Help interpreting a reading?

  • Hello all! Hope you don't mind if I occasionally post my readings here and how I interpret them, and what you guys think too, I love seeing all the different ways people can view tarot. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Okay, so recently, I've had a spat with a man I am interested in, and I've felt as if I am at a bit of an impasse recently as how to handle it, and I think he is too, so we keep basically, just avoiding each other. He and I have been friends for a long time, and I'd hate to lose that friendship, which is my main worry.

    Root of the Problem - Two of Wands

    Basically, I interpret this as both of us are sitting here, waiting for someone to make a move, and neither of us does so. So we remain stuck, staring out at the ships, but too scared to board.

    Conditions at present - Six of Cups RX

    I think that maybe this might mean, that I am too concentrated on what has already happened, and too focused on wishing I could take it back and fix it. Or maybe it could mean that he is wishing our relationship could go back to what it was, before he told me he liked me.

    A Surprise/The Unexpected (Could refer to the past, or the future) - Queen of Pentacles

    This kind of worries me, as I hope it doesn't mean he's already found someone else. I'm not sure how to interpret this at all.

    Advice/What I should do - Nine of Cups

    I think that perhaps this is telling me to simply relax, and know I've put all my eggs in the right basket, so to speak?

    Outcome - Page of Cups Rx (Clarified by the King of Pentacles)

    For some reason, the first instinct that this gave me, was that he would stop with childish word games, and rudeness, and step up to become a king, if that makes sense?

    I'm not sure what do you guys think?

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  • Here's my take...

    Root of the problem - this is about a relationship so you pulled a "2" card to indicate a relationship. Wands also indicates fire...passion...another indication of relationship and also a hint of the fire erupting in anger - the argument.

    Conditions at present - look at the pic on the card! This is a boy and girl in an idyllic setting - giving and receiving in harmony. It's reversed....the aftermath of the fight.

    The surprise or unexpected - queens can mean so many things, not just other people/women! The queen of pents can indicate being grounded (or the need to be) - can represent hearth and home - can also indicate a good business mananger. It could just be an indicator of work - I know I picked up that he was feeling pressured or overworked and you said his job was stressful.

    Advice/what you should do - Yes! Stop worrying and enjoy yourself - release the anxiety. And maybe even go out and have a good time (without him for the time being!)

    Outcome - the Page of Cups is a very sensitive gal...sometimes overly so. The King of Pents - once again those grounded, mature pentacles have shown up! Yes, the reversed Page can mean not being so childish any longer - especially followed by the King. It is also a gentle reminder to not allow this - or anything like this - to get you so off your center.

  • Hey, I just wanted to tell you thank you. I talked to him today, and he said everything was fine and that he wasn't even mad. Haha, I feel rather silly now.

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