Hi Astra, glad to see you back! May I have a reading from you again?

  • Okay, he just responded to my email saying "Yes, still in Vegas...remind me, xx(my name)?" what? he forgot me? geez

  • I would ask him "remind you what?'

    Something is going on with him materially. 7 pents and 10 pents says to me one gig ended and he is starting a new one, or is still looking (7 pents).

    Hanged man energy around him... that means he is waiting to make some kind of move. Stuck at the moment maybe. Personally I think he is excited to hear from you however he is playing it cool... 2 pentacles, more material / financial things... so material issues at the forefront for him right now. Maybe a friend he hasn't spoken to in a long time catches him at just the right moment of greatest need?

    Who else do you have in your little black book?... hahaha

  • haha ur funny astra! i dont have any more lollol. i wish 😉

  • okay... hes quiet now after i responded to his email saying im still in LA blabla.. not sure if he went to bed already or he just lost interest in talking to me further? will i expect to hear from you again? and will we have this wonderful conversations like we had before?

    thanks Astra. you definitely made my night 😉 talk soon.

  • expect to hear frm him..

  • Okay me again. we did exchange emails back and forth for a while after i posted on this thread. now i think hes in bed. hehe. Astra, i know i asked you this before, but may i ask you again? how he feels about me at this point? any love interest?

  • Hey thats pretty cool hll... you have some communication going with him...

    I get really good vibes about him and you for some reason. He is very happy to hear from you. I drew 8 of wands which is a lot of excitement and energy all of sudden - I say he's excited about this.

    Some wounds, three swords, he has been through the wringer. Queen of Pentacles, I think that is you.

    You know I don't think he ever got over you. Maybe he still held a candle for you all this time?

    The Universe, looks like that is the case. He has love interest I would say... he still feels a X with you. Queen + Universe = connection?

    What do you think? Is that possible, based on what you know of him and the past?

    True Love will stand up to the test.

  • Thanks for the reading astra. I need some clarification if you dont mind...

    I have no doubt in ur words that you said he never got over me. Just one thing I wanna confirm - last night, when i sent him the first email, he did behave like he has no idea who hes talking to. then I had to remind him how we met.. then he responded, indeed, 100%, i remember. I was kinda mad.. as you said, he might play cool. REALLY? did he really have no idea who hes talking to in the very beginning?? i mean when he got my first email.

    anyway, we exchanged emails several times last night and he didnt respond to my last one which i figured he went to bed. he emailed me this morning around 5ish am. early bird... I didnt respond. I fee like..Okay, i have done with the first move thing. i dont want him to feel like im chasing him. now its your turn. do you see if he makes any move later?

    hmm it sounds a lot of drama haha. looking forward to your insight! thanks astra! what are u doing today btw?

  • hll

    Hey, I am not doing much. just got through playing this keyboard i plunk around with... looking out a pretty, sunny day...

    and I just returned from painting a little sidewalk acrylic painting... can't believe I am still doing that...

    Okay, lets look closer at this guy! So you are wondering about his apparent uncertainty who he was talking to? Maybe the connection wasn't good. 🙂 You said even he didn't know it was you in the email? Hmm... not sure...

    Seven of Wands does show just that though, imagining who the identity is?

    Two of Pentacles looks like moves to me... at least that card traditionally has been associated with possible movement (journeys and such). So yeah this could be he acts in some way.

    it does sound like drama. The Devil... sounds dramatic to me...

    Eight of wands shows some quick energies. Eights are organizing... so there is some drama story something being worked out... I think it sounds like fun!

    What do you see? What does your intuition tell you about him?

  • Hey Astra, maybe u should share with us your paintings! im sure they are as cool as your 😉 And I always wish I could paint. My hands are just useless..

    Well, what should I say about our connection. We only dated for a few days! I met him online, and we decided to exchange emails, and then phone calls. After a few days, he offered to fly to LA to see me. Apparently, during the dinner, I said sth that was very stupid, and he felt offended, then he decided to call it off. So actually we never really started! very brief! but we did have good communications back. I dont blame him for not remembering my name, as it was just a few days. and it has been more than 2 yrs. But he did remember who I am, just not my name.. from his words i figured.

    so from your words, i assume he will contact me again/?making some move on his own?

  • Hmm, you only dated a few days? for some reason it seemed to me your being together was longer.

