Hi Astra, glad to see you back! May I have a reading from you again?

  • some update, astra -- im meeting this boss on Sat... Will things go well? How will he think of me after talking to me? Maybe you can give me some insight 😉 thanks. im quite nervous to be honest. ha

  • "do you see if he will break the ice soon?"

    3 cards, first card turned over is the Hierophant so that is yes right away... next card 2 of pentacles so movement.. Judgment, phase change - this all adds up to yes (to me).

    by saying, "i wanna fly to LA to see u"?

    Wheel of fortune, 2 of swords, 2 of wands.

    yeah that is totally what he will say. totally.

    "not sure what's on his mind right now altho i do feel he has interest in me.."

    well, let's take a peek shall we?

    9 of pentacles, 7 of cups, 6 of pentacles. um, yes, well he does seem to be dreaming of you (7c) and that he would love see translated into the 9 pentacles, (which is something a little more comfortable) and the 6 of pentacles, which is sharing and giving and receiving.

    "at this point, i wanna get married. with who?"

    7 of wands, 3 of cups, 10 of cups. I would look for a guy with dreams of love, and with a big smile on his face through tears and someone in the midst of a transition in their feelings. Does that sound more like your ex? Is he kinda emotional person? Maybe that is why is off away for now, working out that///

    "i donno.. still have time to figure him out.. could be my ex, this vegas dude or some other guy.. I donno. Up in the air. Im curious to know if magic happens in the next few months ?"

    3 of pentacles, 10 and 3 of cups, the tower. It looks likely to me, what do you think? 10+3 = 13, the number of a goddess. THe Tower seems to me a sign of intensity, passion, dramatic coupled with all this...

    "That someone I love/will love proposes? if yes.. whats the chance of me getting married this yr?"

    Page of swords, 6 of wands, 9 of cups.

    Pretty dawg gone good.:-)

    Okay hll, does that help? marriage, wow that is intense. very important to you then.

    i still have something in me that says marriage can (and was always meant to) be the most wonderful, amazing, fantastic, tender, communicative, close and kind experience anyone can ever have.

    a real foundation to build a family upon. that is just me though.

    hey i hope you are having a wonderful week... in spite of the boys! whatever they are up to who knows...

    love, astra

  • Ha didnt expect to hear frm you today. You made my evening 😉 Thank you, Astra!

    From the cards you pulled, it seemed so positive regarding the marriage issue. Yah, will see how it turns out.

    hey, astra, can you please do a reading about the meeting on Sat as I mentioned in my previous post on this page? Thanks!

  • Astra, I told you about this guy friend who is helping me with finding a job.. Last time, I asked you if I can hear frm him soon, you said probably not. which is true. I havent heard from him for ages! ahh driving me crazy. Last time, he told me to give him a call to catch up, and i did and left him a voicemail. He never called back. Guess he was bz at work.. Hmm what's his attitude on helping me at this point? Has he contacted his network to try to get me a job yet? Shall I still count on him?

  • Hey hll

    You are always welcome!

    Okay we can look at this meeting and see how it goes...

    "im meeting this boss on Sat... Will things go well?"

    9 of wands, 7 of wands, and 5 of swords.

    This looks nice to me.

    9 of wands I am taking as indicating the divine guiding things. The Universe has a wonderful hand in the meeting! The 7 of wands is very mystical and nice, dreamy. and the 5 of swords being a change of thinking in some area. So I see this as showing a wonderful meeting, with some dream/imagination energy as to roles and such, and leaving with some changes in thinking. Sounds productive.

    "How will he think of me after talking to me?"

    THe Hermit, 8 of wands and the 7 of swords.

    Sounds like he reflects back on the meeting, the 8 wands is a very beautiful and full role energy, so that seems like he can really see your fit into the setting... and the 7 swords being another mystical energy of thinking, so some pondering of the future here. So extending out the meeting...

    I think it will be very nice experience for you.

    Then your other situation, with your friend helping you find a job/...

    "what's his attitude on helping me at this point?"

    6 of pentacles, Ave of Cups, and the 10 of Cups.

