Captain, may I have a reading?

  • Hi Captain,

    You have read for me on this subject before and told me that mike would contact me again...well, yesterday I actually saw him in person, I said hi and he said nothing, I was walking quickly (leaving an outdoor function). Me feb 20, 1968 him jul 1 questions, how does he feel about me? he still going to try to reconnect at some point?

    Also, separate issue...I am auditioning for something big, any insight?

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  • There is always a great deal of emotional intensity and passion between you and Mike and it keys into personal areas of great vulnerability. I feel he is angry at you for some reason at the moment. Trust seems to be lacking here. You both need to employ some analytical ability and awareness when dealing with each other as emotions can carry you away and make it difficult to deal with the situation, leaving you feeling confused and a bit helpless. Your relationship has a lack of solid commitment and practical ability which would lead it to firmer ground. Your relationship is so emotional that you may be handicapped from applying these skills. If this relationship is to be healed, you will both have to show some objectivity, put feelings aside, and keep your eyes directly on what needs doing in order to sort things out. But at this point I feel Mike is far from being objective or grounded. He needs a relationship based on loyalty, not passion.

  • As to the 'something big', I would need more details in order to give any insight.

  • I am auditioning for x factor....

  • Thank you captain. 🙂

  • Have you actually auditioned because I feel like something or someone may prevent you going?

  • No, I do this little one for a preliminary contest on Friday...and the actual one on may 9th. I am determined to do it. Because I typically wouldn't do something like this...but I need a diversion and have been singing my whole life...

  • Do you have a vocal coach or any professional experience of being on stage, like singing at a local talent show or the like?

  • Many years...over 30. Studied opera...been in several bands. My husband is a guitarist and I will sit in on his band on occasions. Have done weddings, funerals, church functions, at the rescue mission...when I was 19, I used to deliver singing

  • Well if you are determined - go for it. You only fail by not trying.

  • Hi Captain,

    Here is an update - for the pre-audition contest - I was a finalist - it was between me and one a guy...and he won (cause I blew the ending of the song)...

    For the Big contest - I actually had to send in a video audition because it rained and due to my asthma - I couldn't stand in the rain for 8 hours. So we will see...

  • Captain, can I have a follow up reading about me and mike? I found out that he has terminal cancer now. And I am beyond broken. What had me even go looking was a series of dreams. And anxiety, I had this awful feeling he was dying. I went looking and sure enough, he has colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs. I have reached out but he has not responded. :(. I really want to talk to him in person. How can I make that happen? Can you tell me how he feels towards me?

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  • DEP, this is not about what you want now, but about what Mike wants and if he hasn't contacted you back, it means he doesn't want to. Maybe it would be too painful for him, or because he is dying, he doesn't see the point. Maybe when the two of you are together, it is too overwhelming for him and he feels too weak to handle it now. You have to respect his decision and let him be at peace. It may be the last thing you can do for him. You have merged with him so much on an emotional and psychological level that you have lost your own identity, and now you feel like you are him and that you too are dying. You need to pull back and re-discover your own self, separate from Mike. He is going where you cannot follow. You are not him, no matter how close your bond. Pull back now to save your sanity and sense of self.

  • I know before I found out he was telling people that we both know to not tell me. And angry when I found out. He is still angry with me. That's why I want to talk to him. I want a peaceful end. I want closure for him and myself. I never believed in soul mates or twin souls until I met him 18 years ago. It has been 3 years since I asked you about him. So it has been at least that long since I let go of hope of ever being with him. I don't dream of anyone else or feel anyone else like I do him. I am not one of those people. About me thinking I am dying, you are right. I suffered a concussion at the end of March and am not recovering as I should. Bad vertigo, headaches, nausea, poor concentration and coordination. The neurologist said that at my rate it will be September before I go back to work.

    Part of me thinks that when he dies, I won't be too far behind. And I do not want that to happen. Started eating healthier and moving more. He is currently doing Chemo like every other week and sick but still able to drive around on his good weeks. So I've been told by a good female friend of his who seems to think it would be a good idea for us to reconcile before it is too late. I want his forgiveness

  • But he is not ready to forgive. In your mind maybe you have let go of Mike. But your heart hasn't. We are all connected, all part of a Higher Power. But this might not be the lifetime that the two of you solve your issues with each other. Your current connection is not a healthy one. When two spirits truly connect in a twin flame or soulmate union, there is no dependency, no need. They simply like to be together but do not NEED to be together. Each is independent and self-reliant, able to go on without the other. There has always been an obsessional desperate nature to your relationship with Mike that doesn't help either of you, though it might seem terribly romantic. You are two different individuals and must remain that way for your own good. Losing who you are, losing yourself to him is not a progression, but a regression.

  • Ok. Thank you captain. I alway appreciate your honesty.

  • Hi captain.

    Mike died on Sunday. I was told not to attend the service or wake by his friend. (His wife knew about me). I never knew that she did. About 3 days before he died, I sent him some anonymous texts saying that I felt something was wrong in my stomach. I could feel this foreboding. I knew that something was changing. And when he died, I felt the cord cut. I cried so hard, wailed. (I found out a couple of hours after he died) and since then I have been confused and depressed. At the same time I don't feel as drained or sick. Anyway. I thought to give an update.

  • You feel better because this was not a healthy connection. You don't need to depend or lean on anyone.

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