Insight as to what I should be doing?

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is El, and I was wondering if any psychics can help guide me to my proper career path?

    I'm currently in University, but I don't think I'm in the proper major (Criminal Justice). I feel I'm wasting my time.

    What do you see? Is there some advice or insight?

    Thank you.

  • Hi El,

    I'm tired tonight, but I do see you continuing with Criminal Justice, however it feels like you might wind up in a slightly different area than you have been considering. Such as going on to get a law degree after this or a graduate degree in psychology. There are wonderful things you can do in the court system to help children if you have a dual degree with C.J./law and counseling.

    I'll try again later when I'm not so tired 🙂



  • By the way, I don't think I have ever met anyone who did not feel this way when they were in college!

    The important thing is to complete your degree. Most people wind up in careers that have absolutely nothing to do with their degree 🙂

    I pulled a Goddess card for you and the message was "Focus on the big picture and take the steps you need to progress."

    Hmmmm, goes right in hand with what I was thinking and hopefully communicating!

  • Forensic!

  • Thank you for responding, Watergirl.

    I guess I'm always questioning my career path because it involves so much time in school.

    It may not be a lot, in reality, but I have never like school and spending more years in school feels draining.

    You see me working with children? To be honest, I wanted to be a detective, but seeing dead children curbed my enthusiasm.

    I still don't know what I'm really going to do, but I think the Universe has been clear in telling me that I'm going to continue being in CJ since I've already tried changing my major and the school doesn't seem to want to.

    HawaiianFlower, is that what you think I should look into?

    That is what I was going to try and look into, but I was told that to go into forensic science I should try and major in chemistry.

    Thank you both!

  • now, you can add that classs to your current major. it was the first thought that popped in my third eye, so yes, it is an area of interest for you but up to yuou to try,, jst take one class in chemsitry and see if you feel it in your gut.. if you don't give it go this time arund, you will be given another opportunity, but propbby not til years later, and a waste of time in myopinion but you will get an insight into what you should be doing and that would be another look into forensics,. and it looks to be a strong yes (forensics), you are on the right track though, sooner or late it will hit youon the head like a hammer,sometimes it takes awhile, but you will get there

  • I keep getting children and the law. As a detective, yes, you would possibly have to deal with dead children, but there are other avenues. You could be a children's advocate - a representative for children who's parents are in legal trouble or if there are problems in the home and the child needs to be removed and placed elsewhere. There are probably some social work electives in this regard you could look into. When I saw the forensics thing, my gut reaction was forensic psychology. This could combine with your CJ major and does not require chemistry. See if there is a forensic psychology course to take as an elective. I think you would really like it.

    But what I am still getting is to just keep plodding away and you are on the right track. You are building a foundation and, yes, that can seem boring and even like you are wasting your time, but you are not! Just take it one class, one semester at a time and experiement with different electives. Be open to synchronicities - your path will open up to you.

  • Thank you, again, to the two of you.

    I immediately went to see what courses I can take for the fall and found some good classes for CJ.

    While on the subject of career path, I have been also wanting to pursue a music or singing career.

    Is that a goal I should not pursue, and if I do would it be better to leave it as a hobby?

    Thank you for all your help.

    I can't offer much, but if you both would like some tarot readings, please, don't hesitate to ask me for as many as you would like.

    Have happy and beautiful days!

  • Keep it as a hobby/creative outlet for now -- especially when school gets to feeling tedious and boring 🙂 Good luck with the electives you found - it felt exciting!

  • you arewelcome EIAI, glad I was able to pull up a specific detail for you "forensic" hehe, good luck with your education, and you can always change your major, and you dohave time on your side. HF

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