    WOw hll, that looks really like a nice attitude to me haha.. 6 pentacles is all about helping and sharing resources, that is great and the Ace cups and 10 cups really has love written all over it. Is this anotther guy? SO this is another male friend in addition to your Ex and the guy in Vegas? This guy looks like he would like to help you with other things to haa...

    "Has he contacted his network to try to get me a job yet?"

    The Sun, the 7 of pentacles, the Devil. Oh my, I am not sure... Sun is nice and the 7 is mystical and the Devil can be seen as boundaries so I dunno... I think he has delayed... what do you think?

    "Shall I still count on him?"

    9 of swords, The emperor, the 8 of cups. These are all very solid and mature energies to me so I would say yes. This looks very trustworthy. The 9 of swords has some "divine" (best for all kinda thing) thinking connected. Emperor has 8 wands (mature identity roles) plus ace pentacle which is a nice sign of a beginning materially. Use your own judgment though this is simply what these energies seem to say to me.

    Okay hll hope you are having nice time down there. Are you near the beach? Maybe I already asked, that's one thing that doesn't grow as well up here are palm trees. The winter snowstorms stunt their growth and the coconuts mature a lot slower.


  • Happy Friday, Astra! Thanks for the reading. wow as always, you nailed it. so accurate on the 3rd guy. okay, lets call this male friend my 3rd guy. lots of cups about him huh. well, which is true.. he has always liked me.. wanted to date me. the problem is he is not living in LA. he lives in Seattle, and I know he's a playboy. So I am never really interested. Based on what you said about him, I guess I will have to bother him again.. thinking about doing it early next week. So may I ask if I can get any good news/update on the job hunt from him in the next couple weeks?

    Glad to know the meeting tmr will probably be a good one. I am quite nervous... meeting him at 11am and it's like one hr and a half drive for me.. too early for a weekend morning. I will ask you more question about this after meeting him.. maybe I will have a long term workin potential with him...

    To answer your question, yes, I live close to the beach, 4 miles away. But I dont go to the beach much. Too spoiled by southern Cali. dont appreciate the water that much anymore 😜

    Do you watch TV? I love Suits on USA. Season 2 just started last night. LOVE it! Maybe you wanna check it out in case you never heard of this show. Good one 😉

    Thanks for the reading, Astra. Your readings somehow calm me down. Much much appreciated. Wish u a great weekend ahead! xx

  • Hi hll

    Hope your weekend is nice....

    okay... "So may I ask if I can get any good news/update on the job hunt from him in the next couple weeks?"

    3 of swords. a "planning" energy related to intellectual things...

    Strength. This is a very male 'acting' energy centered around an emotional beginning in some way.

    And the 4 of swords which is intellect foundations.

    So some planning and foundations (intellectually) and a card of action (3+3 pentacles + ace cups) surrounding an emotional beginning. All in all this sounds like a yes. I am trying to steer clear of the "traditional" tarot card meanings, once things get etched in stone I tend to avoid that. Best to stay flexible (thinking abou that trad 3 of swords being sorta dreary. 🙂

    Okay on the TV show, I generally don't watch it much except sometimes my daughter will be watching a real housewives or something,... i find myself watching it against my better judgement haha///

    I will see about that show though, I have not heard of it.

    THe beach sounds nice I keep wanting to get to one somehow, maybe taking a trip to WA coast next week for a campout that would be nice. To see the ocean again (although some palm trees one day would be really nice! 🙂

    blessings and happiness


  • Hi Astra,

    I feel so low tonight. just finished talking to my gal on the phone.. Now I am seeking your help. Its about my ex.. It has been 6 weeks since I broke up with him.. I dont think he still wants me back. Think about it - If he did, why hvsnt he made any move yet? Forget his ego or his "I promise" issue. If he really wanted to give it another shot, he would have contacted me.. 6 weeks is pretty long.. doesnt he care if I moved on and started to meet other guys? If he did care, he wouldnt wait for so long! just doesnt make sense to me.. You get what I m trying to say here, right? So I don't think at this point, he still wants to be with me.. Maybe you can pull a few cards on this? What's his attitude on getting me back? Does he still want that? How does he feel about me? If yes, will he initiate a conversation soon? Or is he still "challenging" me to see if I would contact him first? What's the future for us at this point? Awww, Astra, please help me! AND im really curious to know... is he seeing other women?

