I keep dreaming of my soul mate.

  • Could someone help me please?

    For a few months now I have been dreaming of the man I know to be my soul mate. We have never spoken or even come close to each other, because I turned him down when I was 17. He probably took it as a snub, as he was on stage at the time and I was in the audience but we never took our eyes off of one another. He had noticed me, and as he came closer and we looked into each others eyes, I thought "Gotcha". I just knew that this man was mine!! But as the evening drew to a close, and he was getting more and more excited, I got cold feet. As he took a bow, he looked at me like an excited child at Christmas, but I just thought to myself, "I don't care how you feel, I'm not going back stage, and that is final!

    His poor little baby face dropped, and he pulled his guitar from around his neck and marched from the stage.

    So how do I know he's my soul mate I hear you ask?

    Well, up until the age of 18 my week-ends were spent doing the laundry, or around at my friends place listening to Elton John records. And the funny thing was that I was actually happy.

    When I was 23, a colleague of mine had an uncle who was a very good psychic medium. He could stand in a noisy, crowed pub and still get accurate messages from spirit. Then on one occasion, we were talking about astrology and compatible signs, and he just came out with "Why aren't you married"? He then proceeded to inform me, that I would have been very happy with this man and by now we should have had two or three kids!!! I just didn't have a clue who he was talking about. He then smiled and said, "Don't worry, it will come back to you, all in good time"

    I asked if I would ever see this man again, and he said with a big grin that I would.

    And come back it did!!! At the grand old age of 51.

    I couldn't sleep one night, and I was suddenly transported back in time to my 17 year old body. Only now I was seeing the situation from an adult point of view. I really shouldn't have turned this lovely man down!!!

    Our eyes did meet in 1988, and he gave me a horrible look and turned his back on me.Yep, he'd remembered me alright.

    In 1990 I became a mum, and everything was put on hold.

    Since 2009, I have seen him at least once a year. He used to smile at me because it's been so long and my hair is now short. In October last year I saw him twice. Like the first time like in 1974, he was smiling and giving me a lot of attention. But my son thought that he was trying to 'place my face'. Unfortunately, on the second occasion, the penny had dropped, and of course he showed annoyance and stepped back into the shadows and mouthed something like, "I waited for you", or something like that.

    But now I dream of him all of the time! Could he be thinking about me? There's no chance of seeing him after the show these days, as I have been reliably informed that he's very much 'a loner', and jumps into his car afterwards to go home, preferring his own company.

    I did have a dream in which my dad was present, and he's been dead since 1975. I was told to 'go for it', and that my dad was giving me his blessing as he was smiling.

    I have done our astrology and numerology charts, and we are very compatible and the term 'soul mates', gets mentioned a lot. My dilemma is, will we ever be together in this life. I would love to have a talk with him and explain what happened when we were young. Another factor was that I didn't think that I was good enough for him, as I was born with a deformed left hip and used to have a heel raise. If he had turned me down, I don't think that I would ever had gotten over it.

    Thanks in anticipation of a reply. Love n light. xxx

  • Well you have to talk to him about this and ,since he seems to be backing off (no doubt from a fear of another rejection), you must take the bull by the horns and confront him, somewhere he cannot run from you. Otherwise it will plague you to your dying day. You both fear rejection but this needs to be put to rest once and for all. Gather your courage and go for it! Stop worrying about how insecure you are about yourself and do it for the pain you both feel.

  • Thanks for your reply Captain.

    I hear what you're saying, I just need a plan. I do send out wishes to my Angels and they do reply in their funny kinda way. I'm actually friends on Facebook with this man's sister's friend. She requested me, and was saddened when I told her that Maureen had died of cancer a few years before. Spirit have always spoken to me in the form of music and lines from various tunes. I just wish they could arrange an 'accidental' meeting!

    Thanks again for your time Captain. xxx

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  • Yes Dmick is right - you do not need a plan. That is just putting off what you know you must do. It's simple - just go up and talk to him and follow him if he runs and keep after him until you have sorted this whole mess out. You have to put aside your fear of rejection and persist!

  • Thanks for the advice Dmick and Captain,

    Now here's where it gets complicated. His band toured most of March and April, in fact the last one was last Friday, and as yet there are no other dates up on their website. I do know where he lives but I can't just send him a letter as I might be taken for a stalker, or even worse the letter could be opened by a friend and simply put in the bin!

    I'm seen as a 'newbie' as most of the female fans have been following them for years. I have seen most of the band in the pub afterwards, but of course my man never shows. That's what the I-Ching means about 'being confined in a metal carriage',as he jumps into his car afterwards and goes home. No mention of a wife though, but he has got a son who was born the same year in question. He did marry that year as well, but that's another story. But after Christmas 1974 I really did forget about him. Out of sight is out of mind and all that. But that's when spirit started to talk to me in verse.One afternoon at work I heard a line from a song, that was proceeded by his name. I just couldn't fathom out who this guy was!

    All of this might seem like an excuse. But Captain, please tell me honestly, is there a slim chance of us ever getting together? And why was the memory of that night planted back in my head if I can't do anything about it?

    Dmick, I would love to hear your story if you care to share it with me.

    Love n light and big hugs to you both!!!

  • It really won't mean as much if I tell you that there is a chance of a relationship with this man, though it may not be a love match. The point of this situation is for you to get the courage to face possible rejection and still do it anyway. You know where he lives - go see him and sort this out. Stop over-analysing it as you just keep talking yourself out of it. One way or another, you must resolve this situation and lay it to rest. And going over all possibilities without doing any of them is not helpful. You can do something about it. Or are you going to let this bother you for another thirty-odd years? Better to know than not to know...even if the truth hurts.

  • Also there is no chance of anything if you don't make a move.

  • Once again thanks for your insights Captain, I now know what I have to do.Oh, and it hasn't bothered me for thirty odd years, only the last 3!!!

    Take care, love n light.

  • No it has lingered in your subconscious mind for thirty years and just recently rose into your conscious mind. It never really went away.

  • Let us know how you go!

  • This man is famous. I can't just go up to his front door and say "Hi, remember me", because he lives in a mansion right out in the country. No, I will have to wait until they announce some more tour dates, hopefully in the Autumn this year. I will then get a letter to him backstage and see what happens. Do you really think that he was that hurt? I never thought so, I mean, he would come into contact with girls all of the time way back then. But I feel that he got married out of duty because of a baby on the way.

  • If this helps

    My birthday 26th March 1957

    His 16th December 1945. He ain't no spring chicken LOL!

  • Is he still married?

  • And have you ever actually met this man?

  • I don't know if he's still married, and no I have never spoken to him. But I know, just like the sun rises and sets every day, that we should have been together! As I stated in the original posting, my life was very dull in my mid teens and he fits the description exactly. Just because some one's famous, they're still human after all. I know spirit would never lie to me and I trust my instincts. I just wanted to know why I was dreaming of him more frequently. I've read some of your blog Captain, it's very interesting and like yourself I've been having bad dreams as well and some of them include houses.

  • Then you have to find a way to conact him - can you write a letter and put it in his letterbox explaining how you feel and asking to meet? Enclose a photo to let him know who you are in case he doesn't know your name.

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