Hello everyone I'd like a reading

  • hll,

    I only give the first reading gratis if you wish for any more services you can check out my website at:




  • mscurious: do you mind if I use your feedback of my message on my website? Thanks.


  • Sara could you do a reading please . I Mila give you permission to do a reading regarding job and finances thanks

  • Brightmoonshine,

    Currently I have given as many readings gratis as I can manage. If you are still interested in my services you can check out my website, my readings are super affordable. Thank you.



  • hello sara, no I don't mind please do use my feedback.I have been occupied with tough decisions. I just read your question. thanks again for your help.

  • Thank you.


  • Hello Sara, how are you doing. I have great news for you. I met this wonderful guy. he is tall and handsome. gererous,hard work. financially secure. fun to be with. I hope he feels the same way. he does live far from me but says he will come see me every 2 weeks or so. what do you feel? you think e is the one for me?

  • dear SerenityTil5, I am in need of your insight. the question above is for you. thanks

  • Mscurious,

    It it one free reading per person, if you would like anymore my readings are very affordable. Please check out my website. Thank you.



  • Hey SerenityTIl5

    just asking what the guides want me to focus on I have so much going on right now. After a many years of dark instances in my life from my abusive childhood and life-changing heartbreak (life changing in a positive way)-Ive been on the road to recovery ever since just focusing on my film career and making myself a bettter wiser person. But it has been very hard since my mom hasnt found a permanet job and I have been helping out with finances. I love helping but its limiting my potenital-I feel I need to get my career jump started but I cant because I can never by equipment for my camera no matter what I do. I want to move out but I can barely save money because my family really really need it most of the time and I dont want to be stuck. My abusive father (whom I no longer talk to) took my car and is not the best father to any of my sibilings which really hurts them.

    I just wanted to know what the guides suggest I do because I feel so scattered energy wise to the point Im not exactly clear on which direction?

    And also-what do the guides see in me regards to love-past (ex)-present and future?

  • Oh and Im sorry I Asia give you permission to do a reading regarding my direction in life and love?

  • hi sara

    may i also sit for a reading if that is sfine by you ?!

    "i hiighpriestess give you permission to do this relationship reading for me. "

    i want to know if i am heading towards separation with my current partner in near future? we have a difficult past behind us and things seemed to have settled down a bit and situation is totally changed between us. however i have a feeling that things might get repeated again and it will cause separation between us. i would be greatly obliged if you could provide your insight into this. thanking you for all your time and wonderful gift .



  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently unable to do any more readings gratis as I am working on my growing business. I do offer my services at a very reasonable cost. Please check out my website if you are interested as I would love to do a reading for you. Thank you.



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