Shuabby your input required please

  • Morning Shuabby,

    Hope all is good with you.

    Your readings appear to be spot on for the querents and I wondered if you'd do me the honour of reading for me please..

    My birthday is 24 November 1959 and thus far 2012 has not been a particularly good year for me with health, financial and love problems. Hopefully you can see this turning around positively for me soon. Also have been extremely worried and upset for my son (01 May 1984) who lives in Dubai with me as he's finding it increasingly difficult to acquire employment. Worrying for myself as well because when his savings are depleted I will have to 100% financially support him and money is a little tight as it is now but I won't send him back to UK - there's nothing back there for him.

    Thanks in advance Shuabby and have a lovely day

    YB x

  • yummybrummy

    I feel you are in transition of starting a new cycle in life at this time and what you have been unable to let go of, is now being forced on you to do so. Your health is emotions related due to stress and I feel some pain in the knees and back area (lower). Do you walk with a cane? Relief is on the way when you deceide to take a new direction is what I get for you in the work area. Do you work with dirt ? I know this sounds strange but what I get is a picture of your hands in dirt. A flower house is here like working with flowers in some way.

    Your money will have a stronger flow in the late summer and you will move house also. It feels like a smaller place but somehow it is better for you and your son. I see it as being in a hilly area , sand and beach nearby. The landlord will be a man and he is easy to get on with.

    Your son needs to become a handi-man for a while until a job that he likes will open for him. He likes freedom and feels to want to be his own boss. He will have to earn that calling in life and take things one step at a time. He may become an auto garage owner 2-3 years down the road is what I receive for him. You will make a good friend or two coming in the next few months, one a woman , another a man with dark hair and eyes and he laughs and loves life and will help you to begin to blossom out more into the sunshine of love and life once again.

    Life is on the upswing for you dear , hang in there.


  • Thank you Shuabby, funnily enough I have been having a few problems with my knees which are slightly arthritic but fortunately do not yet have to depend on a cane. No problems with my back that I'm currently aware of. Has been more of a stomach problem and it's been detected that I have a gallstone which needs to be removed. I don't personally work with dirt but I do work for a construction industry so perhaps that's where you're seeing that, although I'm very rarely out on site - this causes resentment as I detest being stuck in the office all day 5 days a week. Am so desperate for a change of employment and one where the money is a blessed relief too.

    Am concerned now regarding my son as he's more academic than a 'handyman' type. He's seeking a Maths/Physics teacher position out here and to be honest I think I'd be more informed of changing a plug than him so can't really see him running a garage. Still we shall see.

    Would be nice to eventually fall in love again, I know this is something we all aspire towards, so I shall take your valuable advice and hang on in there 🙂

    Thank you again Shuabby the above is much appreciated and have a lovely day.

    YB x

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