    As for the meeting, as you said, it went VERY well. This boss likes me a lot - I could totally feel his energy.. I think I will get to work with him.. I feel bad that I didnt get to talk about the salary with him. And he didnt mention it either. Maybe he thought is a little bit too early? So astra, do you see if he's a generous boss? Will I get my initial payment from him sometime soon?

    And as for the vegas boy, I havent heard from him for two days. Its okay. I feel like my energy is going to my ex... Call me stupid.

    Oh, did you mean to say the real housewives of blabla show? ha. I LOVE them too! the real housewives of OC/beverly hills/NYC. all good! Yah, make sure check out the Suits on USA every Thursday night. It's pretty decent. And I hope you get to see ocean real soon! I have lived in LA for 5 yrs.. And I have never swim in SoCali..

    Anyway, I am loooking forward to hearing from you soon, Astra! Now, I totally regret I dumped him. how stupid... Last thing, Astra, thanks for listening to my story. Much appreciated.

  • Hll,

    "I dont think he still wants me back. Think about it - If he did, why hvsnt he made any move yet?"

    Maybe it is not time yet for him to do anything.

    "6 weeks is pretty long.. doesnt he care if I moved on and started to meet other guys? If he did care, he wouldnt wait for so long! just doesnt make sense to me"

    Sure he may care and it still may not be time yet for him to reach out to you. THere could be a lesson in patience here, or learning to see beyond situations and focus on our hearts.

    "You get what I m trying to say here, right? "

    I totally get what you are trying to say here and nothing that is "happening" with or without him has any real bearing on anything. All that matters is stay centered on your heart and the nice happy feelings for him... use a little creative imagination... LIVE in the happiness now with him in your heart and envisioning (that is a facility human beings used to use once upon a time called fantasizing about life and then watching is happen)...

    "Maybe you can pull a few cards on this? What's his attitude on getting me back? Does he still want that? How does he feel about me? If yes, will he initiate a conversation soon? Or is he still "challenging" me to see if I would contact him first? "

    hll... ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH....

    Excuse me but these are the same exact questions i have seen thousands of time on this forum and I am getting bored with the same questions... the Tarot is not a divining tool you can't see into the future with it. We are making that stuff up. You really think the Universe would disclose what the future holds for us? That affects causality and then we would go nowhere. It is NOT KNOWING that is what we should be pursuing with one another - not knowing.

    Sri.. yeah sure I can look at some cards on him... what is he thinking... you know how little of a difference that will make for you? None. Your ONLY path is to follow your heart and wait it out. You still like / love your ex, awesome. Focus on all of the good things there and let the Universe bring you two together in the right and sweet way again... the product of faith not fear.

    I am taking a break from this forum for a while. I am taking a different approach (maybe) that has nothing to do with fortune telling... it has EVERYTHING to do with growing up in light and happiness in spite of what some guy / gal is / isn't doing.

    The only issue that complicates matters is biology, child bearing. Is that what you are after? You want to have kids with some guy? Maybe you need to clarify your goals hll... I can help you with that/// as for the fortune telling..... there are a lot of other readers happy here to do that....

    Hope you get where I am coming from... this is supposed to be fun, and the fortune telling is not always fun for me... like I really want to keep putting my speculations out there to be proven or disproven by actual events. Ugh! I have better things to do... like do paintings on the backs of cereal boxes haha....

    Maybe I just need a break from all this... it was fun at first... now it is becoming work and it doesn't pay a penny... so I think I will focus on other 'fun' things for a while...

    OKay on the TV shows... I think I will focus on that for a while.. hahaha.... or make my own show...

    Here is a card for you...

    6 of Wands... that is a pretty nice card to just pop up like that hll... I will tell you one thing my dear, the Universe HAS NOT forgotten you and one way or the other you will find every happiness and more than you have ever dreamed of.... were I there at your side I would point out some pretty clouds in the sky to you and say...

    "...you see? there is your reading hll... those angels... and that kitty cat... and those faces of love and concern... and love from above wrapping around you and lifting you into some place... nicer...."

