Dream Interpretation

  • I had a dream this afternoon that was interesting just wondering what someone else might think. I often dream of being downtown, whether in a city or country town. This dream was in the downtown area of a country town where the buildings were turn of the century store front w/the windows in the front (country town.) The name of the business was The Dill Pickle. I was inside the building and it was painted in lite green. Nothing had been touched in a long time there was dust on just about everything. A lot of old things, antiques. There was a black lady maybe in her 30's or 40's preparing, canning vegetables. There was a Hispanic guy there about the same age. There was no air conditioning and it was hot. The Hispanic guy looked at me said nothing but had a very proud look on his face. He took out a long knife and made paper thin cuts along his face. Although this did not scare me and he said nothing, it was understood that the reason that he did this was so he could sweat more. The cuts did not bleed. They both seemed to be dressed in the era of around 1900-1920.

  • I think this may be a call toward relieving some stress. I have been doing a lot with Feng Shui, and if I may, I'll approach the dream in that regard. Green is health and family, and you may want to try some things to upgrade or activate this area of the bagua in your home. Try bringing in more of the wood element in your home, such as plants. Check your health and family bagua location and see if all is in order here. Get rid of clutter or dust, or death images. You can place a crystal here to activate the positive chi coming into your life. Also check children and creativity, the element is metal. If any of these issues ring true, then you may want to upgrade or activate this area of the bagua as well. I am so into Feng Shui these days, that its messages often come up in my dreams. I hope this helps you. Aventurine (semi-precious gemstone) can help bring out emotional issues.

  • I was trying to find answers last nite so I looked up cutting in regards to sweating. A procedure can be done to help eliminate excessive sweating by cutting certain nerves--interesting.

    I may have a health issue, I will know later next month as I have to have some tests run. I am prone to get fibrous tumors. I am under stress at this time (not because of health.)

    What is interesting is that I have a yard lite that has never worked for me. For some reason, yesterday it started working shortly after I woke up. Maybe it'll start working now.

    Do you think that spirits of those passed contacted me.

  • I am going to ask some old-timers in the town where I think the dream correspondents to if they know about a general store there at the turn of the century.

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