Leo woman so in love wanna just strangle my cancer man

  • I posted another one titled is my cancer man cheating, I still don't feel exactly like nothing's up with that because he is sooo frustratingly ambiguous or snappy when asking a really(ok kinda) innocent probing question for better understanding. But a coworker, a waaay younger guy enlightened me a bit one day I asked him if he gets madder quicker if he's lying or telling the truth...and he said when he's telling the truth because it means u don't trust me and ur supposed to trust me.

    I guess since I am older and have already been through alot I forgot that a new relationship without prior incident is supposed to be entered into with full trust...I happen to be a person who gets madder quicker if I am lying..If telling the truth I find it humorous because then I have a leg to stand on.

    But still, my cancer man frustrates and eludes me, if at the point where he knows I have absolutely had it with the way he is and am about to walk he turns back into the kind, patient, loving man I fell for...and since we have had a couple talks of how disrespectful his behavior is and why that would cause trust issues for me he manages to do his mood changes in the same day...snappy, moody elusive,....to calls me every other hour just to ask what I'm doin or tell me what he is doin...to snappy moody elusive......

    What is up with that.........Any body, all responses welcome to help make some sense of this

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