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  • Could I have a reading/readings regarding my current situation please. I would like to know how I can improve my current situation?

    Any help and insight would be appreciated.

    ok, thanks for reading 🙂

  • angel Bump:)

  • thanks livingonaprayer

  • its a little disappointing no one wants to give me a reading considering how many I have done for other people oh well 😞

  • I'd be happy to do a reading for you! What kind of reading would you like? A relationship, or a more general issue?

  • hello IMElizabeth

    thank you very much. I was expecting someone who I had already read for to take up the offer but your help would be gladly appreciated.

    More of a general issue, I dont mind which deck or spread you use. 🙂

  • Okay, Laura 🙂 I used one of my favorite spreads for issues, and I think it could help you.

    Root of the Problem - Two of Cups

    This says to me that you probably have some sort of issue involving a close friend, coworker, or even a romantic companion. Did you recently have some sort of argument or a disagreement with someone, or maybe you would like to be closer to another person.

    Situation at Present - Five of Wands

    There is some sort of conflict surrounding you, and I have a feeling that it might be either a conflict with others, or something that is more personal and internal. Although, if this conflict is well meaning or not, I can't really say. I have a feeling though, that this is more of an internal thing.

    Unexpected - RX Six of Wands

    I take this to mean, that whatever the conflict was regarding the 5 of wands, you are not expecting to lose. I would advise you to try and clearly think about what this "victory" means to you. And perhaps not to take the victory so seriously. Instead look at the lesson the universe is trying to teach you

    Advice - Two of Swords

    This says to me that you need to stop being so afraid of the choices you are about to make. You cannot bear the weight of these two swords forever, and eventually you will have to remove your blindfold and make a decision. Weigh them carefully, and have faith in what you choose. Do not look back.

    Outcome - RX Ten of Swords

    Though you may feel slighted, and like everything is over. I promise you, with whatever comes of this, the sun is always shining upon you, and you will be able to pick yourself up, and heal.

    I hope this helped a little. If you need more clarification, please let me know.

  • IMElizabeth

    Thank you very much for your reading. This makes a lot of sense to me. This has helped alot thank you. Im assuming RX means reversed. I feel a little better.


  • IMElizabeth

    you seem to have a real gift, may I ask how long you have been reading for? And what deck/ decks you use


  • I've been reading about, a couple years now. I learned from my mother, and I use a classic rider waite deck. I'm so happy I could help you! And yes, RX means reversed 🙂

  • Cool, same here. Yeah you did thank you.


  • dear Laura

    I just saw this thread. Would love to try giving you a reading if you still want one. (Btw, i had offered one to you as a thank you last week,on yr other thread)

    heres a card I pulled from the goddess guidance deck. You got kali: "the old must be released so that the new can enter"do not fear change .Embrace your deepest emotions as signal of your true human essence.Your current changes are for the best.Keep your thoughts positive because they are very powerful right now.

    this situation may involve your past life memories.(Isis)

    and finallylakshmi,the goddess of abundance tells you to stop worrying.Everything will be just fine...esp. finances and security.

    Hope this helps

    love and light

  • hi suramya

    thank you for the reading. did you? If you still want to give me one that would be wonderful.

    I have this deck you used by doreen virtue I dont mind it.

    This does help, it makes sense to. Thanks a bunch.


  • Heres the tarot reading

    Situation : 2 cups, whats bothering you ;knight wands

    My reading is that its a scenario of a friendship or a gentle loving relationship going wrong.You think you have behaved impulsively,probably rushing things towards an outcome, and that worked against you.

    Obstacle: Star what supports you: ace cups,ace swords

    You can work towards greater reliance on your spiritual resources,you need to find a balance.What is really heartening is to see 2 aces so definitely new beginnings. A more aware and loving approach as well as mental maturity,will see you making these changes soon.

    The person you probably had in mind,is the Emperor or in my reading a very dominating person,power tripper, and probably more into the physical aspect of the relationship.his attitude caused the break or crisis.

    Other cards warn of careful of a woman who appears as well off (queen pentacles).Or maybe the card is saying you will have to rely on your own considerable resources for a while.death turned up as a final card which reiterates the Goddess card reading of endings and new beginnings. Let go. If you do you can expect better things professionally also.

    Hope this makes some sense

    Love and hugs,take care

  • hi suramya yes that does make some sense thank you very much for the reading. I think I know what I have to do

  • Laura, bless your heart for helping so many people when you have big issues of your own. Sending you loving vibes and hope all works out. Don't worry about my reading request, take care of yourself. Hugs x

  • hi helbells thank you that is very kind of you to say :-). I do post topics offering readings to people regularly. Hugs back to you to

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