Captain, may I have another reading from you please?

  • Captain, thanks for the reading earlier. Very helpful. Good to know about a man before I go on a date with him... Saved lots of time and energy. Thank you!

    If you don't mind, may I ask you a few more questions please? Do you feel when I can move to a new place this year?? Which direction? North? East? Btw, I reside on the west side of Los Angeles. Also, any new love for me for the next few months? I'm thinking of joining a dating website... Not sure if it's a good idea or not.. Like

    Looking forward to receiving your insights again, caption! Thank you!

  • Before you go looking for a partner, you need to do some self-exploration because I don't feel you really know who you are or what you want. In love, you must be carefully discriminating and find someone who has similar energy and values to you. Thus, you must get in touch with your own values first. You must become strong within yourself, aware of what YOU want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful to you. The challenge is to figure out who you are as an individual and to deal with any ego issues and insecurity that may make you feel undesirable or unequal to others. You don't have to seek your self-worth through others. As your energy becomes stronger, you will automatically attract a mate of similar energy with whom you can form a successful partnership. So you don't have to move away or look for love and a life elsewhere - if you do the work on yourself, everything you want will come to you wherever you are.

  • Thanks for the advice, Captain. Spot on! thats something I really need to work on. I guess I will put off the dating thing. should date myself for a while 😉

  • If only everyone would date themselves for a while and get to know themselves well - it's good to practise before you try the 'real thing'. 🙂

  • Captain - as I asked before, when is it possible for me to move to a new place this year? It has nothing to do with my love life. It's all about my own situation... Any insight?

  • You will move when you are ready...if you have not moved, you are not ready. Try mentally preparing yourself by planning the move.

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