Captain i would appreaciate your help again please :)

  • Hi Captain ,

    I have been worrying about my daughter not geting into the secondary school of my choice , she can do a test to get in the school but it is very academically high and i dont want to put her through anything that might be to stressfull for her . I was wondering if you could pick up on anything regarding this situation if i am making the right descision

    Thankyou so much in advance

    Loveand light Loap:)

  • Your daughter doesn't want to go to this school - she just wants to be with her friends and be 'normal'. She will resist any change.

  • Hi Captain ,

    This is the school she really wants to go to but we are not in the zone thats what our problem is , so if we do the test she has a chance of getting in without the zoneage issue .

  • Hey Captain , it's me again you did some readings for me in regards to my photo, I need some advise again or some direction. I have been having strong feelings of going back to school and travel I have decided to go for my BA in Human Resouces to better my career chances in my current job do you think that is a good choice? I'm struggling with financial gain at times but something always comes up for me will I get a chance soon to just be financial stable for me and my girls?? and also you did a reading on my taurus that was born 4/24/83 and you were right about us having a super weird connection. he is now with his daughter's mother due to her threating him with there children with leaving the state, so he sticks around even when they have a destructive realtionship her bday is 6/6/86 is there any advice you can give he is so passive with this situation but he wants me to be there for him but I'm so head strong sometimes I come off as demanding. do you think they will last? and should I be there for him knowing how WE feel for each other? thanks again you are always so insightful Captain. hope your enjoying your day! 🙂

  • LivingonaPrayer, I really feel your daughter is only going along with what you want.

  • PassionateScorp, please start your own personal thread and I will answer you there.

  • Okay...I's under my thread called captain I need your advice...thanks.

  • Hi Captain

    Yes i feel with the test she might be going along with what i want and i dont want her to do anything that she might not be comfortable with . Do you feel i will she will get into a school she will be happy with ? And will it be the one she really wants to go to ?

  • If she really wants to get in and likes the school, she will get in. But you have to let her have some choice in the matter.

  • Ok Captain thanks for you help , i really appreacaite it

    Love and light Loap:)

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