Hi Astra, glad to see you back! May I have a reading from you again?

  • Then you asked...

    "...since I have been unemployed for so many months since I finished school, my financial situation is getting really ugly. i really need to work to make money ASAP.. Do you mind doing a general reading regarding my money issue in June? better?"

    Okay, let's open out June for you. It is interesting that you saw some correlation with the cards and your days... I never do that sort of thing when I read cards for me... anyway... let's see...

    I laid out 30 cards like the month of June and I will comment on the days and let's see how that goes.

    June 1 - 3 : You are very focused on self image issues, so this could be a time where you are meeting people, having to present yourself in some way.

    4 - This Tuesday you seem kinda drained intellectually. LIke whatever went on has left you needing a break. This would be a good day to do something nice and relaxing just for you.

    5 - Something pops up related to work on this day. In any case it sounds like good news, although what exactly isnt clear. It gives hope and yet has something unanswered.

    6, 7, 8 - These days are sorta intense. I almost want to say that there are more meetings or something, These are cards of waiting, then acting, then agreeing to something. It almost sounds like a job offer or more mtgs with someone relate to work.

    9 - another day of thinking about your job/finances. today is a day of something changing financially for you.

    10, 11, 12 these are very emotional days. I think somethings going on here about your emotional life that is fun... fool, two of cups... knight of cups... you could be having a party here haha...

    13, 14, 15, 16, 17 - The tower - a company in a skyscraper? then the page of swords, then the hermit, then the page of pentacles (sat). then the 10 of pentacles

    I think you are working again here. Think about it. The Tower represents the "big company" like a tower. Then the page of swords, you are learning the ropes it is a little nervous? Then the Hermit, like your own office or space that is 'yours'. Then the Page of pentacles on sat and then Ten of Pentacles on sunday, maybe you have some dough already! Dare you spend it! Enjoy your weekend!

    Then Monday the 18 is the Moon so more "being led" energies... then

    19 - Ace of cups something nice happens to you and it is emotionally sweet, Maybe flowers at work!

    20 queen of wands, so your identity is working for you here, and you are feeling really nice about yourself and life.

    21, 22 more emotional energies, adjusting and 6's which are nice, So something emotional (that has been going on) is adjusted today and the 23rd. Maybe you have a heart to heart to the guy in your next cubicle who you just met, that a dozen red roses on your 4th day at work (it looks like you started on the 13th with the Tower card) was a little over the top for cubby-mates. He smiles and agrees, thus begins a nice friendship at work. Who says you can't mix business and pleasure?

    23, 24 - more nice pentacles (ace) and the Universe on Sunday, seems like you are really settling in to your new groove, There is income, and there are ways to put that to use.

    25, a monday, You are feeling a little "so-so" today, it happens...

    26 a Tuesday and it is nice, something again today unexpected that leaves you really feeling nice and happy about how things are going for you... these can't be from your cubby-mate after your little talk could it?... there is no name... anonymous gift? Hmm... you'll have to think about this one...

    27, 28 very solid pentacles days. something surprising that turns out to be a nice perk for you arrives on your desk. You make some sort of grade, or pass something that opens up something more substantial financially.

    29 Friday, something you are changing your thinking about, it goes on into

    30 Saturday - with some organizing in your thinking. I think this fri and sat you are thinking of making some changes at home, like arranging something differently? Your month ends on a nice saturday where you are thinking, hey that tarot reader was right... June turned out to be wonderful!

    Hey hll. I do see your June will be really grand! I saw work coming in on that Tower day, 13th, (13 is the number of a goddess), and I can't think of a more deserving person to see a magical breakthrough in her finances!

    We'll believe together for something wonderful coming for you in your $$$$ life... we don't want to see any more "ugliness" in your life, you deserve better. I would hire you. Only trouble is, I don't have a company or any income coming in the door to afford payroll haha....

    how does all that sound? I am just trying things here... astra

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  • thanks so much Astra!! I didnt expect you would be so generous doing a whole month for me!! made my night ;)!!!! words cant express how grateful I am! Knowing june will be better makes me smile! May has been hard for me... even up to now. I am really looking forward to receiving some good new over the weekend. finger crossed! I will copy and paste your june reading to my iphone and read it over and over again 😉 Thank you thank you! I am not sure what you have been thru this week, but it sounded kinda tough for you too? I hope you have better days ahead of you! and you sure deserve it! blessings!

