I want to end my life

  • my girlfriend of 7 years left me two months back because i had been so possessive and controlling.yeah and i was...it was because i loved her so much and wad insecure about losing her.she knows that but she says she has lost feelings for me because of all the fights we had.but i still love her and i cant think about living with out her.i have tried but cant move on.i cry every night.i live abroad and shes in india.i am going to india today to meet her.i am not sure if she will come to meet me.this is my last try,if it doesnt work out i dont want to live in this pain.i have decided to end my life..i am just worried about the outcome..if i fail what happens....because i think i fail in everything i do these days.i tried desperately to bring her back and i failed.if i fail in ending my life i will be ruined.i am already an emotional wreck now.what will she feel if i fail?will she think i was doing it to attract attention?will she come back if she really understands my plight?pls advice...and pls dont advice me with normal cliches like ending life is not a solution...plenty of fish etc...shes my life and with out her i cant live

  • dont end your life there are people out there you care about you

  • Hi there,

    I am now one month into a break-up and believe me it's the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. To say I was devastated was an understatement and there were times when I felt like you, how can I go on without this person in my life? But the one thing I have had to deal with however hard is to ACCEPT that we will never be together again, if you give yourself false hope then you will never start to heal. Some people are in your life just 'passing through' and some are 'here to stay' - you just haven't yet found that person who will be here to stay yet.

    Ending you life is most definitley NOT the answer, simply giving up is most definitley not right. Please can I urge you to read this book, it has helped me hugely and see things from a different perspective.


    Good luck, I promise you will start to feel much better soon xx

  • renjith you have asked for help so you really do not want to end you life. You also acknowledge why your girlfriend left. It is up to you to change your girlfriend has offered you a gift in a way and only you can change it. So you need to seek a counselor to help you discover why you are possesive, controlling and insecure. and it is a painful lesson and you can learn from it. Until you deal with these issues your girlfriend will not come back to you as know one wants to be controlled as it is abusive and then there is the trust issue you destroyed her trust & belief in you.

    Do not go and see her it could get you in trouble-stalking comes to mind use this time to work on yourself.

    also you need to ask yourself "am i upset because she left me and I no longer have control" I get the feeling you are mad because she dared to stop the abuse & leave and you do not like it because you did not end the relationship and you no longer control her. So find a counselor & work on yourself

  • Well said Shadowmist !

  • Dude ... if you feel like you need to end your life, then you aren't ready to be in a relationship with anyone. You need to love yourself first before you are able to love someone else. If you want to have a chance with this gal, then go get help and fix yourself first. You will have a better chance of winning her back!

  • If you are not a religious person , please consider getting to know God, he is the answer , and he will be your salvation, there is no weight to heavy for Him to carry , He will lift all your burdens if you just believe and place them in his hands , I will pray you.

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