I would like a reading please .

  • Hello,

    I would like to have a reading concerning my relationship with M. My birthdate is 25/03/54 and his September 2, 1963. I would like to know where this is headed.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Arieslost,

    Is this an actual relationship or someone from the past? I ask because he is coming through as someone who has moved on - either emotionally, physically or both - and you are still just struggling with acceptance. It also feels like you may just keep going back to him in your mind because you are bored or restless in some way -- need to get out and get active so your mind won't wander back to him. Rather than putting your energy into trying to figure out what happened with him and why, the suggestion coming through is to get your creative juices flowing again - not necessarily in a literal way such as through art, poetry or music, but in just getting back into the flow of life. Surrender this one so you can shift from stagnation to creation and ultimately manifestation of something new and better for you.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hello Watergirl,

    Yes he is someone from the past who wants to reconnect and wants to have a relationship as a couple with me. I need to know if this is honest or if there is a hidden agenda. You're good, you got that he was in my past.

    Thank you!

  • He's up to no good, sweetheart. Leave him in the past where he belongs...

  • Can you please tell me what you see or feel. We've been seeing each other since February and he wants me to sell my house and move in with him. I would like more specifics.

    Thank you!

  • By the way we were in a relationship for 4 years, broke up this past summer and re-established contact in November (just phone conversations). We saw each other January 22 and I've been going to his home since then.

  • Initially I got that this was someone from the past and there was a strong urging to leave it behind. Then I pulled some cards and I got The Moon as the situation, Knight of Swords and Magician reversed for him, 4 of Cups and Ace of Pents reversed as your advice...

    I know you will not stop seeing him based on a Tarot reading so all I can do at this point is to strongly encourage you to NOT sell your house or do anything that will give him access to your life savings. I get a strong trickster feel with this guy. Does he have money problems that you are aware of? Any other signs that would indicate financial problems?

  • I just pulled a Goddess card for you with regard to selling your house and the message on the card says...

    "There is an influence of deceit, possessiveness, and control in the situation. This is not a time to trust. Take practical steps to uncover any hidden elements."

  • yes, he does have money problems (always has since I've known him) and he wants to move and buy a ranch because he has horses. Actually he made an offer on a property but I did not sign anything, and I told him that I would not sell my home on a whim. I helped him out financially the first year we were together, he never repaid me, so I tied the purse strings together and told him that I have no more money to give and I have my home to pay for and keep up.

  • I know you're a grown woman and not a child so I am going to ask you to look at this situation as if it were your daughter and not you...

    He has always had money problems - always since you've known him. So this is not like he just temporarily came across hard times. He wants what he wants and wants others to pay for it is the problem He has never paid you back. Something tells me he never pays anyone back. He wants a ranch for his horses...what is he doing to earn it? Or, more likely, who is he expecting he can manipulate into buying it for him? You told him that the purse strings were now tied and you had your home to pay for and keep up. Good for you! The problem is what he heard is that your home is the reason why he can't get any more money from you. So now he wants you to sell it. In his mind this gives him access to some or all of the money he needs to buy his ranch. Like I said, pretend this is your daughter and not you!

    Please engage your head instead of your heart when it comes to this man. This relationship is not in your best interest and I believe deep down you know this is true. You have to believe that there is someone better out there for you. At the very least - stick to your guns and keep those purse strings closed and your eyes wide open...this man manipulates and is sneaky.

    I pulled a card for you again and this time got Magic Prayer, reversed. This is what stood out...

    "Could the path you're on be leading you to a place of regret, or could you be pursuing something that just isn't good for you? If so, you may be facing a painful lesson-and a lonely one too. Perhaps it is time to pray and meditate on your highest good."

    STRENGTH, my dear!


  • Thank you very much for your insight. It is well noted and I will not sell my house because I would really have to go through my daughter to explain the reason why . Can you just tell me if he really does love me like he professes or is he seeing and contacting other women?

  • I am being told that you already know the answer...

    What I am getting is that you so want this relationship to work out - to have your wish granted and for this to be your reward after such a long journey and so much hard work so you ignore your gut feelings and what your intuition is telling you in order to avoid the emotional loss that would be involved if you did listen. This relationship is not leading you down the path to that reward and happy ending you want, but I am still being shown that you will remain trapped in fear at least in the near future. You can choose to change that at any time, however! You are being guided to choose wisely and listen to the intuitive nudges and signs you are given rather than allowing that fear of heartache leaving you trapped where you are. If you do choose to stay with him I am being shown a not so lovely future...stagnation, unfulfillment, etc. It's up to you, though.

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