Will he break the Cycle?

  • My oldest son is caught in a warp that leaves me afraid for him and his family.

    He is imitating his father's behavior of verbal abuse and name calling and driving as though he doesnt realize his precious cargo could be killed by his actions...in one brief second

    We went to the zoo today...and though I knew he had a warped view view of how to value loved ones...I didnt realize that it was as bad as it is. I truly feared for my life with his driving 80 in a 65 and passing in between cars with a foot or two on either end of a horrific accident. I know he loves his 18 mnth old daughter dearly..and the pain of his own childhood is blinding him to his reality today.

    Will he be reached in time to save his family? How can I help other than asking the angels and God to please keep all of them safe and awaken his spirit to love? What does their future hold?

  • Patchlove,

    For some reason I just had to read your post.....now I know why. I am not a reader of any sort but

    my 18 yr old is pretty much doing the same thing! He doesn't have a child but he has "someones" child with him most of the time. What I mean by that is .....his friends are usually with him.

    I've gotten to the point that I won't get in the truck with him. And I pray like crazy!

    Sorry for posting on your feed but somehow thought I should write this.

    You are not alone and neither is he.


  • Hi Earthgirl, please dont apologize....I am open to imput from all...God knows my concern..and if others share and can understand, it helps too.

    The love and wisdom from this site have never failed to teach me something..and give valuable insight into matters that help me discern it more clearly.

    I will not ride with him again....I'm thinking of writing a letter to him....the motive is to reach his heart..but Im not sure how...I think I need divine help and intervention.

  • Thank you

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