May I have a reading please?

  • my birthday is


  • GlitterBlow:

    It feels like you are at a crossroads and you are being urged to begin anew - start fresh. You are at an age where there are many paths available to you and in this phase of your life your challenge is to learn to choose wisely. Make choices based on what is best for you and your highest good and to learn to love and respect yourself so that others will do the same. Don't worry about making mistakes - just learn from them and continue to move forward.

    I pulled a Goddess card for you...

    Consider the influence of: THE GUIDES

    You have Guides on a higher plane and can access them for assistance. Their job is to ensure that you reach your personal destiny and are available for help whenever you ask. You need to enlist the help of a Higher Power for this healing to occur: "Oh Infinite Reality, please lift this (depression, anger, bad habit, etc.) from me and reveal to me better choices that will lead to a permanent healing." Release the prayer, continue with your life and see what insights come to you.

    This answer signifies that you are learning a Life Lesson



  • Thank you 🙂

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