  • hi Astra,

    I still have some confusion from your earlier post. Maybe you can help 😉 thanks

    "is it possible for me to get an interview with K company? Any insight would be appreciated. "

    The Tower. Hmm... is it a business in a high rise? nine of wands... identity solid and strong... and an Ace of Wands.

    yes, its a big company located in a highrise downtown LA 😉 I am kinda confused here. first card you drew here was the tower. generally speaking, its not a good sign answering my question, right? Its like the tower is equal to NO. right? if thats the case, can you please pull a couple more cards to see if i can get an interview with K in June or July? Thanks for the tips. I will see if i can make changes on my resume and CL.

    Astra, I havent heard from my bf yet! not sure his attitude regarding contacting me? does he want to contact me at this point? or does he actually wait for me to make the first move? (which is impossible on my end..) or does he think its the end of our story? I donno.. confused. your thoughts pls? Thanks! Always looking forward to your guidance!

  • Hey hll

    Please don't "count" on anything I say as guidance... I am simply sharing what comes to mind based on the questions and the cards. So please always listen to what you hear inside of you, not me.

    My view on the TAROT is that the cards can mean anything you want them too. There are "traditions" of their meanings, however I think we always want to think up some fun new interpretations so we don't get stuck on one concept, you know? One meaning of The Tower is simply "what man makes" and jobs often are connected with this card.

    The tower can also be a sign of release, like something finally breaking free in your life. Say you have been searching for a job for the longest time... and nothing happens... that is like an "obstacle" in your life. A fortified tower standing against you. So in that light, to draw the Tower is a sign that whatever block or obstacle is been or in process of being cast down. Yay! That is saying yes! to breaking free of this "no job" reality and creating something new, a nice job! For you!

    I can pull some more cards they will say the same thing. I drew the knight of swords and the knight of wands both signs of FOCUS intellectually and with your self-identity (how you present yourself to people) so you will have both of these energies on tap now when you go in for that interview and you will do great. June or July. Looks like June to me (page wands risking identity... interviews you are vulnerable and you are putting your identity at risk in a way... under inspection... )

    I havent heard from my bf yet! not sure his attitude regarding contacting me?

    Five of cups, he is adjusting emotionally in some way... ten of wands, an identity issue, hesitating... and the King of wands so that is releasing energies of his identity... yeah he is going through some sort of introspective time or something. That is causing his emotional life to be changing (not pleasant sometimes) so he is more thinking about him right now, not sure what he is dealing with... could be that he just prefers to be alone right now to work through this in his own way and timing.

    does he want to contact me at this point?

    three of swords, he is thinking about it for sure. Knight of wands so more signs of his identity struggle. So he is battling between wanting to reach out to you, verses staying quiet and alone for some reason. Apparently his contacting you is pushing the envelope on this identity / role he has carved out for himself. You could be a threat to that structure so he may be in hiding.

    or does he actually wait for me to make the first move? (which is impossible on my end..)

    The Magician which is a card of comparing realities.... so this seems to show him fantasizing about you doing just that. Ace of swords, yeah that is the case. Definite yes.

    or does he think its the end of our story?

    The Tower. What do you think hll? Is that a Yes? Or a no? The future of this relationship hinges on how you answer that. I know what I would say. The Tower is liberty.

    I hope that helps clear up the confusion a little?


  • Hi astra,

    Your reading was insightful as always. Gave me a lot to think about. My last two days were like what the cards said. Emotional high. But it's nothing to do w my bf. met a new female friend n enjoyed hanging out w her. It's nice.

    I'm curious to know if I will meet any potential love interest in the next couple months? I'm thinking of joining online dating website.. If yes, what should I know abt this person ? Long term potential? Thank you 🙂

  • hello hll...

    Love interest. well let's see! A dating website could be fun for you, I guess. I have tried them and nothing much happened haha... I don't know about finding someone that way, I guess its as good an approach as any.

    Okay I'll draw some cards...

    Ace of Wands - a new you. New photo maybe for the dating sites!

