BLMoon, If you're not busy, I'm looking for some insight on my current situation

  • Hi BLmoon,

    How are you? It's been a long time since I've spoken with you. I hope you're well and rested. I know you're very busy, but I hope you could give me insight on my current situation when you have time.

    Earlier this year, my father presented me with a very big project. At first, I was doing fine, but now, I feel drained, emotionally and physically, from it. I've been having these weird vibes that someone in my team has been trying to do anything to basically throw me under the bus and also suck the energy out of me. I don't know who exactly, but I do have a slight idea of who it might be. The person who I believe it might be, treats me lesser than everyone in the group by being rude and condescending to me specifically. I've tried to speak up, but it seems it doesn't matter what I say or do since this person leads the team and I'm not "worthy" to be heard, that is, what I say or think is insignificant. There have been things done, where I don't agree with it but it doesn't matter what my opinion is most times. I feel like I'm there and I'm the target and continuously getting knocked down. I feel powerless because I have no "status" as certain people. I'm at a standstill of whether I should stay or go. I want to leave because of how I'm being treated and how certain things are being done. But I also want to stay to finish the project since my family has put a lot of effort into it. All insights, good or bad, are welcome and appreciated. Also, If you happen to come across my grandma's spirit, please let her know that her enitre family loves her. We hope she's doing well with grandpa and everyone.



  • I do connect to this but need a break for a bit as I just answered a long post. I will get back to you. I can tell you real quik that moving out of this situation will not solve it for you as this is more than it seems---it is calling for you to heal in the area of inner power. You will keep running into this situation again so you might as well stay with it and change some things about your self. This person is challanging you in way that can heal you if you can find the truth of your patterns of self protection. Your intuitions are wise but not enought as you must know how to deal with energy vam pires. They are out there everywhere so to learn how to survive them is a powerful thing! First, guidance is there but unfortunetly once one is already suc ked dry it's hard to receive so get your energy--joy back fast. Step back and fill your energy up . That's number one. Detach, retreat and fill your well. I'll get back to you. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi blmoon, I hope you have rested well. I waited a bit to get back to you so hopefully you're ok now. My situation has not gotten better, in fact it has gone worst. I have tried to detach and reenergize, and sort of did, but it seems ive returned and have been drained again. I feel like its impossible to resolve the situation I'm in with the people I work with.. There's so much finger pointing and power struggles. Im at a lost and overwhelmed with the work they gave me. Please help, in need of some guidance with this. Blessings,MQ

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