    Queen of Wands. I guess that's you in this relationsihp.

    Ace of Pentacles so that is some beginning physically. So that is like the physical he remembers and didn't have the name for the queen.

    Three of Pentacles is planning, he may be trying to decide the best way to reach to you? Txts emails are so distancing. He sounds like the kinda guy that is willing to get on a plane to see someone.

    The Lovers card there... so something is cooking for sure between you two, that is something...

    5 of Wands... ugh, that is self-identity adjustments. That is sorta indecisive identity / role issues...

    Then the Wheel of Fortune so it looks like he does choose to move past the indecision and he spins the wheel to see what happens... so I would say your communication with him should get better... who knows maybe he'll take a plane to see you.

    On the painting, here is a little sketch from yesterday, 12 x 9 on some box cardboard. they are loose little renderings from life.

    Hope your Sunday is nice ...

  • Hi Astra,

    I like your painting. I like the fact you painted on a box cardboard! pretty cool! thanks for sharing it with me 😉

    As for the guy, I havent heard from him yet. will simply wait. if it happens, it happens.

    I do have a question about my finance. its getting real bad these days, and I concern a lot. I just started a side project. Am wondering if I can make some money from it? Im not hoping to make enough to totally support myself, but at least it can ease the burden for a little bit.. What you think? And at the same time, I just hope i can get a job as soon as possible. finger crossed.! Thank you.

    Hope your having a good Sunday also.

  • Astra,

    So my bf/ex still hasnt contacted me yet. what is he thinking these days about us? is it over? Maybe its time to totally give up on him? and focus on this guy? I am torn. ehh. feel awful. Maybe you can shed some light on this issue. thanks.

  • Hi hll,

    Well thanks for the art comments. I just got back from doing another of these studies... still undecided on the whole art journey. I think it may be crossing my path for some reason. 😞

    So... let's see about your ex/bf...

    Drew the Queen of Pentacles and at first I am thinking he is preoccupied with work. Then, the 7 of Cups, then the 2 of cups. So looking at this together it does seem like he is daydreaming of some emotional options... 2 of cups looks like a relationship he is seeing developing... is it all a dream for him?

    And the emperor sounds like work... he could be at work daydreaming about love, and a relationship!...

    I asked is he thinking about you and drew the Star card, that is nice. And the Queen of Wands so that is perhaps how he sees you?

    I drew a 7 pentacles which I am ignoring, I think that is some work related things he is dealing with which we are not interested in - at the moment.

    Wheel of Fortune, so yes he has set something in motion and is wondering where it will stop.



    Four of Wands (life).

    Did he set something in motion with you? I am wondering about that Wheel with you and him.

    Seven of cups again... more daydreaming on the job...

    six of pentacles, ugh more work nonsense... Knight of swords, he is focusing with his mind, the reading is over haha...

    Okay hll... I don't know about him... mixed bag between work and a lot of love daydreams, I think they are about you. Queen of wands again so that seems to be a yeah! from the spirits.

    So, what about the guy in Vegas? King of pentacles... eight of wands could be message from him or he buys a plane ticket to come see you...

    Do you have a person in your life who you really feel close to? Do you feel like you have not found him yet? I would look inside and see who you would really like to see something happen with.... that is where love begins! Yay! then the Universe loves to weave lovely stories for you... and before you know it you the dream becomes real... i love how simple that is, life should be simple hll! don't you think? Fairies and dreams! Playful mirth at midnight! Mysterious love...

    Okay back to the cards I will drift up into space and never come back hahah....

    Seven of Pentacles. I think that means take a break. Okay hll, hope that was of interest for you... maybe I will keep working at the painting.. .try something different maybe flowers...baby ducks.... lady bugs...

    hope your week is going well! I just got off the phone with the college I applied to - they want MORE money before they will even let me talk to a counselor! whatever... I am ready to start my own college.... haha...

  • Hi Astra,

    thanks for the reading and telling me what your going on. you seem to be a very optimistic person. I know life must be tough for you.. well, to some extent. I appreciate that u just laugh at it, and keep doing what u passionate about. Thats nice. im sure life will be eventually in favor of you!