    Four of cups - sounds good! Looks like you will have 4 dates pretty quick! How does that go?

    King of Swords - Yay! looks like something might work... someone...

    Page of Wands. Hmm.. back to the page and the focus is back on you, however you seem willing to take a risk now. So something happens with this King Sword and you, where you decide to trust and so that takes off very fast...

    Ten of Cups! Wow! So you get the sense of a very rapid rush of emotions in this relationship! Pretty wild is what I see! Exciting!

    Oh, and the Universe! This is looking nice to me... I don't know who or what it is yet though. Must be substantial!

    So the risk you take really turns out nice hll.

    Four of Swords. five of cups,five of wands

    Sounds like the relationship is very stable intellectually, and nicely balanced both emotionally and with the sense of self identity, roles (5-5).

    Then the Nine of Cups... I mean that's pretty sweet...

    and the seven of cups, thats dreams...

    So yes this looks like someone coming into your life. When? you probably want to know?

    I hope its a short wait for you!

    The Moon - so within the current Moon cycle is what I get. Perhaps out to 28 days. Is that too soon? We can slow it down as you like... so there is that relationship developing...

    Ten of wands... a pause, a break...

    Here is another spread, this is my look at you at this moment, 5 cards...

    Your thoughts right now - Temperance, you could be blending something, could be something in the kitchen, maybe following a recipe. It is a thought of communion somehow. sharing, you are thinking of someone you want to share with.

    Your heart right now - Six of Swords, which is a very calm and well-managed heart, can also show a desire for romance deep down. The traditional rider deck shows that little boat gliding across the river, that is a really romantic scene.

    Your footsteps - Two of Pentacles, you could be moving something today, or you are enjoying some new material additions to your life. You are saying yes to something practical and related to your home life.

    What you are reaching for at this moment - The Judgment card - well this could be the grater in the kitchen haha.... judgment looks to me like you are placing your bet with the Universe to be a lovely and wonderful life, with true love the canopy over your bed... and a heart that is truly free to be yourself, your lovely authentic self. You trust that the Judgment of the universe works in your favor, ultimately.

    What you are letting go - the Hierophant, which is a "connecting to a philosophy" or something, like a structured thought system. So there must be something recently you had been thinking you agreed with that you have changed your mind on, and let go. A belief pattern could be changing. What was true yesterday may not always determine what is true today.

    And the eight of swords which is one of the loveliest cards, you are in love on a beach, and the thoughts of how life broiught you to this place wash over you, and you cry for the first time in such a long time, because of how happy you are.

    Okay, I am getting too sappy there haha.... I could see it in my head 🙂

    So dating websites... the Tarot should make a great match-making tool...

  • hi Astra,

    many thanks for your reading! you even provided information that i didnt request! what a blessing from you! thanks a lot! so i havent heard from my bf or my ex yet. and I feel like I need to move on. but part of me told me that maybe i should wait a little bit longer to see if he will reach out to me and maybe we will work out. Im torn between the options. You did the detailed reading regarding his part, and I appreciate it. Am wondering if you can do another reading.. like comparing these two options? which road will be better for me? stay with my bf (assume he comes back to me.. which is very possible) or just move on? I donno. I know I should follow my heart. BUt still want to know what the cards have to say.. Cool?

    Also, I met this girl and became friends real quick. she seems pretty decent and warm hearted. i enjoy hanging out with her so much. Am wondering if she will be a very close friend of mine? and what should i know about her?

    Thank you! looking forward to hearing from you again! and i hope your enjoying the memorial day up there 😉

  • Astra, may I add another question - will my bf/ex-bf contact me sometime this week?

  • hi hll...

    Okay... well we can look at path options for you... I thought it was interesting that they are not all that different in a way...

    So I drew 5 cards to represent you at this moment

    Those are

    Your thoughts - Two of Cups - so relationship...

    Your heart - Queen of Swords - very mature intellectual energy, so while your head is whispering love thoughts, your heart is slicing and dicing it to see what path makes more sense, is best, and you can embrace

    Your feet - The Universe (which is a good sign!) so your path is right on target... you should feel freedom under you, and that is good, you can choose what is the best way, and the Universe will support your decision.

