Business Relationship--Will it work out?

  • I have an opportunity to go into business with a Capricorn Woman with a Libra Rising, Moon in Libra and me,Pisces with a Gemini Rising, Moon in Virgo. Would this workout? She is already established. I would be joining in.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi,

    If you want a reading please say: I Sharon give you permission to do a reading about (topic). Then I will post your reading on this forum page. Thank you.


  • Yes, thank you for your kind reply. I would like a reading. Again, many thanks,


  • I have to have your permission before I can shuffle the deck for you. So please message me back and say:

    I Sharon give you permission to do a reading about (topic).



  • I give you permission to do a reading Sara. Thank you.


  • Hi,

    I read a 10-card spread. This is the message the guides wish to give you concerning your question.

    Queen of Cups : Page of Wands : 5 of Cups : X Wheel Reversed : King of Wands Reversed

    VI Lovers : King of Cups Reversed : 3 of Wands : Queen of Pentacles Reversed : King of Swords

    You're in an emotional good position right now to handle a business venture. Going into a partnership can be a risky move just because you have to deal with different personality types but you are in a good position emotionally and have the confidence to handle this challenge. You're confidence will help get you through the rough patches, overall any venture will have its ups and downs but your confidence and emotional stability is primed to handle these situations. You're a little hesitant because you're trying to figure out how you "fit in" with this new opportunity, where you're goals and wants come in and how to balance them with the other or others you will be working with. This will come in time so don't get bogged down trying to figure it all out right now. You'll need to test the waters a little before you find your comfort zone and feel comfortable knowing when you come first or when others do but at least you can take reassurance in knowing that you can handle it, that you are ready for this business commitment and that you are mature enough at this point to handle the problems which may arise. Take pride & comfort in knowing that you ARE emotionally ready to take this on and that you are going to do great no matter what happens. Any type of job will have lessons and slip ups but no matter what comes at least you know now that going into it you are ready for it!

    This is a good opportunity the guides say, pretty optimistic and a good business venture. It will have it's rewards for you and you will receive great accomplishments in this area. You will take from it satisfaction in doing a good job and getting the job done. It will also help point you in the right direction for your future ventures. This is a good place for your next step in your career path. It will also give you more confidence and happiness in yourself, you will grow positively as a person in this job concerning your confidence, abilities, and ideas for your future career choices. Remember to appreciate the people that helped get you to this position and keep contacts with everyone because they will continue to help build your business reputation. As you are forging a new path for yourself you are also forging it for other people so keep that in mind. You will be building something that others will follow in so you can take satisfaction that you are building a type of legacy for yourself and/or your business. Remember to walk the path straight and narrow because you will be setting an example and leaving behind a trail for others to follow in your stead in the future. Take pride in knowing that what you build will not only benefit you but will help benefit others when it is time for them to step up to the plate. So you can see yourself as an entrepreneur in this aspect. Remember to keep your eye on the goal as you move forward in both business and life. Feel a lot of optimism on this path because that is what you can expect.

    You are seeing the opportunity as something you should be grateful for but you are also partially focusing on your fears concerning this topic. It will be hard for you to reap the full benefit of this job when you are worried over things. Your fears will hold you back from doing your best or putting your best foot forward because you will start to hesitate. So be mindful of this and try to change it. You don't need to be fearful over things - unsure about how to handle things is fine because everyone needs to learn but your fear will start sabotaging you. You'll hesitate or start regretting that you didn't do it another way and you'll stop having fun with your job because you won't let your confidence carry you through. So understand what your fears are, plan what to do, and then focus on the task at hand and doing the best you can. Don't keep focusing on your concerns to the point where they will start weighing down on you and your abilities to complete tasks effectively. Once you become mindful about this you can change it around so it isn't something you need to concern yourself over. Your fears only show you where you need a little extra work, believe in yourself because you are already emotionally ready to take this task on. So if you get into a mental zone where you know how to control your fears and confidently move forward you can be pretty unstoppable in your position.

