Please help me understand my Tarot reading?

  • Hi, new member. A while back, my friend gave em a Tarot Deck as a gift. It's an Egyptian Tarot Deck, and I've never done anything with it, until recently. I've been unable to get a hold of my friend, whom at the time said if I do a reading, do an Eclipse Spread. Not knowing what that was, I went searching for it and found a site that had the example. It's a V shape spread, with card 1 at the upper left following order down one side and up the other with card 7 on the upper right. That being said, I pulled the 7 cards and tried to understand them as I placed each one down. I'm kind of confused as to what they mean, so maybe you kind folks can help me understand.

    While as of this posting I still have no word from my friend, I will post the cards to here. in order of drawing:

    5 of Wands

    5 of Pentacles

    9 of Wands

    2 of Swords

    Knave of Wands

    2 of Wands

    King of Chalices

    Thank you for your help.

  • To clarify, I was doing a General Reading, and not because I haven't heard from my friend. Just trying to learn Tarot.

  • Hello Theremiteguy

    How are things? 🙂

    I will help you with what I can. This is off the top of my head by the way, so the meanings may not be accurate as compared to what you will find in the book or little white booklet. Just my interpretation.

    5 of Wands: Conflict and battle, not serious though, just minor.

    5 of Pentacles: A show of generosity, needing help, being left out in the cold.

    9 of Wands: suspicion and hidden motives.

    2 of Swords: Indecision, not facing the facts. Balance.

    Knave of Wands: Young fire sign.

    2 of Wands: The world is your oyster.

    King of Chalices: Older water sign.

    These meanings are pretty brief and they are just my interpretation of the Rider Waite Tarot and decks based of off that. Those meanings were just the first things that popped into my mind.

  • Things are OK. Could be better, but not too bad all things considered.

    Thank you for your help.

  • 🙂 cool

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