The future is so uncertain

  • I'm in a very unstable place in my living situation. Just found out I'm pregnant but don't know where I'll be in the near future. It's scary knowing this and knowing I will soon be responsible for another life. I am excited and have wanted this. The father is with me so I'm also thankful for that. Any insight would be appreciated.

  • Do you and the father have a source of income and somewhere to live? Do you have friends or family who can help and support you? Can you get government aid?

  • Well he is trying to get a good job, like the one he just got layed off from. His chances are good but ya never know since it hasn't happened yet. I wanna work when I feel better. We.have family but they aren't rich and we would hate to have to ask for help. We will apply for atleast medicaid soon. I have faith we'll be ok. But everything will change soon for the good or we could struggle. Just was curious if anyone could tap into anything. 02-25-1983

  • You should look around for work yourself, Flowerchild, as you are in the best year to do well with a career. With your expressiveness, sensitivity, and good intuition, you could work well as a teacher, saleswoman, cook, something in the hospitality industry like working in a hotel or restaurant, writer, counsellor, healer, performer, manager, or anything where you can creatively express yourself. Any lack of money in your life relates to self-doubt. If you use your gifts and expression in the positive and believe in yourself, money will follow.

    I feel you will truly bloom in motherhood. Maybe you could even start some sort of home business, writing children's books or selling babywear or the like. You are an idealist so make sure your plans are practical and realistic. Because you can get sucked in emotionally, you'll have to make a special effort not to end up with six kids and no life. You may feel panicky when it seems you are being tied down, but having a family won't swallow you up or take away your freedom and impede your worldly success - it will add depth and meaning to your existence. All you have to do is open yourself to love and it will come flowing to you.

    Good luck to you!

  • Thanks again Captain. Really excited to start this new journey! Wherever it may lead..

  • And good ideas for jobs..I'm a very expressive person so writing or counseling would be ideal.

  • Go for it!

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