To Captain!

  • It was a shock for me today to receive an email from the social/dating website that, "Your B-profile has been reported and moderated. You have been reported for trying to scam our users. Your information and the location from where you logged in may be reported to the local authorities". I was the one who had been scammed or swindlet by one of the member here and how could/can I be a scammer.There must be someone out there impersonating or pretending to be me when the social/dating website called me a scammer and blocked my account. I had sent report abuse in the profile of one of the guy because I recognised a similarity written in the profile like profession: US. MILITARY. I have a high income. This caught my eyes and his first name too with his age.This guy posed in another type of military uniform in another photo. I changed my nickname and place of location on Friday & I download my photo on Saturday 21/4/12 in my profile so the swindler or scammer could not recognise me. This was because I wanted to find out if JL whoever is he, is still out there in the social/dating website and I wanted to confront him.It is our duty to file a report of abuse to avoid innocent people from being the next victim. Kindly advise me Captain. Thank you. Regards, Glede

  • Stay away from dating websites as they attract lots of scammers. Try meeting people in the flesh by joining clubs or going out to local hangouts. You never know if who you meet online is really who they say they are.

  • Dear Captain, Thank you for your reply. I have enough of it so I am done with man. I agree with you that those websites are breeding grounds and a paradise for scammers. Shame on them and only if they know how respectless they are. Just a bunch of scumbags. My thoughts go especially to the dear ones of those soldiers who sacrifice their lives in the wars be it in Afghanistan, Irak or other parts of the world. I can never understand how that particular scammer went so low as to impersonate a US Military Officer serving in Afghanistan and abusing the name/s of honourable soldiers in military uniform. We need St. Michael, the Archangel to protect us from those evils. Regards, Glede

  • Also the dating sites should have stricter checks on members.

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