Beloved Hathors: Quandary of the human heart

  • One of the greatest casualties in this process is the human heart. We recognize and sense a deep sadness and despair in the collective human heart. Part of this is due to the disintegration of realities and your attachments to them. After all, what do you build your dreams on when the foundations of your world are crumbling?

    Another aspect of this difficulty in the heart has to do with the toxic nature of your planet’s emotional atmosphere. As the solar energies increase, the tensions between polarities become ever more apparent. The polarization of human consciousness between those who would imprison and those who would free the human spirit are becoming clearer and clearer.

    We would offer two suggestions as a means to deal with these challenges to your heart.

    It is through your heart that new realities are birthed—by this, we mean realities worth living. Our first suggestion may seem overly simplistic, and yet as is often the case, the simplest things are frequently the most powerful. However you do this is not important. What is important is that you create an emotional antidote in yourself to the toxic poisoning of your planet’s emotional atmosphere.

    As hatred and intolerance increase, you must find a passage through this darkness. The simplest and most efficient way we know is for you to find the smallest things in your life that you appreciate, and to take a few moments to dwell on these feelings of appreciation throughout your day. It does not matter how small these feelings of appreciation may be. From the tiniest seeds of appreciation great things can arise. The vibratory state of appreciation, or gratitude, is an extraordinary antidote to emotional poisoning. We strongly suggest you cultivate this ally as you move through this next cycle of solar storms.

    Finally, we are offering a sound meditation based on the heart chakra. This is from a previous Hathor Intensive. The first phase of this sound meditation rotates and activates energies within the heart chakra for the purpose of clearing. The second phase of the meditation is calming and nurturing. We believe you will find this sound meditation to be another helpful ally.

    As you enter this new phase of solar storms understand that they are extraordinary opportunities for evolutionary advancement. They are also, paradoxically, fraught with dangers for devolution due to their intense nature. If you resist the energies of acceleration, you will experience great difficulties in this passage. If you embrace these energies and master them—finding a way to navigate through them with appreciation and a good dose of humor—you will find greater freedom. This freedom of which we speak is a freedom of the human spirit, mind and heart. It resides in a level of consciousness untouched by the dualities of your earthly existence.

    The Hathors"

  • Thank you poetic for a timely message.

    Went to the movie theater for the first timer in a year or so yesterday. The previews to the upcoming movies left my soul feeling assualted with the onslaught of negative energy.

    To know the reality of negative energy has a very real impact on other souls around this planet can be a distressing to the point of consumation...but to dwell is pointless.

    Thank you for the thought of focusing on the gratitude; for the pure and loving energy to be sent to these ones in a prayer of support and healingis much more to their advantage.

    Thank you for helping and supporting my soul in the whirlwind.

    Love and blessings and in apprecaition

  • The Egyptians worshipped the Hathors who worked with sound vibrations for healing

  • Yes, we have so much help here now, keep your lights on!

  • Uplifting!

  • 🙂

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