Hello everyone I'd like a reading

  • hello my name is paulette dob is 22/05/1966 I would appreciate a reading if anyone is getting a strong pull. thank you

  • Mscurious,

    If you like I can do a reading for you. Please say: I (name) give you permission to give me a tarot reading about (topic). I will then post your reading on here. Thank you.


  • Hello Sara, I Paulette give you permission to give me a tarot reading about love. thank you

  • Hi,

    I read a 10-card spread. This is the message the guides wish to give you.

    7 of Pentacles : 3 of Cups : King of Swords : XII Hanged Man Reversed : XVII Stars

    Page of Wands : 6 of Swords : X Wheel Reversed : 9 of Cups : 2 of Pentacles Reversed

    You are currently waiting to see the results of what you have been working towards. You feel like you should have already gotten something or at least will see it in the very near future. You’re becoming impatient over these results, even a little exasperated. You’re trying to figure out how long it will take to get what you want, so the guides want to tell you, “a little while longer”. Don’t become discouraged over this. Things take time to set up, especially good things. So the guides want you to know that you are doing well and not to get frustrated that you haven’t seen what you have been waiting for. Remember to keep your eye on the goal – it is easier for the guides to set up what you want when they see you focusing on it. Make sure that you have a good idea of what you are waiting for, this will clear up any confusion with the guides, who are behind-the-scenes trying to set it up for you.

    You are pretty uncertain about what to do or how to go about getting what you want in this area. You are looking for love in not the best areas – party scenes don’t usually bring together the committed types, these people aren’t looking for relationships/love, they are looking for “a good time”. Your uncertainty is stemming from the fact that you don’t know how to go about getting someone; however, dealing with people who don’t want committed relationships is the real problem. Of course you aren’t going to feel comfortable trying to find a stable relationship with these types of people. So first stop looking for love in gatherings/party scenes, second don’t place too much stress on your uncertainty because it is the atmosphere & the people which are drawn to them which is the real problem. Remember to know what you want too – there is no reason to go searching for someone when they already don’t fit the basics of what you want. Ex. Party guys = uncommitted types = bad relationship choices = unhappy & uncertain you.

    The guides want to give you a warning: You are looking for a controlling type of person, which in some ways isn’t bad. Some people like being in control others like to go with the flow – there is nothing wrong with that. The guides just see you going for/attracting the types that are too controlling, to the point where it isn’t going to be a very fun experience to be with them. So remember to distinguish between the “I want to take control but still respect my partner” vs “ I want to take control and no one else’s opinions or objections are going to get in my way – even if I have to be manipulative to gain what I want”. The guides want to bring this up because they don’t want you to fall into a trap of an unhappy relationship. I get the feeling that you can be easily emotionally affected or manipulated if the other person is crafty at it. People who are controlling in a negative way see that and use it to their advantage – so the guides are warning you: if you want a controlling type personality be warned that there will be people you need to see for what they truly are and not go with the ones that want to be in control all the time and become really hard to deal with after awhile. You can get the decent person which likes to be in control and respect you at the same time – so don’t settle for less okay!

    Like I said above this waiting is driving you to become impatient. You aren’t too far in getting what you want but you aren’t there yet. The guides want to tell you this because they don’t want you to become discouraged that you aren’t receiving what you want right away. They are also bringing this up because they will have an easier time setting up the “right” relationship for you if you give them more details so they know what to look for. I’m overly simplifying the process in order to explain it but what they want you to do is help them manifest it by figuring out what you want or at least what you don’t want, focus on it, & want it. Put as much positive emotion into it as you can because that is what the guides “feed” on to move energy behind the scenes for you. They are actually going to talk about the feeling of hope next because that is another positive emotion that they can use to create the relationship you want. It takes energy to move energy & it takes positive energy to create positive opportunities. So use this time you have right now to manifest and help them set up the relationship in the near future – they want to reiterate one more time: “You aren’t far from getting the opportunity but you’re just not there quite yet – so help us by manifesting & we will get it to you as soon as feasible”.

