Can someone tell me what's going on plz

  • Hi everyone, I'm not new here but I came here a long time ago.

    I wanted to know certain things about my relationship life and what's going to happen. So I decided to see if someone can give me a reading.

    Sep4 1991 guy

    Sep7 1986 girl

    I want to know if this is going anywhere serious

    Then this one as well

    Sep 4,1991me

    August 11,1994 girl

    What will happen between me and this girl

    Thank you so much and I hope someone let's me know 🙂 sorry to bother u guys

  • You and Sep 7 girl - the two of you will find it extremely hard to share on a personal level. Thus this is a bad relationship for love. You can make life extraordinarily difficult for each other if you want to. You both react poorly when demands are put on you, yet you can be quite demanding with each other. You do both love to laugh and can actually have a great time together - but better as friends than lovers. Both your self-esteems can take a nose-dive from your tendency to make fun of each other. You are both complex individuals and you both specialize in sending mixed signals, so in this case being alike does not make for a compatible relationship in love.

    You and Aug 11 girl - this also works better for friendship than love. This relationship can be spirited and confrontational with lively interchanges very likely between you two very different personalities. You may find your partner too flamboyant, insensitive, and egotistical while she will criticize you for being too uptight and judgmental. You are both extremely sensitive to disapproval. You do tend to respect each other's strengths however even if you don't care much for each other personally. Thus a love affair here will be no-nonsense and short on emotional nuance with suppressed feelings of anger, envy or even lust making this relationship very unlikely to endure.

    So GW you seem to have gone from someone like you to someone totally unlike you and neither works real well. Next time try finding a balance between the two extremes.

  • Thanks captain but I was looking for a situation reading not the personality trait reading since I'm well aware of both individuals. Thanks for the details I really appreciate it.

    I was looking for. Reading that tells me if August 11 will ever come back and for sep7 of I'm ever gonna be in a relationship with.

  • Knowing there will be these personality clashes, incompatibity, and conflict, why would you ever want to have a love relationship with these women?

  • Because fighting for love and knowing that there will be. Conflict regardless of it. The true side of things shows at the end. Because is human nature and humans tend to go for something as hard as this. Also because u can't stop the person u like or love. I understand the conflicts but if the person is mature enough there will be less conflict.

  • But we don't always fall in love for the right reasons. Often we have issues based on the way we were raised - for example, if your parents fought a lot, you might believe wrongly that all relationships involve struggle and fighting. Or if say one parent ignored you, you may always be looking for a substitute for that parent to try and please them or get their attention as you were unable to do as a child. There are all sorts of deep fears and issues we may have that attract us to the wrong people. Love should NOT be about constant hardship and struggle. A good love match does of course involve some lessons but it should be smooth and filled with happy feelings if it is right.

    I feel this is more about your issues of doubting your own lovability or attractiveness that causes you to want these women to love you.

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