Scorpio in love with a Gemini: reach out or let it go?

  • I an a scorpio and recently I had been dating a Gemini. We had a great relationship and hepushed for us to get more and more serious. Talked about the future together asked me to move in with him etc. Finally aftr about 11 months he told me he was in love with me, four days later he broke up with me. I never have been connected to someone like this orhad these feelings, I do truly believe he loves me( I never believed a guy before) It has been 2 months since the break up and I am not over it, Many pyschics have told me he is the "one" or that he is my soulmate and this is a challenge for us to overcome because he is scared. Should I reach out to him or should I let him go?

  • i am a gemini woman thats been with a scorpio man for 6 yrs so if you dont mind telling me what happened for him to leave hopefully i could help.

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