    Reaching out - Six wands so a smooth identity / role is within reach

    Letting go - The Empress, so there was some nurturing role you played with someone or a situation recently that is now in the past.

    So, the two path... I laid out some cards for each

    Stay with your bf path:

    5 of swords, 3 of wands, Queen of Pentacles and 9 of Pentacles - so it looks like with him there is a period of mental adjustment... maybe some open discussions about expectations and responsibilities, anyway it is talking it out about something.

    Then the 3 wands seems to be the planning after all that. You are working it out to set some goals for your relationship. Then the queen of Pents seems to be you in the relationship and the material aspects are very nice. There is a 9 pents after that which is also very good... so the overall lifestyle seems like a very well etablished home, security pattern, financially.

    The "leave the bf" path and move on...

    King of Wands, 5 of wands, Knight of Pentacles, and Tower

    So the move on path seems to start with your releasing the identity you had with him, so out go his things. Any clothes, the little bluebird wall hanging he gave you for Christmas, the photo of the two of you at Grizzly Bear state park last summer.

    Then the 5 of wands which is identity adjustments after you let all that go to the dumpster. Now you are getting back in touch with YOU and not WE.

    So the Knight of Pentacles sounds like you focusing again on your own personal success and material well being. Which seems to reflect what you would have in the BF path. Queen there, knight here. Only difference is you must be on your own here.

    Then the Tower. Which is something very significant that you believed in changes. So this shows some kind of major change in this path that you let go of a belief pattern that does not seem to be part of the other path.

    So, not sure how that helps. I didn't see any cups pop up. Seemed to be mostly wands and pentacle things. It does look like a path with him would work out at least in the pentacle realm (home, secure life, financial. I mean a Queen and 9... is that you working hard is a question though.

    Also, notice in the other path that a Knight shows up, and that could be your energy of material focus, or it could be someone else. Whatever happens there seems to prelude the Tower. The tower can be unrestrained passion too, who knows. Explosive haha...

    Now we turn to you new... girlfriend.

    "Am wondering if she will be a very close friend of mine? "

    Queen of swords popped up (that must be her?) and then the Fool (trust) card and then 3 of cups. Yay, that sounds pretty nice to me! Very happy and supportive and looks like you two really hit it off. 9 of swords too, so there is intelligent conversation which you are enjoying with her. Sounds great to me have fun!

    "and what should i know about her?"

    Okay lets take a look... I know she won't mind... 🙂

    Five cards.

    Her thoughts - The Fool - trust - so that card appears again after reshuffling.. interesting. So she is really thinking of trust in some situation. Could be with you, opening up to you, she may be wanting to share about something in her life and that requires trusting you.

    Her heart - Strength - This is instinct energies, very basic drives and such. So this is going on in her heart, she is operating instinctively, so her life must be a lot of following her intuition right now and that is instinctive for her. I want to say she is savvy.

    Feet - 6 of Pentacles - this is a smooth working material life so it seems her physical needs, home, financial is working okay for her. Very stable earthy energy under her.

    Reaching out - The Tower, Hmm we saw this card on your "move on" path. So this is that collapse of things we believed in that no longer apply. So she is actually reaching for that. LIke she is ready to clear something out of her life that she once adhered to.

    Releasing is the Two of Pentacles - so she could have recently gone through a move, or something material she had agreed to, she affirmed and now that is in the past.

    She seems to be mostly sorta focused on the material world right not. Her thoughts are really wanting to open up in some way, trust you more, trust someone. Her hand reaching for the Tower tells me that could be what she is wanting to talk about. Her instincts are guiding her heart. she could also be aware that the Tower is coming into her life and really wants a good friend through that.

    I drew a few more cards to see her path... oh wow...

    8 of wands, Queen of Pentacles, 9 of Cups

    Hey, here is a path with some nice love at the end. With her! Although she is going through a reorganizing of her identity. (Did she recently come out of a relationship?).

    Then the Queen of Materials which we also saw that card pop up earlier. So she is also on a path of material mastery, a secure and dependable lifetyle. And she has some nice cups ahead with that. So her path seems to be regrouping after something (tower plus 8 wands) and then the Queen of Pentacles is her still very serious in a way about her material life and she is doing well. Then the 9 of cups, something very established in love, an emotion, or a relationship.

