Met him for the first time

  • Hi all, just thought i should post here to say that i have now met the cancer man i have been emailing for nearly 6 weeks. We met last night in a little coastal village close to where i live, i was incredibly nervous, nearly left b4 he arrived, lol.... but it took him an hours driving to get to me and he was late cos he got lost, but very apologetic, when i first set eyes on him accross the road i just beamed, the rest of the night was kind of surreal, he was very understanding of me bein so nervous cos he knew he was the first guy iv agreed to meet since i split with scorpio boy 2 and a half months ago. So funny and talkative, i felt sparks....... in fact the spark thing was sooo strong it was almost palpable and i couldent look him in the eyes cos i knew i'd give the game away, but he gently touched my face and asked for some eye contact...... what can i say? lost...... it was a warm evening and we waked to the jetty and sat on the wall, i was jokin around and next thing he places the softest kiss on my neck? i pulled away, did'nt know what to think? is that normal for cancer men? then he kissed me.... again gently i had to respond, my heart was fluttering, its so confusing i mean its the first time iv ever met him and i go away to england to work for 5 weeks on the 1st aug? is that why hes being a bit foward? cos he knows im goin away? he left me home, then he actually said im going to kiss you now, in case your wondering what happens now, well damn that was one of the most feeling kisses iv experienced for a long time, i kissed back and found my hand around the back of his neck, god it was quite passionate....WHAT NOW??????? HELP!!!! he said what about a night out in the city i said i could be persuaded and left, today i get a text, its weird? just said nice meeting you last night and a jokey ref to a few random things that happened, its confusing!!!

  • Wow, sounds like you're in a good spot for budding romance. I hope it takes off well for you. New romance is always great, those butterflies in the stomach feeling.

    For a couple of months, I've been consulting a psychic at Most Gifted Psychics ( I was seeing a Leo man, and even though he seemd to be into me, I just couldn't get him to make a move. Arg! Well, when I was chatting with my psychic, I had her look into his heart to see what was up. She told me how she detected he had pain left over from a previous relationship, and was afraid of getting hurt again. So, she then counseled me to take a slow course, and get him to open up about his previous experiences, and what he was afraid of. Well, we then went out to coffee a couple of times, and I did get him to open to his past. Turn out, he was in love with this gal who cheated on him, so of course, he was really jaded by that. Well, I consulted with my psychic again for additional help. Suffice to say, now, we're up to the kissing stage!

    For you, I'd encourage you to get a psychic to peer into your man's heart to see what the deal is. Maybe he's playing hard to get? Maybe he's dating other women? Maybe, as they say, he's just not that into you? Who knows? This is why a professional psychic can come in handy, to provide answers that our tough to generate yourself.

  • Hi, So far seems to be ok. You seem to be quite whimsical around him. I hope that you enjoy your time with him and turns out to be a relationship that has stability, love and patience for the two of you. God Bless.

  • Aw thanks for those comments dalia, early early days..... quite weird cos we hav both been badly hurt b4 yet even though i always insisted i only wanted friendship just so i could go at a much slower pace, when he kissed me well all that went straight out the window, maybe i should not have allowed him to kiss me? yet it felt right to let him so who knows..... im seriously due some luck, lets hope we all are with our crazy men,lol

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