Hi Astra, glad to see you back! May I have a reading from you again?

  • Long long time ago*

  • Hi Astra,

    Do you mind doing a reading regarding my ex who broke up with me last year and then moved away for the new job? I am still in the process of healing from the break-up. Sometimes i find myself sit here quietly missing those happy days with him. It's like he will always have a piece of my heart. And I think I still love him although I can never go back. I havent spoken to him since we broke up, and we dont really have any mutual friends. I am quite curious to know how he is doing these days? What is he up to? And do you see if he still have feelings for me? Last but not the least, does he ever regret the fact that he broke up with me?

    Please let me know. Thanks Astra.

  • Hey hll

    I took a look and he seems concerned more with work and his material life than anything.

    Head - Two of pentacles so he is "saying yes" to a new direction of home/job some material aspect of his life.

    Heart is three of swords so he is planning out something regarding his lifestyle. Planning and sorting out his thinking about something related to that two of pentacles material choice.

    Feet - His life path right now is The Fool so he is on a path of learning to trust, and so it could be that his material life has changed requiring some real faith on his part to believe it will work out.

    Reaching out - Three of Pentacles, planning secure structures for his life, this is a strong "work/career" energy so his life seems to be very concerned now with plans as related to his work life. Could be a new direction, new job, searching for a job

    Letting go - Ten of Wands - This is an "identity question" card so he is moving away from something that caused him to really question his self-identity, role, his concept of his life must have hit something that shook his life up a little, caused him to question some areas of his life he thought were dependable.

    Looking at all this, I would say something has happened in his life related to his job, finances, and that has sent him planning hard for something new in work and career. Maybe he left one job situation and is now seeking another. Whatever it is, he is really having to trust the Universe that all will work out. So he could be going through something right now that is testing his faith that he will be fine materially.

    You mentioned he moved away for a new job, it almost looks like something happened with the "new job" and he is still searching for something. Maybe he has left that situation and is moving on to the next greener pasture.

    How is he doing? Eight of Swords on top of all that, more planning and organizing his thoughts. So his mind must be very concerned about something materially related. And the Queen of Swords says he is making one valiant effort to be mature and in control in this area. I think he is really going through the wringer on something materially and his mind is working overtime to sort it out and come up with a game plan.

    King of Swords - yeah, this is a releasing energy, coming after that Queen tells me that he is one minute strong mentally, he has a plan, and then - something may be happening that causes him to question his own plans and he is dealing with some self-doubt. We saw the Ten of Wands moving into the past so he hit something in his life that was a shocker to his self-image and he then has placed all his eggs in the "My intellectual prowess will still save the day" basket. The Universe has a way of upsetting our best paid plans sometime so he is learning some valuable lessons now about TRUST.

    The thought occurred to me while I was reading this, that an "anonymous" love gift to him right now would touch his heart... like flowers or something that said something like "thinking about you and wishing you blessings..." But anonymous, so it is sorta a gift from his angels letting him know he is being protected and cared for.

    What is he up to? Six of Pentacles/Magician, dreaming of a more quiet and serene material life somehow. Ace of Pentacles, trying to start again in something related to work. His whole world right now is pentacles and swords, so it is work, and thinking about work (or the lack thereof). Hmm... what did he do when you knew him when he was trying to figure something out that had him concerned, especially as related to money and career? That is probably what he is up to now.

    Does he still have feelings for you?

    King of Pentacles and the Page of Swords, so these are more releasing energies and risking intellectually in some way. I think he does think about you sometimes and there is a sense he would like to "go back" to whatever security pattern he was enjoying with you in the past. No cups though, he seems more concerned about the money or something, maybe when you two were together the material aspect was working okay? Or did he not have work and was forced to move away for that? It sounds like his job situation when you were in his life was pretty stable and he misses that and you sometimes. I think he has you all bundled up in that material realm from the past. Is he a workaholic or something?

    "does he ever regret the fact that he broke up with me?"

    The Hermit, "moving away to gain perspective" so this seems like he made a conscious choice to move away in order to find himself, he felt something was missing in his life and that required a physical move. He seems very absorbed in his work. I don't see him "regretting" moving away, The Hermit relocates because he is all about gaining a new perspective, so it is a positive, affirming move for his own sake. He still believes in that process. He would do the same thing again I bet. What is his sign, Cap? He sounds like he is on a mission to find himself through his work. Boy, that can be a real heart breaker my heart goes out to this guy, I can relate to him I have tended to be this way too. Long learning journey that the mountains we climb don't always have all the answers we thought we'd find at the top. The effort is important though. The day this guy finally wears himself out he will be the most affectionate, tender lover you ever met. He can be hard-headed right now though.