    I tell you what I think. I think you are going to say adios to your ex-bf and you and gf are going to hook up "on some level" and partner perhaps. Maybe its a weekly coffee get together to talk.

    Maybe it something more.

    She is definitely thinking about taking a risk somehow. Anyway, she seems to be coming into your life at a key point in your journey hll. You both have some wands coming up, so that means set changes, new costumes and actions... some life path changes coming...

    Hey, see what you think... I am only throwing out ideas for you... I think this is all adding up to something nice for the two of you though - the two females anyway haha. Not sure what the bf is up to. Fixing something maybe.

    Okay hll.. hope that gives you something, I'm heading out for a walk have a WONDERFUL Day! 🙂


  • Astra, LOL. Your funny! What you said about my friend is true - she's going through a painful divorce and is seeking help from her family and her friends. She talked a lot about her life. Shes definitely going thru a "tower" period! and shes looking for a job as she just graduated. The end of your reading is so funny - hey, im not les, neither is she. lol.. i just want to have one more close female friend that we can share as many thoughts as we can. you know.. its different from talking to guys.. well, maybe you dont know 😉

    As for myself, I went on match.com and browsed pages of guy profiles. none of them caught my eyes. So I think I wont do this online dating thing at this moment. maybe later - still feel like I am not in a mood of getting myself back to the dating world. I should get a job first! love second!

    hey astra, as I requested earlier, do you mind pulling a couple more cards to see if my bf contacts me this week? how will it go? please let me know. Thanks!

    I hope your enjoying your walk! hope its a sunny day up there!

  • hll

    okay I took a look at your bf contacts you? question

    I drew out 5 cards, representing today - Sunday, and so it looks like Friday is a positive sign.

    3 cups, queen of pentacles, High Priestess, 2 of swords, and 5 of swords

    Okay on your gf, I was just kidding around...

  • Hi Astra,

    Okay. I havent heard frm him yet. and I decided to explore on my own first. ha.

    I thought about a guy i dated back in 2010.. Havent spoken to him for a long long time. Saw his profile on Linkedin the other day, and show it to my girl. She liked his look too lol! I am wondering if I should contact him? is he single or attached? well, if hes attached, forget it.. If hes single and if i send him an email, what will be his response? happy to hear frm me? Quite curious.. maybe you can give me some insight ;0 Thank you!

  • I am wondering if I should contact him?

    The Magician, yes.

    Is he single or attached? 9 of wands, holding his own. Single.

    well, if hes attached, forget it.. If hes single and if i send him an email, what will be his response?

    3 of Pentacles. He gets busy with something. A lot of identity transitions as a result, 1, 4, 10 of wands. 10's are endings and beginnings, so your email does seem to have an impact on some way he sees his life... a role does change...

    happy to hear from me?

    The Universe, yes yes, this card is everything wonderful. And 8 of swords, which is a door, thinking and thoughts. So happy and that does seem to open out into some dialogue, that is expansive. I saw Jupiter in the sky.

    That's what I see... how about you? Looks good to me, I would go for it, why not its Friday anyway. 🙂


  • tHANKS FOR the quick response, Astra! Yes, Its TGIF! lol and I should explore.

    Well, your reading seems to be so positive. i am quite nervous to email him.. as the way we ended dating was kinda ugly - its about my dating history - he didnt like the guy i dated before him. I am not sure if he's over it. What you think? Whats his attitude on how we ended? Besides that, that im nervous abt this idea is becuz I never approach guys! I never really make the first move - not my thing. ehh

    and what's thinking of me? aka whats on his mind about me if i do email him? And what should I know better about this guy?

    the last but not the least, do you see if there is any love potential between us? the problem is he lives in Vegas.. Altho his work allows him to be working anywhere that he doesnt have to be in the office all the time.

    Thank you 😉

  • Okay hll.. sitting here sipping some way too sweet red wine...

    Alright, so you wonder if he is over whatever was going on before? No question about it, his heart appears to be very open to you - Page of Wands who is willing to risk... so you are connecting with him at a good time. (You have a wands door in your heart, the 8 so that resonates with his page.)