    They again want me to say: “Keep your eye on the goal in the meantime”.

    Now they want to bring up the emotion of hope. Don’t take hope lightly. Maybe to you or me we see hope as just another emotion – some people see it negatively because they feel like if they don’t get what they want in the end that hope lets you down. This is someone that most people don’t understand. Hope, like any other positive emotion, is an emotion that harbors intense positive energy. Like I have said above positive energy helps move positive energy. You can’t create a really happy relationship & attract it to you with impatience/frustration/anger etc. The guides are able to help bring what you want closer but they have to use the energy/thoughts/actions you are willing to give them. So they can’t bring a guy/girl to you unless you match it with your own energy.

    Ex: Positive energy = more opportunities set up = stronger relationship = better outcome

    Negative energy = less opportunities = so-so prospects = harder time for both you and the guides to get what you want.

    So have hope, it actually does wonders, even if you can’t always see the results. And even if you don’t see the results the guides can still use the emotion to create other opportunities for you. So if you don’t get exactly what you want they can use your hope “energy” to help set up events which can turn that around and make you happy. Sometimes it can be hard to have hope about things that don’t always go your way but don’t let that cycle continue to hold you from having hope about future opportunities because this method will only hold you back and hold the guides down from creating the best possibilities and outcomes.

    The guides now want to talk to you about a time frame. They say that its right around the corner you just need to do what they have asked you to do above: manifest & stop looking in the wrong places. Ex: It is hard for them to bring to you a person that is looking for love/commitment to a party scene because those types of people usually don’t go there and they can’t force a person to act against their own better judgment. So start looking in other places: anywhere that doesn’t bring together people just looking for “a good time”. It can even be unexpected places – a coffee shop, a friend introduces you to someone they know, at school or work. So it doesn’t have to be planned – you don’t have to go looking in a dating site (actually the guides don’t want to you do that at all) or a couples meet n’ greet or whatever. Just go about your day knowing that you want a relationship and are looking and that you are keeping your eyes open. This will make it easier for the guides to bring that person closer to you. They also want you to feel pretty good about your chances – feel confident that that person it there, he/she is right around the corner and you WILL meet them, the only thing that is up in the air is just time (and the guides have already told you that there isn’t much waiting left) so you don’t have much to worry about if you go about doing things the right way.

    The guides want you to move away from your past (what you see as) “failures” with not getting what you want or whom you want or just not getting anything at all. Don’t bring that kind of thinking into this equation. That kind of thinking will not serve you – not only does it actually work against you because that is a negative manifestation but it drags you down emotionally too & that isn’t the most attractive thing when potential mates are looking at you. So move away from all those past wounds and sadness and residual negative feelings that it brings to you and go about trying to set up what you want with a fresh perspective. That will give you the best possible outcome to get exactly what you want! Remember no one wants baggage in a new relationship so do both you and who ever you are going to meet in the future a favor and leave it out the door now. And don’t always feel bad or sorry for yourself when you think of these things – sometimes you need to learn lessons, sometimes other people need to learn lessons, and sometimes the affects of learning the lessons stay with you for a long time but when it time to leave the pain/sadness/etc behind you and move on then it’s time. So everything that has happened is in the past – everyone has either learned from them or didn’t and just moved on in their own way – so you don’t need to worry about them or your chances of changing them for the future.

    The guides say that what you are looking for right now with love hasn’t been planned. So what I mean is that no one is currently destined for you, which doesn’t mean you have any less chances of getting someone it just means that the work it takes to set someone up or set up the opportunity to meet them hasn’t already been done. So that is why things haven’t been moving as fast, that’s why things need to take a little more time. Sometimes the guides & you set up relationships before you come into being/start living because you need to meet someone to learn lessons or move you forward in one way or another, in your case that hasn’t been planned just because it didn’t need to be. So don’t let that frustrate you, the guides are telling you this so you understand why things are happening the way they are. There is no difference with a planned and unplanned relationship – you don’t have any less of a chance to get someone – it just means there needs to be more work put up front now and that’s all. So keep that in mind as you are waiting and it’s for your benefit that you realize this so your impatience doesn’t drive you crazy.