    So out of all of these cards 14! - we only saw 5 little cups and they were all hidden in the major arcana cards, the Fool and the Magician. So his life lessons are about love, however they are hidden in a lot of mental effort and material work things, hidden like pearls, and it will take some continued diligence on his part to find the love hidden away.

    His mind and work are the "chrysalis" of his heart, and once all of that shatters, falls away... love will be waiting for him. He is on quite a journey.

    I hope that gives you some insight on his life, I am wishing him well as he walks this path out. I can tell you really love him, I get that his material life must have been a roadblock for the relationship, must have been tough for you. You were longing for more romance and him holding you, and being happy with that... meanwhile, he is on the phone about work stuff, or working late a lot, consumed with career things? I am trying to read between the lines here.

    Okay hll... hope you are having a nice day... I am sitting here at starbucks working on this reading... it is a nice day here, and I hope it is lovely down there in LA too!


  • Hi Astra, thanks for the reading. Yes, its lovely down here, and I read your post right after I made dinner for myself. You just made my dinner taste more delicious! Thank you!

    Here is my feedback -

    The material aspect was a big prob between me and him when we were dating. I made more money than him back then, although he was doing really great for his age. I think for a man, he always wanted to be the household. It didnt satisfy his ego to know his woman makes more money than him.. And to make things worse, I pushed him too far and too much I guess. I had always wanted him to go back to school to pursue MBA, or things like that. I sensed he didnt appreciate the way I talked to him when it comes to this subject. He did work a lot but not over worked, and it didnt really interfere our relationship.. We pretty much spent every weekend together. It was nice.. I miss that. What you said in the end actually reflected the situation between and my current bf. This guy def works A LOT, and I dont see him much at all.

    It doesnt surprise me to know he's all about work/material these days. He's an Aries, btw. i am not so cool to wish him the best.. thinking about how he left me. At this point, its not about if we still love each other. The sad part is we will never be able to go back to where we were. Hate it ;(

    Thanks for the reading, Astra. I hope your having a good day up there also. hugs.

  • I am curious to know if he will contact me in the next few months? Will we meet up? And what is his attitude on reaching out to me?

  • Hey hll

    I laid out a 6 month spread to see what shows up and month 3 looks like a very possible contact or something. I was looking for a page, and this is the only page in the spread, and it teams up with a nice Cup the Nine, and a Queen of Wands (which must be you). So something likely in month 3 as long as current trends continue.

    DO you really, really want him to reach out to you? That has a lot to do with what happens. I don;t think any events are fixed, all is dependent on choices you and he make over time. It sounds like you would like to see him again, and this desire can cause that event to occur.

    What will his attitude be? Nine of cups is "flowing feelings" so it sounds like the spirit of the session would be very nice. I drew some other cards, the King of Cups (releasing) and the 2 of swords which is affirming words, I mean it sounds communicative and nice to me.

    I reshuffled the cards and asked the Tarot "Would he like to see hll again?" and drew the Page of Wands! So that agrees with the first reading and looks like a definite YES. You and he must have unfinished business.

    love, astra


  • Month 3 is headed by the Page of Wands which is a strong "communication" card and that card same card showed again later in the question "Does he want to reach out to me?" question.

  • Hi Astra, as always, thanks for the reading. I do feel we have unfinished business. we'll see how time plays out.

    I have a question regarding my current man - in your earlier post, you said he would contact me soon. May I ask when I will hear from you? How many days more? Im curious to know how you count days? I only know one method - count until you see an ace card.. What you think?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Astra! Thanks 😉

  • Some odd thoughts came to my mind and it made me wonder about my bf's attitude on getting married. This guy has talked about getting married several times, but every time I wasnt sure how sincere he was.. its like he was testing the water to see how I felt about this. What you think? What's his attitude on this? Does he have a plan on when to get married? If your answer is yes, do you see if we get engaged this year? and when? Thanks Astra! xx

  • Hi hll

    In regards to your first question, I was curious to see how to approaches work. So I will try your suggestion first and see what we get... 1...2..3.. Ace of Wands. So, the 4th day from now apparently. Now, I will try another approach and see what we get. I probably would have started laying out cards 7 across and keep filling rows out to 3 -4 weeks. Then look at the overall pattern to glean the most likely 'hits' for that event to occur. How does that sound?

    So I laid out 21 cards as shown... according to this my eyes tend to focus on the judgment card position 4 (so that agrees with the ace approach!). And another possibility is day 16, the 2 cups, below the 9/8 cups, and with the Queen of Cups pointing beside it, something there anyway?

    That was fun! 🙂

    Now, on to your next set of questions... about your bf... What do I think? I think you should come out and ask him is what I think. Then, you get to find out about the relationship's ability to communicate truthfully.