    That is the kind of reading I want.



  • Hi Astra, Thanks for the words. It gave me a lot to think about. Your absoulutely right. I shouldnt have turned to tarot cards on every corner I encounter. I should just do what you said that embrace what's unknowing in front of you, rather than finding them out ahead. Thanks for the advice. It's a good hit for me 😃 Much appreciated!!! Time to forget the boys and focus on my own. my goal now is not fall in love at this moment. Too scared to have a broken heart. Anyway, thanks for your nice sugguestion. I hope you do well with your painting, and you enter the college that you want. xx

  • Hey hll,

    Hey I was a little abrupt there in that last reading I apologize. I think the Tarot (and the readings) touch on my own issues and I can get a little emotional as a result. Anyway, I needed a little break I guess... however, you should absolutely chase the boys and I should be chasing the girls, that is what we are meant to do is play haha.. I am adjusting in some areas I am sure... maybe I need to play more myself...

    I made this little 7 card oracle deck (pic below) would you be interested in playing with that? I have been combining Tarot and this little deck to get combined readings which seem to show light in some new ways... maybe// .. I also grabbed a $1 flash card deck of words from Wal Mart yesterday and have been using that to string together a word/sentence reading with the tarot, its cool!

    Like, I just did this reading... for me. The words in ( ) are the flash cards I draw during the reading.

    2 of Wands

    2 of Pentacles


    Queen of Swords

    The Devil


    6 of Cups

    (And the CONTINUE card from my new 7 card oracle deck courtesy of my darling angel from whom all blessings flow 🙂

    So there is this 2 wands/2 pents energy I am working with (role affirmation and a material affirmation or move), and that WENT (so that tends to accentuate the

    This Queen (she must be a person in my life, I see this card often) of Swords is working with some boundary/limits or she is seeing how far she can go beyond the limits haha... outer limits...


    So the TOO carries over the 2 wands/2 pents meaning from the previous.... so she is affirming an identity also... and also looking at a physical affirming step...

    The 6 of cups is a nice emotional setting that is next apparently... and the CONTINUE card says that these energies are now flowing, continuing on. So the sense is to simply continue whatever is happening and stay alert.

    We could look in more detail then at a love situation...

    I think the deal is hll... that the way the Tarot is supposed to work is that we should be having a dialogue about the results and not simply the "reader" giving answers, you know? The answers/insight/guidance or whatever comes from both. Ideally there is more back and forth... then the reader doesn't feel put on the spot ... I think I struggle with that responsibility (that no one needs) to be correct. It is all play and fun and as long as it is in that light then it is all wonderful and I think in that case any question is aok...

    I drew some card combinations for you and that is the

    (KNOW) card

    Page of Swords (taking intellectual risk)

    6 of Cups (that is a nice energy again)

    (CONTINUE) card

    So similar energies with you as well.. you are wanting to KNOW something (in order to?) take some sort of risk in your thinking...

    Leads to a 6 of Cups (you could be thinking about a lovely emotional setting>?)

    and the CONTINUE card is saying keep doing what you are doing its working for your path/purpose/desire/plans ...

    Hope your Friday is nice!


  • Hi Astra,

    I haven't been on here since you left. Didnt expect to see your response. Oh yah! Thanks! Your new cards look awesome. I have always wanted to know.. Hmm what's the difference between oracle cards and other tarot cards? I understand what you said about the reading responsibility. I didn't expect anyone to be accurate as we all have feel wills. Things may change.. Who knows. What I liked about your readings is you give good advice and insights. I like how you read the cards.. Twisting the traditional meanings. On top of that, your freakingly accurate. I must have to say - your very talented!

