Dear Blmoon.

  • Hello Blmoon, i know its been a while since we talked, but id like to ask how your doing, iv got a new girlfriend now, and im sorting out my health issues slowly, theres still a lot that needs to be sorted, im taking tablets for a thyroid underactive now, and they seem to be helping me a little already, im just sorting out my career, and my spiritual path iv been doing a lot of work on a lot of different things. I dont know if you'll see this or reply, but i thought it was worth a try, in asking what you feel about my career, and where i am heading at the moment. I think im doing okay, better than i was at home, theres a lot more oppertunities, since i have moved, and things have been going pretty fast. Its nice to see you around here, and i hope you do not mind me asking you this.

    if your resting i understand you not wanting to reply. But i hope things are well with you.

    Hugs and love and light, Bee/Lotus

  • I think your pic says it all! Congratulations on making the changes nessasary to leap ahead. I'm out of energy at the moment but will get back to you. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Blmoon, sorry for replying late, sometimes i forget to come back and check on here, with things being so busy. 🙂

    Beautiful Pictures. Love n hugs Bee xx

  • Blmoon, Today i know this is silly, but i kinda lost my nintendo Ds, and it has some special games with it, i cant quite remember where i left it and have looked mostly all around mine and my girlfriends room, i was wondering, iv heard your good at sensing were things are, and was hoping you'd beable to try and sense were it may have got too. Its something iv had for a long time, now about 2 years, and it keeps me going, when the days are too long sometimes, and for a just a bit of fun aswell, I hope it turns up soon, because my girlfriend is talking about getting a new one for me, and id appreciate that but, they are expensive, and the games i have with them, iv had for a long time. 🙂

    Again i hope this is not too silly to do that, for a DS 😮 But i guess its just something different. If you would help, id be grateful if not, thats okay. 😄

    PS: RCdreamer, has been asking for you too, and has made a thread for you. I think shes looking for some advice too, if your busy and not feeling good, i understand, just let me know.

    Hugs and love Bee xx

  • 🙂

  • 😄

  • 😄

  • 🙂

  • dare you get the truth get a free question or

  • your plaything wil turn up. And I did not see time traveler but will look for her. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Blmoon, 🙂 Appreciated.

    Love and hugs Bee xx

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