    His attitude seems fine to me - 9 of pentacles, whatever happened must have had a significant material connection somehow. Seems kinda matter of fact to him. Also there is a King pents in his figure too, so that tells me that whatever "material" issue (i guess the person you were dating) is an area he has released.

    So you never approach guys? Well first time for everything, it will be fun!

    What's he thinking about you? The Sun. Bright. Happy thoughts. You make him feel like a baby on horseback. The other card I get is the justice card, hmm. So that must be an area of his thoughts about you too. Something in need to be balanced. Maybe it is some sort of give and take to reconnect you two? Re-balancing something anyway.

    What should you know better about this guy?

    When I look at him based on these 5 cards, there are no swords or cups. None. Which means he is beyond thoughts, conclusions, what's up from down as regards you. WHatever happened may have left him in a place where he tried to understand (with his head you know) and he must have given up. SO he is at some sort of intellectual peace about it. ANd there are no cups so he is a parched desert love-wise. You have the solution for that, right?

    He has pairs of wands showing.. the 2, page and the 2 in the justice card so affirming some new identity is on his plate lately. He could be going through a job change or has started something new (the way he presents himself) and he is staying with that path, saying yes to it.

    Two of pentacles under him so movement is indicated maybe. He is saying yes to a new physical pattern of some sort.

    Love potential between you and him? Queen of Cups. Yes with a capitol Q.

    He lives in Vegas? You could start driving now and surprise him around midnight.

    Does that help?

    I laid out all of this as a 2 cross spread with the wand in the middle (4 cards straight up) and those are significant cards for the two of you....

    7 of cups - dreams of love

    6 of wands which seems to answer victory to the wands in each of your hearts

    The Devil which in this case seems to be encouraging you to cross some boundaries, thresholds, try some new things, take a chance and have fun!

    And the 4 of Pentacles is foundations in physical things, security patterns, the solid expression of what the two of you could be together.

    Your cards show you trusting (Fool) and adjusting a role you play (5W) and releasing emotionally (King Cups under you). So it does appear like you have something to say or share that is emotional in nature. The High Priest card shows as your thinking, so that supports a philosophy or something you believe in. Maybe true love?

    So you and him had something going 2 years ago? Wands in the hearts... it must have been nice, creative, magical in some way... he release materially, you trusted, and the rest is all wands (mystery and story, drama and acts and time...)

    How does that sound hll? Hope you are having a nice evening!


  • Thanks for the reading as always, Astra! It gave me a lot to think about.., I will think about How i should email him this weekend.. I donno actually. what should I say?

    Oh hi, how are you? long time no chat.. hope life is treating you well. are u still in vegas?

    it sounds LAME! Any idea?

  • I think you have a nice start... I would keep it simple? No need to go into detail this is just a 'reach out' message right?

    Just ask what he is up to these days and see how he responds... you must have had something going with him, I drew the king pents, 10 cups and 9 cups. Pretty serious cup cards. What was going on back there?

  • I just emailed him..very simple. Just asked how he is. and if hes still living in vegas. I dont know why I cant find his email account in my gmail. So I just used the email address he listed on his linkedin.. Not sure if he really uses that address.. What you think? Will he respond to my email sometime soon?

    As for the reason why we stopped seeing each other, its kinda personal. And I dont feel comfortable talking about it on an open forum. Hope you understand, Astra. But as I said earlier, he had issues with one guy I dated before him. And I understood. It was my fault - I was too honest. If I met him two years after, like now, I wouldnt have told him those things. I learned my lessons. hehehe

  • And yes, we hit it off as soon as we met! oh, and I actually met him on match.com. Funny. I liked how we clicked back then. It seemed like we had so much in common, and we always had great conversations. He's a true gentleman. Thats why I still think about him sometime - wondering if he has found the one. But I never had courage to shoot him an email.. Apparently, he didnt either. So.. well. what can I say?

    Just curious - Astra, do you mind pulling a few more cards to see what's going on in his dating life? what happened in the past 2 yrs related to his love life? And is he on any dating site now? oh almost forgot to add - is he seeing someone? I know you said he's single, but maybe he is seeing someone, just not that serious yet.. what u think?

    Thank you as always! hugs!

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