Career wise, Captain? Am I on the right track?

  • Hi Captain, need your insight again -

    Recently, I changed the way I approach things, and started to look for a new job to settle. This time, I am more aggressive and devoted. Im quite surprised with what i found online about openings. I want to know if what I am doing these days is right? I am not giving up but at the same time, I dont want to waste my time. If its a yes, wil I get an interview with either of the companies im trying to get into? Thanks Captain!

  • It's right to go after what you want and everything will go well for you if you do.

  • Hi Captain - so this guy friend I havent heard from contacted me today! he has lots of connection in the industry where I am quite interested in getting in. He tried to help me get into the company where he's working at.. but somehow it fell through. This time he offered to see if another company is hiring.. For these type of companies, its hard to get into only if you have reference. well, im only talking about entry level jobs... what you think? do you feel if he helps me this time?? Thanks, Captain 😉

  • You will certainly get a job if you just don't give up. Accept any help that is offered to you.

  • yah! boost my confidence! will definitely go harder this time! thanks captain! you made my sunday 😉

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