    The future of this business venture is unsure. This is not a warning or anything negative, this is just for you to know that the future of this business venture isn't set in stone. It's nothing that you can do anything about right now anyway so don't worry about it. This is just for you to know when planning your future and keeping in mind when you consider things that you need to take this into consideration. Things can change the future is never fully seen until it happen but at this point in time the business isn't "rock solid". So just take this opportunity for what it is and understand it for what it isn't (yet). You will be moved forward by this job, it will give you satisfaction, you will receive accomplishments which will help you make future decisions about your career path but don't place your future in this area at this point. I just want to reiterate it so you understand. This isn't bad, it isn't anything to worry about, it is just for the benefit of you knowing that nothing is for certain concerning this venture in the future.

    There is a guy the guides want to bring up. I'm not sure if he has anything to do with the actual business but he is someone that you will have to deal with concerning issues of the business venture. He might be someone that is kinda a stick in your side concerning the business, nothing that you can't handle - just annoying when dealing with him. Just over look it if you can, it isn't something you need to bother yourself about more than whatever you naturally feel when he gives you a hard time. The guides are giving me a "whatever" feeling about him like, he might bother you a little but don't care type feeling. Just don't take his whining to heart - he is just being a grump. They are just giving you a heads up because they want you to be prepared if he does start nagging you and the guides know you can handle it they just want you to be aware of it. Besides that you don't need to worry about him concerning your business venture.

    You are going to be in love with yourself concerning your job, what that means is you are going to love who you are and your position in life when in this job. It is going to give you that satisfaction in yourself. Whether or not the job is doing well isn't what I'm talking about, I'm talking about you as a person and in life judging yourself in that point of time in your position as being very happy and satisfactory. Like I have said above you will receive a lot of accomplishments in yourself and victories in what you have been working towards which will in turn build you up emotionally and build your confidence level to the point where you love yourself and love you work accomplishments. So you can look forward to this in this position you are asking about.

    Now you will have emotional hurdles you will face concerning this position but this is good because it helps you grow as a person and moves you forward as a soul. That is how you will grow and gain that emotional satisfaction so the guides just want you to know that there will be emotion challenges that you will face but you can overcome them and when you do you will receive the greatest satisfaction in yourself so just know that it isn't all going to be a walk in the park but that challenge should be something that you are eagerly going to face knowing what rewards you will reap in the end.

    This is a good position for you to consider your future goals and where you want to go and what you want to gain. This position is something that should get the gears in your head turning about the goals you want in the future and when you reconsider and update what you want you will be able to set a new path for yourself in order to gain it. So while you are working in this position make goals for yourself, figure out where you want to go, analyze your abilities & grow them, and make that new path for yourself because this position will give you more information for you to reassess what you want in life. Look to the horizon when considering what you want - I'm not talking about a 2 year or 5 year time frame, I'm talking about a 10 year time frame and beyond. So the experiences you will face in this position will give you new things to consider which you need to place in your career map for future events to be decided - this is very important so don't over look this.

    You are worried/uncomfortable about money in this position. You don't feel as secure concerning your financial position. It isn't something which should make you reconsider this partnership it is something that you need to be aware of so you make the right decisions concerning money while you are in this position at least initially. If you make wise choices and know where and when to save and spend you'll be fine so don't get too uptight about worrying over money. Just plan accordingly and don't let budgeting depress you or bring you down. It's just a necessary precaution right now, so do it and you'll do fine.

    The guides want to leave you with this: In any position, especially a high one or a position of power you have to make choices about how you are going to act. They want to warn you to not become too controlling or hard to deal with. Don't let the position go to your head to the point where others start having a problem working around you. It's great to have control and power but you have to be able to balance it out with a decent work ethic and approachable business personality. Don't become negatively controlling or manipulative because it won't serve you, what you put out comes back (karma) and you don't want other people to not look up to you, remember you are forging a path where others will follow, you'll want to leave a positive legacy not a negative one. So just keep that in mind as you are working towards your goals and trying to accomplish becoming a success in both life and in your career.

    Good luck!


  • Sara: What a beautiful, accurate reading. I did not expect anything so in depth. You gave me a lot to think about and a lot of confidence. Your guides are truly remarkable. I thank them and you for the time you have spent putting together such a detailed reading. I am humbled.

    The information you gave me will be used and followed for I know the truth when I see it. Words cannot tell how much I appreciate this reading. The timing is just right!

    Many blessings to you and your guides,


  • I'm just glad that it helped. Thank you for your gratitude I really appreciate that. Good luck!


  • Sharon can you give me permission to put your review on my website? I would be very appreciative of it.


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