    I mean I didn't mean to ask you all the stupid questions over and over again. Sometimes I felt like I was looking for someone I could talk to. A little peek into the future is wonderful, but your words are always insightful. I felt like I was talking to a life coach 🙂

    Hey, thanks for the reading, Astra. Just so u know, my ex contacted me yesterday and I met him tonight. Well, he's still he. He didn't say he wanted m back, but he kept telling how happy he was to see me and things like that.. And of course I was playing cool. This guy has a hard time speaking his mind.. Maybe he's afraid. Anyway, it's a nice emotional release for me... Yesterday, when I got the call from him, your words suddenly came to my mind. Yes, your right - the god hasn't forgotten me yet.. So thank you, Astra. I truly appreciate your generous help.. You helped me going thru the hard times... Thank you!!! I hope ur doing good. And yah, TGIF although I'm not working 😉

  • Hi, yall! I've been checking out this thread - Hll that is amazing he came to you! and good for you - and Astra (Hi, you!)...for such good advice. I find in matters of uncertainty waiting is often the best action, and yet the hardest.

    I got oracle cards the other day - Earth Magic - they are beautiful. I'll be interested in what Astra has to say....

    Anyway, the reason I jumped in was to say hello, and also I wrote a whole article on tarot cards and choices. The cards are many things, a subconcious reflection of our conciousness,and unconciousness, a story told in pictures, numerology, symbology....but I believe they are mostly an in this moment with these exact circumstances, if you continue to do exactly what you are thinking of doing...with no other outside influences....this is your most probable result. And that result is a lot like a slot machine, no where near 100%, but sometimes you're going to hit the jackpot.

    For me they are like signs and portents and I especially pause when I see a clear Nooooooo reading, and they are what resonate with me.

    Someone else might be able to simply ask a question, open a random book and find their answer there. Or perform a simple ceremony, leave a note under their pillow and dream their answer.

    All ways of getting in touch with our guides, our self that includes but is larger than our physical being and opening ourselves to the guidance.

    I hope you both find yourselves surrounded by love and many, many positive choices in the near future!

  • Hi There, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. much appreciated! and thanks for your nice words too! I hope your doing good 😉

    back to my ex - what confuses me all the time is this dude never speaks his mind. he has a hard time speaking whats in his heart. like when he called me thursday afternoon, all he had to say was.. ohh i was driving past by your building and i was wondering how your doing -_- and if you have got a job yet.. then he said, half of the reason me calling you is becuz i still concern you, and the other half is i forgive u. excuse me? forgive me? what did i do? damn.... why the hell cant he just say, i love you and i wanna get back?! clear and simple! anyway, i had to call him this morning to find out if he wants to get back or not... oh boy.

  • Hll, see that's the circular thing...he hooks you in, you pursue, he distances himself; and the telling you he forgive you....classical narciccism...you should look some of that stuff up it's amazing! Don't ask HIM what HE wants - ask yourself what you want? And eventually you will NOT want to keep playing this push me/pull me bs game.....

    and I hope you are being open to everyone you meet along the way - if we focus too strongly on our obsession....even if the perfect thing is right in front of us, we won't see it.

    Stay strong!

  • Hi Jliaangel,

    Thanks so much for the advice 😉 the truth is I never pursue him... I do things my way, and he has to coordinate all the time. I know he loves me, but I just dont know why he's so afraid of telling me that?! His action shows he loves me and wants to be with him.. but lack of sweet words. Am i asking too much? I dont think so. I dont wanna know what really happened in the past between him and any of his ex's.. its not my business. But I am pretty sure he was hurt and thats probably why he's so guarded.. Anyway, I dont wanna deal with this question at present. It's nice to be back with him. I dont wanna lose him anymore. But again, I stick to the rules I believe. At the same time, I will try to understand him more and be more patient...

    thanks for the response, Jlinaangel! I hope your well. 😉 Blessings.

    And hi Astra, I hope you had a great weekend. And how is playing with the cards? Having any fun? ;))

  • Hey hll

    Glad to see your ex reached out to you!

    I have been away from the forum minding my own issues for a while... and hi to Jlinaangel! Been a while since I last talked to u, hope all is well.

    So hll.. what's the latest status? Things still happening with your ex? Vegas guy, what about him?

    Thanks for your words about my efforts, I really go through the wringer once in a while over the Tarot and the occult realm... maybe its my church background... so every once in a while I pull away and it is just me and "the god" coming to terms... over and over... I grew up with countess people, adults, pastors, "elders", sunday school teachers, all telling me all the terrible things the devil is up to, especially the occult realm! Oh my! that is really evil and you will certainly go to that bad place where they have all day tanning booths, if you keep messing around with this stuff!

