Need your advice .Taurus man / Aquarius woman can it work?

  • Hello Everyone i met this Taurus guy that invite me out i am aquarius woman but during our first date he brought his ex with him. He picked me up with her in car, during the drive he started to have a fight with her about her new boyfriend. He did not tell me she was his ex but i knew.

    I tried to back it out and relax and enjoyed myself during the party but after the party we were alone in his parents house it was 3 am and he started to speak about her again for a long time.

    I then asked him plainly if she was his ex and the answer was yes. They were together for 4 years.

    that night he kept talking about her, after 3 hours i got so upset i left his place in early morning

    Things been difficult since, he been chasing me constantly since

    but i do not believe at all he like me

    he also told me how he met her / how he got with her

    he had a girlfriend and started to seeing her in the back of her girlfriend

    all this is so scary as i feel he just using me to make her jealous

    Life can be so sad, i came out to give a chance for something to happen but i realise there is no space for me here

    on top of this when i tell this guy how this whole situation feel and i ask him to be friend as i feel he still like his ex, he completely invalidate my feeling, then start to calling me stupid, idiot and it's all in my head

    but it's not in my head he brought this on top of us

    After two weeks i got enough of it all and him calling me names

    we had a fight i kick him and he pushed me

    i wanted to break everything apart as there is nothing good here me

    i dont feel respected, loved and care for at all

    But this guy the tauren keep calling me, he know calls every week just to say what his doing, he doesnt ask about what i need

    this is a desaster isnt it?

    his 30 years old and still live at home, his mum do everything for him, he pay no rent and not bills or food.

    i left my parents when i was 10 , no one did everything for me

    i can see how this will work out really

    what i need right now is advice how i could get ride of him

    he keep calling me every 6 to 8 days just to talk, things are getting so dead and boring

    there is barely nothing there in my heart

    the only link that is strong with us is this love/ fire passion feeling, yes the sex is so top but now this is dying on me too

    but something is keeping me in and i dont know what

    but so much is kicking me out

    i never dated a tauren before so dont know what to expect but i would like for anyone read this to help me to move on and advice me how i could do so

    The weekly calls is getting too much as it's all about him, there is nothing for me in them

    then after the call he will txt about sexual things and that is getting so boring too and predictable

    i know, this is already dead isnt it

    it was dead after the 5 minutes of our first date, after he brought his ex

    i feel deeply insure in this relationship and i feel so deeply bruised and hurt already here

    plus his life really annoyed me this guy cannot take any responsibility in his life

    all he talk about his going to festival and party and holiday

    what i need is a man, i want kids, marriage and settle down, security

    his planning to go away for whole year or 2 in around Europe next year

    what a joke hey

  • By the way i left him at our first date but he keep contacting me , i m now getting tired of his calls and want to completely cut off from him,

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