    Back to my men story lol. First, my ex. i think i should officially call him my ex as we havent spoken for almost a month! wow time flies! how crazy it is! I am sure as you said, he's all over his work - thats what he did when we were together. i think the reason he didnt wanna make the first move is probably becuz of his ego. when we were together, whenever we fought, usually he's the one who came to me trying to make peace. and last time when i broke up with him, he said that i will never bother you again. i promise. I thought its funny. For some reason, I knew he would come talk to me again. Otherwise, he didnt have to say it to me. Ppl dont make a promise if they really mean it. right? at least thats all I feel about it. Plus, it wasnt the first time he said "i will never bother you again", however, it was the first time, he added "i promise". okay, lots of drama. didnt mean to bother you, astra. Im not sure if i should give up on him as I do have other interest in mind... however, if he comes back to me, and makes me feel that he really does wanna be with me, im more than happy to give it another shot. Otherwise, why should I bother?

    As for the vegas man, oh boy!! he's tortouring me ! it has been 3 days since we talked, and i already getting impatient. why hasnt he contacted me yet? lol i feel uneasy! no emails frm him whatsoever. not sure what hes up to? bz working? thinking of a plan contacting me? or just making a decision on if he should approach me or not? ahhh im not good at chasing a man. and i dont think women should ever do that! let the man be the hunter! come on! haha. maybe you can tell me what he's thinking now?

    hey astra, as I said last night. i just started a new side project trying to make some money to support myself, so i dont have to totally depend on my family these days. a client contacts me just now. he wants to meet up to see if we can make a deal. shall i go for it? will i make money from this client? and will i generate money for myself from this project in general?

  • Seven of Pentacles. I think that means take a break.

    Does this mean I should be patient with the vegas guy ?

  • Just some update!! He emailed me one hr ago saying what's up

    In La today. Ha good sign. Astra, your reading is accurate 🙂

  • Hi hll...

    Hey that is pretty awesome that you received something from him! hey that is great!

    So your ex... it does sound like there were some conflicts there when he is promising something and yet he still felt a need to reach out to you? He should have kept his word and left you alone as long as he was really serious. Maybe he wasn't serious? Looking at some cards...

    Two of Pentacles, King Cups and 4 of Pentacles, he must be this king of cups then. Emotional, passionate, prone to some exagggerations perhaps.... the 4 sounds like stability though. I think he must really still feel a connection with you hll... it isn't that he is flaky or doesn't know how to keep his word, and leave you alone... there must be something there that compels him to you. The Sun card... so somehow with you things must be sunny and bright. He is drawn to that flame.

    Still... not sure all of that emotional drama is really what you need right now? I were you? I'd focus your energies on this Vegas dude... he is responding! This ex of yours is a loose cannon it looks like to me. Maybe he'll come back, who knows. The two of pentacles does show some possible movement on his part... and Six of Cups... hmm, he must still feel this nice thing with you (this is memories of love). Should he re enter your life, I would ask him "why are you still bothering me, you promised!" Make him explain haha...

    As for your Vegas guy, seven pents and queen swords and queen wands... so he is imagining something to do with female(s) that is pretty clear... imagination of the physical kind. Not sure that this is really about work...

    THat is cool you are hearing from him though, I hope that continues! Maybe you can work something out there who knows, and your 'ex' can take a number haha.... I do believe your ex really cares about you though... not sure why he is out of your life right now. Maybe the Universe said "you know what... hll deserves better!" and arranged the vegas man to show up ...again.

    xx astra

  • Hi Astra, thanks for the reading as always... I do have strong feelings for my ex, and part of me still wanna be with him. i think whatever you said about his feeling is true. He liked to be around me. I think one of the reasons that he's reluctant to contact me is becuz of his "promise". He's a very aggressive cocky man at work, and I am sure he doesnt wanna lose face to me.. especially it had already happened! Now am curious to know... does he now regret saying "I will never bother you again. I promise"?

    your words about the vegas guy makes me wondering... wait, does he just want a physical relationship with me? like some kind of fling? or is he looking for a serious relationship? rather than friends with benefits that sort of thing? I donno.. Maybe you can tell me. Well, if he's looking for fling, im done. hmm he doesnt seem to be that kind of person tho.

    Astra, I am meeting a boss on thursday.. discussing some potential part time job. what you think? will i get it? making some money?

    i hope your having a good day so far. LA is pretty hot today.. by my standard. ha

  • and I am also curious to know about this vegas guy. what was his intention to contact me again? does he actually try to see if we can develop some kind of relationship?

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