbolises hope and union.


  • Hi Aries22 maxed out. I do readings in 6 lot increments because I find that the easiest. However I do post new topics offering readings fairly regularly. Or you could always request one in your own topic.

  • hello eilyk18

    if you really want a reading I do post topics offering them fairly often. Or you could always post your own topic requesting one. Whoops I already gave moonalisa one instead of you, I forgot.

  • hello doeyeyedpisces

    of course you may have another reading. Is he a capricorn or cancer? I couldnt tell which was the month and which was the day (dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy)

    I will give you a general 3 card reading using Deviant Moon Tarot:

    How does Mike feel about you?

    Card 1: 0, The Fool

    A clean slate, fresh start, new adventure. In the card the fool is being bitten by a fish and I think this represents your worry. He is also pointing to his head. You are thinking too much. Talk to him about it and clear the air.

    Card 2: Queen of Wands

    This figure looks very stubborn and proud. One of you is being very stubborn and proud at the moment. A stand off.

    Card 3: 7 of Pentacles

    This was a jumping card.

    You may be looking for things that arent there, or worrying about things which arent there instead of letting them develop naturally. There is new growth, something could definitely blossom.

    I dont feel I actually answered your question so Im drawing another card for clarity.

    4 of Swords

    Resting, taking time out, contemplation. The person in this card is resting after a trauma, in fact I think it is a burial. He may have been hurt before and is trying to take things slowly, and he needs time to think. I think he does think of you romantically though as symbolised by the roses in the card.

    I wanted to pull another card and it was The Hermit. This means solitude, a personal journey of discovery, knowing what you want, needing to be alone. He may not know what he wants or needs. Fear of being hurt.

    Hugs doeyeyedpisces 🙂

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