• hey can anyone help me i have been single for a min. When do u think i will find someone to date? My birthday is 3/20/88.

  • It will happen when you stop trying to control or create a love situation, when you just relax, stop worrying, and go with the flow, trusting that the right person will come to you at the right time. I feel this year you will be sorting out who and what you DON'T need in your life rather than who and what you do need, getting rid of the old and outworn to make way for new people and circumstances to come into your life.

  • so u don't see me dating this year? What do u mean by controlling a love situation?

  • I mean, you search for love instead of working on resolving any negative issues you have about love relationships and thus letting your soulmate be drawn to you as a result. Love cannot be ordered or controlled.

    For example, you can be hard to live with as you can be very negative and critical at times. Although you are kind and generous, you have trouble being on the receiving end. Trust is a big issue as is wanting to be in control all the time. Your independent streak may make it hard for you to be anyone's partner, and you may resist intimacy. You can get obsessed with working or being useful and practical to the point of ignoring personal relationships. And don't let your oversensitivity get in the way of doing all you can to be happy and successful.

    You need to be careful in your choice of partner - you can either pick people who are too strong for you, thus being unable to meet their demands, or too weak a partner who drains you and whom you can never satisfy. That is why once you work through all your issues, the perfect partner for you will appear without you striving to find him at all. But be aware that in this life your most important work will probably be done in transcending all limitations rather than just in the area of personal relationships.

  • there this guy named chad i ran into him will i see him a again? Don't know his birthday. What does transcending all limitation mean?

  • It means understanding that the only limits are those we impose on ourselves.

    You will see Chad again but nothing will come of it. His interest lies elsewhere.

  • aww that sucks about chad so we just meant to be friends? So iam i making stuff to hard on my self that what it means?

  • It means that you need to understand and know yourself better before you can make good choices in your life. You need to know who and what will really make you happy.

  • ok thanks i will try to work on myself

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  • cool! thx for advice

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