Would anybody like to do a reading for me?

  • My life has hit quite a low for a while now and just when I think its getting a wee bit better something else brings it down. Just wondering when its going to be my turn to be happy to wake up in the morning..

  • You have gotten into a vicious cycle of believing things will automatically go wrong just when you are feeling happy. This 'expectation' of failure or disappointment is connected to your childhood, where you learnt not to get your hopes up because they would soon be dashed. Turn your attitude around so that whenever you feel this, you make a determined effort to do the opposite - think and act in a positive way. Tell yourself that things ARE getting better for you and will stay better. Count your blessings instead of your disappointments. It only takes about a month of thinking in a different way for your attitude and luck to change permanently. But it may be too overwleming to think of it taking a whole 28 days - try taking it one day of positivity at a time. When dark thoughts descend, do something positive that makes you feel good in order to shake yourself out of the gloom.

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