Can someone give me a love reading?

  • Hey:)

    I've met a nice man, around 2 months ago and i would like to know if there is any chance if we might get into a relationship. We were already on two dates, but after the second one he didnt call or messaged me and now i am not really sure what he is thinking about the whole situation or if i should try to contact him.It would be really nice if someone would be willing to give a reading!!! My date of birth is 12. April 1991 and his date of birth is 1.January 1989..

    Thanks so much in advance!!! 🙂


  • This relationship is not great for love, better for friendship. Its success depends on whether it contains or can develop sensitivity, empathy, understanding, and responsiveness. This combination can entail a danger of power struggles, animosities, and lost tempers. You two have few traits in common. Your friend can be very authoritarian and aloof by nature and you, being pretty dominant yourself, can find him hard to live with. You may come to find him too serious, unromantic, boring, and a workaholic, and he'll think you're too erratic or fiery. Also you won't experience the kind of deep feeling of love together that can lead to a close and personal romantic relationship.

    You could be good friends since you both value honor and a straight-ahead, upfront approach, with little fanfare accompanying it. You can benefit from his reliability and practicality as you can become unrealistic and fall out of touch with some of life's harsher realities. As long as power is not an issue and sexual jealousy or social envy don't rear their ugly heads, the friendship can be stimulating, physically invigorating, and productive.

    Capricorn men in general tend to like feminine, smart, serene women who are non-judgmental, non-nagging, hardworking, and conservative and, if they are unevolved types, they prefer women who are beneficial for them in status or money.

  • Thank you very much Captain:) This is spot-on! As I already mentioned he didnt contact me in a while though having a very nice time together.. do you see any reason why this may be? And will we ever have another date or relationship in the future?

  • This guy will always put his work first and personal relationships second or even third. So it's not surprising he hasn't contacted you - he probably isn't even aware of time passing when he is working on something. He will contact you if he thinks outside his career. But you would end up feeling quite neglected if you go further with this relationship.

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