LauraSA87 Can I please have an updated reading?

  • Dear LauraSA87 ,

    You did a reading for me about two weeks ago and you were right on. Can I please trouble you to do an updated reading for me? My life has been turned upside down and I need some direction. Thank you.

  • hi Sharon62

    how are you?

    Sorry Im just getting back to you now I didnt see your topic. What were the readings about? Refresh my memory please. I will give you a reading as soon as I can.


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  • Dear LauraSA87,

    You gave me very good reading about two weeks ago. Basically you said that I should sit still and wait as I did not know what direction to take a the moment. Can you please give me an updated reading to see if this has changed?

  • Hello sharon62

    what was the reading I did for you regarding? and sure I can give you an updated reading

  • You did a celtic cross reading and my marriage came up. You said that my husband was pulling away from me. He's made a real mess of things and I'm not sure what to do.

    Can you tell me what you see in my near future? Any insight would be extremely helpful. Your last reading was right on and I'd like your guidance if you have time. Thank you so much.

  • hi sharon62

    big hugs for you in this time of need.

    I will give you a 5 card general reading about your near future using Golden Tarot.

    Card 1: 7 of Swords

    A different approach would be useful. Deception. Sneaky. Use all the tools at your disposal. Being conned.

    Card 2: Queen of Cups

    An older water sign, or the need to utilise these qualities in the future. Sensitivity, empathy, creativity, being at one with your emotional state, having the confidence to know what you want and need.

    Card 3: 7 of Coins

    Financial worry. Issues regarding loyalty and purity as symbolised by the white dog. Not feeling as if the resources are at your disposal.

    Card 4: 8 of Wands

    The arrows of love. Swift change and movement, a message. Also a ladder to climb up- a way to solve your problems.

    Card 5: 3 of Wands

    Moving away, a departure. Holding on to stability, to your own truth.

    Story of the Cards:

    I think in the near future you may have to use cunning (7 of Swords) to solve your problems (8 of Wands), that may be the ladder out of your problems. The cards are saying if the other person is not playing fair you may also need to be crafty. A highly emotional time where you will need to really asses what you want and have the maturity to let go of unhealthy situations.

    I noticed that you have all 4 suits in your reading which means it could be a bust time of sorting things out. Also there are no Major Arcana cards which I think indicates whatever is to come is not that much of a shock and has been a long time coming. I think the near future for you will be more of the same.

    lots of love sharon62

  • sharon62

    I think things will change in the near future and you may be forced to make a decision as indicated by the 8 of Wands which means swift change. However I dont think this is a surprise to you.

  • Dear LauraSA87,

    Thank you so much for your reading. You are correct in that this is a very emotional time for me, maybe one of the most difficult in my life. It doesn't help that I'm in the middle of menopause and that I'm wearing my emotions on my sleeve. I've been trying to remain strong and get through this emotionally impact. I'm going to need to find a job to support myself so that if my husband cheats on me again in the future, which it probably will, I will be able to pay the bills.

    Again, thank you so much for your insight and I will take everything that you mentioned to heart.



  • hi sharon62

    you are welcome. I cant imagine how hard this is for you. Im glad you appreciated the insight.

    blessings back to you 🙂 lots of hugs Sharon

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