    (Currently) You have a really good chance to get what you want, actually exactly what you want, it could be that you have already put in a lot of energy into this or you just REALLY want it and that is driving you forward but you have the opportunity to get “exactly” what you want. Just remember to focus and know before hand what you are looking for and keep focusing on it. You should feel really happy that this is the case – the guides are trying to pump you up for it – because your excitement/positive emotions will help drive you closer to it even quicker and/or give you better results in the end. So be happy that currently you are moving toward getting what you want, it’s around the corner, be happy, positive breeds more positive, and keeping moving forward. The guides say you should also be very proud that your energy/work has brought you to this point and that the momentum of this energy is still pushing you forward “quickly”. They are proud of you – it takes a lot of energy to set something like this up and you are doing great even considering that it wasn’t even pre-planned for you/that no pre-work was done for you – so good job!

    The guides want to leave you with this: It takes time to set up events/to drawn people close/to change destiny. As time goes by a series of events are taking place which are moving you closer to your goal. See time as your friend – that things are unfolding at their own pace as to create a good result in the end. Rushing will not create what you are looking for so it’s okay to feel impatient just don’t let it create anger or a lot of frustration in you. The guides don’t want to say a set time because everything depends on different and complex circumstances. It depends on your thoughts/actions/manifest, the person they are trying to set you up with, energy, complex relationship, destiny, God etc; so all these different components have to come together in order to create the opportunity, especially the RIGHT opportunity. So just keep this in mind as you are continuing to focus on you goal and continuing to search for this significant person. Hope will drive you forward & the guides are wanting & willing to help you, so lean on that and let that give you some comfort. All things in good time – they will come when they are ready, so do not let this waiting/searching period continue to be a weight on your shoulders, see it for what it is and don’t see more negative than what is meant to be in the waiting period (don’t exaggerate it to more than what it is meant to be) & remember to remain hopeful because that will bring the opportunities to you.

    Good luck!


  • hi Sara, can I have a reading from you also?? Thanks

  • Hll,

    If you like I can give you a reading, just say:

    I (name) give you permission to do a reading over (topic).

    After I receive that I will post your reading in this forum page. Thanks.


  • Sara, thank you so much 4 this reading. It was easy to read and understand. It makes allot of sense to me. thank you again Sara I will save it and reread it

  • Thank you mscurious for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.


  • I Sha give you permission to do a reading over my life in the next few months.

    Just a general reading please. I wanna know what I can expect later. Mainly career and love life. Thanks, Sara

  • Hello Sara, Do u know if I have met this guy yet or what he looks like?I appreciate any feedback?

  • The guides do not want to tell you what this person looks like because they say you will start looking for a person that fits the description and you most likely will mistake them and that isn't what the guides have spoken to you about in the message anyway. Remember I said that you can get what you want all you have to do is manifest it. You can have the guy that looks like you want but you have to do the work and decide on it and focus on it. They also want me to tell you to be reasonable with the looks - they say you need to focus more on the traits. Remember that you are trying to make a match with another soul not just someone that looks attractive to you. There are many layers to a person and looks only go so deep. What you should really be concerned over is the type of person you are going to meet. Once you decide and focus on it you will actually bring it into being. The events need to unfold, you haven't met the person yet - remember I told you things need more time to develop. So use this time wisely and manifest what you want.

    Ex. Good with kids, intelligent, hardworking, sweet, kind, respects me, wants to take control...whatever. List it out, confirm with yourself that it's what you want and focus on it. The guides will do the rest.

