Will things work out for us?

  • Not too long ago, I had a reading done here, although I can't remember by whom, saying that the man I had a crush on would "warm up" to me around spring.

    Funnily enough, very early on in April, he messaged me, confessing his feelings and told me he liked me, in the same way that I liked him which makes me very happy.

    However, lately, I can't help but remember a past relationship I once had, and out of nowhere, I've been very insecure with the idea that this new man will change his mind, like the last one.

    Yet, I feel strangely connected to this new guy, we finish each other's sentences, and sometimes, I'd swear I can just tell how he feels randomly with no reason whatsoever.

    Can someone reassure me that I'm not making the same mistake again? Thank you.

  • IMElizabeth

    You and this new guy have a psychic bond. You are not making the same mistake again as you would feel it right away. Enjoy this new relationship and let the old baggage from the last one melt away day by day . Enjoy your new love.


  • I hope so. The thing is, he has not made it official that we are anything but friends right now, do you think that he will?

  • IMElizabeth

    Yes, he will when the inner urge is there for him to do so, don;t try to rush things, take this day by day and you will have a very good relationship come from it.


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