Would love a reading if someone has time :))

  • I would love to see about my career and finances dob 06/25/1971 Toledo Ohio, 2:58 pm and if someone could help me get a grip on my realtionship with my youngest son, are we just going to constantly butt heads?? 06/07/2011 Nashua, New Hamphire, 10:30 am

    Thanks so very much

  • 2012 for you is all about beginnings and endings, of getting rid of all that is not serving you or is no longer useful - possessions, people and attitudes. You can start over afresh again. This year can be a most exciting year for you, bringing multiple new opportunities, people, and projects to your life. You are likely to scrutinize old values, ideals, and the ideas that you thought were important. This should be a time when you become more involved with others and giving may become more important that merely looking out for yourself. You may also become aware of a lure to commune with nature, as escapist desires become much stronger than in the past. A lot of things that you have been working for should come to completion during this year, and you will tend to clear the deck for the beginning of a new cycle. This is a year of force and change and a time when big decisions will have to be made. Let go of friendships, jobs, or even homes that no longer serve your greatest good. Make room for the new in your life. Better things and times are awaiting you.

    Career and finances: This year you will get accolades for work done. You love admiration and recognition so maximum efforts in your career can be transformed into profitable efforts - you may be entitled to a prize, incentives, or promotion in your old job by the end of this year or else you will find them all in a new career or job. After some hard work in this period, productivity will increase and you can expect financial success. Professionally, you need to plan strategically and once you succeed in doing it, you will be rewarded with great gains. The second half of 2012 will be a time of planning and getting good results. You can receive great monetary rewards, due to hard work this year. You need to plan properly to make the best use of the financial gain you will get in the second half of 2012. Anything to do with communication or writing will go well for you.

    You and your son: you are both highly different personalities but you do have a deep need to communicate. Trouble is you both have such different styles of communication that you often misunderstand each other. You are a feeling type, but your son can stimulate you with his verbal and intelligent ways. You may often become frustrated by his indirectness, but ultimately you are up to the task of 'learning his language'. He for his part will benefit from the relationship's non-verbal, often emotional type of communication if he can learn to go with it. Sharing strengths is an important dynamic here. This can be a very successful close family tie if you both try to deepen your bond and adjust your style of communicating to include the other person's style.

    You two do share a liking for dreaming, predicting or prophesying, though your 'grand schemes' can be highly unrealistic and idealistic. You both need to focus more on the present than the future. Your son has unusual verbal and writing skills (which will often make him misunderstood and can result in displays of petulance) and he may manifest these skills in many different ways such as computer programming, creating advances in technology, and the like. He will tend to be restless and easily bored so keep his agile creative mind busy. Fussiness or overattention to detail however may make him lose sight of his higher objectives and dreams. Yet he will always innately be a 'big picture' type of person.

  • Thank you Captain ((hugs))!!

    I am grateful for your insight. Yes, I have been feeling very antsy and wanting to learn something new and despite my fear of the unknown and change, sighs really am ready for a good constructive change. I know I have to becareful of my dreams of granduer and not be to over ambitious, but one thing I have learned within myself is while others may be afraid of failure, I am afraid of success. I know I have two kids and am taking care of my mother, but I have never had anything of my own that I can say I created or cans say with great pride that was something I wanted and I worked hard to get. For as long as I can remember I always did just what I needed to or minimized my plans or ideas to fit someone elses agenda. I am not about to do anything over the top or too risky, lol.

    Of course you nailed my son and I to a T-- it is interesting that you say that about him being restless and easily bored as he was diagnosed with ADHD, personally I am not thinking that is the issue. I know you can not diagnosis, but despite the differences he and I have, we have a very strong bond in the fact we both are able to sense each others moods and sometimes we sort of egg each other on and mostly not for the good. He knows how to push my patience and I can so feel his resltessness and it makes me feel unsure what to do for him, as a mom, I want nothing but his happiness.

    Thank you again Captain and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ( hugs and happy thoughts ))

  • ooops I put his dob as 2011...it should have been 2001 sorry Captain.

  • I didn't use the year for this evaluation, anyway.

  • Ok , Thank you. Is there anything specific you can see in the area of communication or writing that maybe I should focus on or learn more about ?

    I am also trying to channel my sons energy towards positive things so this helps more than you know

    Thanks again, Captain

  • You are good with channeling emotions so when you put your heart into your communications, it can be very effective, for example, in writing moving emotional and inspirational stories.

  • Captain,

    sighs you know I am hiding from the idea of putting things out there, besides I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been written. Most people are afraid of failure, I am afraid of success. The remote posibility of steeping out of my comfort zone is really unsettling.

    Thank you

    ❤ Sending happy thoughts and love your way.

  • Read about the fear of success and how to deal with it here -


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