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  • Hi Captain,

    I feel as though a lot of aspects in my life are on the brink of change. I have the opportunity to transfer to a new college close to home or pack up completely and pursue my personal dreams of becoming a working screenwriter. Moving out of state seems to be a drastic move, but I feel like something needs to pick up in my life. Is there anything I can anticipate in the months ahead? What do you foresee? A new living situation? A new work place? Will my writing lead to anything?

    Thank you for your time Captain. Sending positive vibes!

    My name is Bryan Mora and my date of birth May 13, 1988.

  • Bryan, you have a versatile, innovative, curious mind and a drive for success, so you have all the necessary qualities for succees in a writing career. You should try to get your own private space or office as you work well alone. Money will be a central theme of your life and you will probably have to be prepared to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and work very hard. But you have all the potential to become a self-made millionaire, even a philanthropist. A love of nature will likewise feature strongly in your life. Long term relationships (that don't become power struggles) may be hard for you to sustain until you are in your thirties or forties, so put your full concentration onto your career right now and it will pay off bigtime.

    Work in fact will probably always be the centre of your life. Don't let any self-doubt, rigidity, negativity, or emotional sensitivity prevent you from risking everything to get what you want. Follow the highest ethics and honesty in your business and personal dealings, but also follow your own rules when it comes to your life - don't simply do what others are doing. Your destiny lies in the areas of authority, leadership, and responsibility. And remember you can't be right all the time but you can trust that everything always works out for the best. You don't need to order your life or control everything around you compulsively all the time - you have a practical hard-headed nature that will take you far, but you can also relax sometimes and just go with the flow. Allow your sense of the natural world to to transcend the practical and broaden your receptivity and understanding of life.

    Don't let your need for stability and security stop you from taking chances. You do indeed need to move out of state in order to trigger your destiny. I feel staying where you are will hold you back, that you need a new start with new people and places to inspire and challenge your creative spirit. Otherwise you may become stuck in a boring job or unsatisfying relationships unless you allow yourself to go for a freedom-loving lifestyle without responsibility for a while. You are young - live free and easy while you can, there's time enough for settling down when you have seen a bit more of life.

    Good luck to you - I hope this helps!

  • Captain, your words always strike the right nerves. Thank you so much for your time and lending your abilities. Now more than ever i feel there is a path for me and timing is everything. Hopefully i'll make the right decisions in the coming months.

    Thank you for everything!


  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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