    I don't think God cares... have fun is all he ever says to me anymore. I kinda wonder why I had to spend so many years of my life immersed in religion, (Christianity) only to discover that the occult realm is really where God, Jesus is hanging out! I don't know WHO is hanging out there in the religious world. It is so weird to me... I guess its the same story over again... helping people can be the work of the devil! oh, to hll with it all! haha...

    Oh you asked about the oracle cards, they all work. I have some oracle decks, and like to use them once in a while. I still stick with the Tarot as the basic divining tool. Works for me.

    Let me know if you would like a reading on anything... I think I am getting out of the woods . I hope. I wear myself out sometimes with my path, trying to figure out where I should go... the Tarot is the only thing really blessing me lately. I am still painting but my heart is really not in it. I think I do it as a way to kill time more than anything. I have another stack of art I think I will light a little fire to today, unless my ex wants it all. Whatever.

    Wishing you wonderful developments in your life... you and your ex and your Vegas guy maybe all 3 of you can get together for fun.

    love and lightning,


  • just like my captain - hi astra, glad to see you back ;)))

    you really didnt have to explain yourself - I can tell your a very emotional guy that sometimes when you read for others, you get your feelings involved. It doesnt make you vulnerable - in fact, I personally think it strengthens your love energy. Your a beautiful person. And I never meant to abuse your reading offers. I truly appreciate your help very much. I also never ever judged your readings to see its accurate or not.. We all have free will! But as I said before, I like how you interpret the cards, and gaining insights into the future/present is great! to some extent, it actually prevents me from getting into a stupid/fruitless situation you know.

    yah, I do want a reading from you. Okay, I got back with my ex after he called.. things has been okay. He's still he. working a lot as always. And I try to understand him better, and not pick up a stupid fight for sure... So what do you see about our future together? Besides this general relationship reading, I have three specific questions.

    Why is he so reserved? I mean he still is not opening up, although i tried to talk to him about this issue. I dont question the fact that he loves me and wants to be with me.. Otherwise, he wouldnt have chosen to come back to me. I was thinking, well, maybe becuz of his past relationships that he was hurt? Or? I donno.. maybe the cards can help me understand better about him...

    I still havent officially met his family yet. Why is that? is he thinking its still too early? Or is his family not accept me?

    Finally, he keeps talking abt marriage!! what is his real attitude/thought on this? do you see if he proposes sometime soon? quite curious. ha..

    Astra, I am stilll looking for a job.. I am not sure if I should still count on this guy friend that I mentioned before? I emailed him last week - no response so far. Well, but it was during the july 4th holiday, so maybe he was on vac. Should I count on him getting me a job/interview? Or shall I just totally find one on my own? I am working on it, but apparently I want his help becuz he can possibly get me into a better position... Well...........

    hope I didnt ask too many questions! Thanks Astra! Cant wait to hear frm you! you made my monday! hooray!

    oh btw, vegas guy - havent heard from him for 3 weeks. guess he lost interest haha. and since i m back with my ex, i think i should move on from him... anyway, he is not for me. Oh, and your still funny as always! three of us lolol. i would be enjoying watching them punching each other's face....

  • awww astra~~~~~~

  • Hey Astra, I am not sure when I can hear from you again, but I would like to share a story with you. Hope I wont bore you ;0

    So the other day, i told my bf (yes,my bf now, not my ex anymore lol) that i was gonna meet my dad's friend who cames to the states for work, and he had a couple days off to visit me. He said, oh, do you want me to meet your dad's friend? i asked why. he said, to introduce me as your bf. See?... I said, well, its not happening until you introduce me to your family.. he then started to talk nonsense saying i met his mother before. Well, am not sure if you can recall - i actually told you this before. i dog sitted for his mom before, and briefly talked to her.. hmmm maybe a couple minutes? thats it... so I wouldnt consider it an official meet! Anyway, I think I did the right thing. Apparently, he cares. but am having a hard time understanding his true intention...

    Well, hope i didnt bore you! I just wanted to provide you with some background information 😉 okay, hope your doing well. hope u figure out what you wanna do as a career asap! bless you astra! xx

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