A reading request for Laura87SA

  • Hi Laura,

    Was wondering if I could have a reading on my financial situation and job options - if there will be an improvement.

    Had made a small investment about 2 months back. Will this pay off?

    Also do you see any opportunities for me to find my 'dream job'?

    Just been struggling to make things better for so long...

    Take your time and thanks 🙂

  • hello Danceur

    I will give you a reading when I can 🙂


  • hello Danceur

    this is a 5 card reading using the Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

    Card 1: 5 of Wands

    A play fight. What appears to be serious is not so. You feel you are struggling but this will be over soon (symbolised by the rising sun).

    Card 2: 9 of Swords

    Despair and hoplessness, depression. This is how you feel but if you look to the swords they are firmly in place and stable. Use your intelligence and wisdom as a ladder out of your current situation. The swords are arranged like steps. The worse thing you can do right now is sit and think and mull.

    Card 3: 7 of Wands

    You are above the competition. Although your position is precarious you are miles above the rest. The character wields a wand like in card 1: 5 of wands, this could mean take the bull by the horns.

    Card 4: Queen of Swords

    You have been smart and made a good investment (air signs are known for their intelligence). I think it will pay off as symbolised by the butterfly in the card flying away, it may "take off".

    Card 5: 5 of Cups

    I think this card is related to 9 of Swords, and means if you sit and think about what has been lost you cant see what you still have and what you can offer.

    Story of the Cards:

    There are 3 cards which have weapon wielding characters in them. This could mean direction and the need to take charge, also the Queen who wields a sword looks menacing which could mean you are not being forceful enough, get straight to the point. You have the abilities needed and you will succeed as long as you do not wallow.

    I think there are plenty of opportunites for you to find your dream job as indicated by the 2 wand cards (traditionally symbolising passion and enthusiasm) as long as you do not lose faith in yourself and keep battling forward.

    I hope this helps Danceur 🙂

  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you! I think this makes some sense to me.

    On one hand, I feel empowered - I'm moving forward - on the other hand, I feel so so tired, in despair and I don't want to move anymore. I've been going with the flow for over 10 years because most of the things I tried to do didn't work out. I've probably learnt a lot about life along the way and it's not a total loss - but I haven't been able to make strides financially. I feel anxious about the future because I'm not getting any younger and there's responsibilities etc.

    I do hope that the investment will work out. Sometimes, maybe, we just need that bit of a boost to kickstart other changes in our lives... 🙂

  • hello Danceur

    your welcome. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. hugs. I think most things do happen for a reason even if you cant see it at the time.

    I hope things work out for you 🙂

  • Thanks Laura - you're very sweet 🙂

    I hope things will become clearer gradually. Hugs too 🙂

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