    It will come, it will happen if you stay on your current path and manifest it. So don't worry - you're closer than you think once you do your work (manifest) 😉


  • HLL,

    The guides say that you have received the message from others that have given you tarot readings already. They are asking me to ask you if you need any clarification on the message in order to help you understand it better or help you move forward concerning the message you have already gotten? If I do a reading for it will just be the same message until you understand/accept it.



  • Thanks Sara! I am wondering when i can find a job?? and will it be a big or small firm?? Thats my main concern these days.....

  • The guides are telling you that you are focusing on the wrong thing. It's not about getting a job at a big or small firm, it's about getting a job period to get the experience you need.

    The guides say that that is all you need to hear concerning your job search. If you wish me to do a general reading to give you help concerning other areas of your life the guides are willing to do that.


  • your right, Sara. I need to focus on getting a job.. no matter what kind. get my feet in the market first! thanks Guide! I would appreciate if I can do a general reading for me.. my health and my love life.. Thanks!

  • I give you the permission to do a reading over my health and my love life. Thanks

  • hll,

    The guides want me to give you a 5-card reading concerning your topic.

    7 of Cups : XV Devil : XXI World : 10 of Pentacles Reversed : XII Hanged Man Reversed

    The guides say you have a lot of decide over. You have many choices before you. So what do you want? Focus on what you want and the guides will set it up for you. Question and complain and you will not receive what you are looking for. So what are you looking for? Decide what you want but be reasonable. There are both positives and negatives to everything, all paths have lessons you need to learn. Some lessons are harder to learn than others. So focus on a positive goal and no matter what happens or what challenges arise keep that goal in your mind. That will help move you forward on your path of getting what you want with both health and love.

    There is some negative thinking and worries that you are continuing to harbor. It's time to analyze why are keep thinking this way and change it. It's time to move forward and stop continuing your negative thinking. You are holding yourself back when you don't accept things for what they are in order to learn from them and move forward. So realize that you are doing this and stop it! The guides can only help you so far as you are willing to help yourself.

    You can get what you want if you have an open mind and are willing to work towards it. All things need completion, both good and bad. To move toward you you must complete the bad and move on. Don't over look the negative in order to move toward positive. You must complete/deal with the negative while looking toward the positive and keep moving towards it. The guides just want you to understand that everything cycles both good and bad: you have to accept and understand both in order to move forward.

    You aren't at that really successful point yet. You don't have that fully rewarding feeling concerning yourself/finances/career/etc. It can be yours but you have to work towards putting yourself on the path which gets you to that place. You must become well rounded in all areas, learn lessons both that are good and some that can be hard. This will help you cycle towards that successful happiness you are looking towards.

    You no longer need to wait for anything to happen. All the information has already been given to you. You don't need to wait for destiny or God or guides to bring things forward because they are all waiting for you! So stop depending on them for awhile and start depending on yourself and that is when they will kick back into action to help you move forward. Remember they can only help you in so far as you are willing to be helped and that you will help yourself. So now they are waiting for you to take that step before they can do anything. They have done everything they can at this point and are just waiting for you to point them in the direction you wish to go.

    Focus on what you want in both health/love/career. Accept what is and learn from what is going on and then allow the guides to help move you forward. Accept the messages for what they are. See what you need to see in order to help yourself because no one can move you forward as much as you can move yourself forward. Realize that in order to truly advance yourself.


  • Thanks for the advice, Sara. SPOT ON! Will make sure I stay positive, and change the way I feel/think/react. Thank you! much love.

  • I'm glad I could help.


  • Hello Sara,

    May I ask you another question please? would appreciate if you share some insights with me. One of my old friends just contacted me. it seems like he still wanted to help me with the job... as he has plenty of connection in the industry and he's willing to introduce me to another company.. well, at least thats what I was told in his email... And he sounded pretty sincere. What you think? Can he make it happen for me this time? (he used to try to get me into the company where he's working at, but somehow, it fell through...) what does the guides have to say regarding this ?? I hope I can hear from you soon. Please let me know. Thanks for your help. Love and light 😉

    as always - I give you the permission to do a reading over my job search related to a guy friend.

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