    What's his attitude? I think you hit it on the head, he is testing the waters. Every good fisherman "tests" the waters first by throwing out a few bread crumbs and see what kinds of hits he gets. An old trick.

    Does he have a plan on when to get married?

    Hey hll, lets try your Ace approach again and see what we get... Ace of Wands on day 14. Wow, that is interesting. I drew 21 cards total (7 across) the ace wands was the only wand in the 21. So that does seem to emphasize something then. Not sure about it being a wedding day though!

    Why can't you ask you bf these questions? Is there a communication issue? I would come out and be up front with him and see what happens. Do you want to get married to him? Talk to him and see what he says?

    Did any of that help at all? 🙂


  • Hi Astra, yes, your response is pretty helpful. I will update you later this week to see if he will contact me then... That I asked you about his thoughts on getting married was simply because i felt like i was being pushed. Every time when he asked me a question about getting married, I would get quiet. I dont think I am ready, but am not opposed to the idea of getting engaged. I know I should talk to him about this but I dont want him to overthink. I dont want him to feel like I dont wanna get married. Oh well. its quite confusing 😉 thanks for the advice.

    Astra, May I have a general reading about my life for the rest of May? It's May 20. And this month has been crazy. nothing good happened. job, love, money... And I even fought with two of my close friends! crazy! I feel like I am stuck. I am wondering if anything good wil happen in the next 10 days? related to job hunt, love life and financial situation.. Please let me know. thanks astra! xx

  • Hey hll,

    okay I can try a daily card for the rest of the month and we can see what we get...

    days 1-2 you are concerned about material matters more than anything. Work related, making some adjustments there some how.

    Day 3 you pull away, not talking too much, quiet and some alone time to reflect.

    Day 4 - 5 things get more contemplative still, as you are weighing out a life viewpoint. and your mind is working hard at something (5)

    Then day 6 some emotional relief, very nice, some good news or something from the past is nice for you.

    The Star continues this into day 7, and day 8 more cups, so these three days are an emotional high for you...

    Day 9 has you returning to something you were thinking over, after these emotional days... and then day 10, 3 of cups, right back to the emotional wonderful something that is happening for you!

    Then day 11, you are imagining all the wonderful things that are developing for you in love. You ARE DREAMING AND you are so happy...

    I see the rest of May something very special for you... something really sweet developing hll... I can't think of anyone more deserving....

  • Thanks Astra! hope everything turns out good for me soon! thank you!

  • Hi Astra,

    I have questions related to the job hunting....

    In your earlier post on page 1, you told me that my friend would help me finding a job thru his network.. Since I havent heard from him for a while, and I dont wanna bother him too often as he' s very busy at work all the time. Well, and i know if he has any news for me, he would certainly update me.. i am wondering about his attitude on helping me out? Is he trying his best to help me this time? Or kinda reluctant? I dont know. We dont live in the same city, and I find it very difficult to get hold of him. I am quite curious to know what the cards have to say about this issue. Btw, when will I hear from him? And is it possible for me to get an interview with K company? Any insight would be appreciated. I am staying positive, but at the same time, I am losing patience. Ehh, this is killing me.. Need your help, Astra! thanks a lot! xx

  • And some feedback, astra..

    days 1-2 you are concerned about material matters more than anything. Work related, making some adjustments there some how.

    Day 3 you pull away, not talking too much, quiet and some alone time to reflect.

    Day 4 - 5 things get more contemplative still, as you are weighing out a life viewpoint. and your mind is working hard at something (5)

    So far, so true... day 1 to 3 were exactly like what you said. And I just received some bad news, so tomorrow I wil have focus on sth that I dont wanna deal with before. Now I have no choice. So basically what you said about day 4 and 5 will be true too. hehe I hope nice things happen after. really needed. I am emotionally exhausted.

    Astra, since I have been unemployed for so many months since I finished school, my financial situation is getting really ugly. i really need to work to make money ASAP.. Do you mind doing a general reading regarding my money issue in June? better? THANKS!

  • Thursday, May 24, 2012

    7:27 AM

    Hi hll,

    I am going to try a different approach for you with this reading. I noticed you ended up with something about "what will June bring?" and it seemed job related. Rather than perpetuate a back and forth question and answer pattern, let's experiment a little and see how that works.

    I will simply do for you what I do for me as a spiritual practice using the Tarot. Which means I simply start choosing cards and begin to watch for patterns. Or a sense of guidance. I sometimes don't "know" what I get...

    Seven of Swords. You are imagining something, creative perhaps.

    Page of Swords. You are reading, willing and able to take a risk with this creative idea or project. You are ready to take it to the next level.

    I'll pause here and await a response to see how this is working... astra

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  • Thanks Astra! interesting approach! I am looking forward to your response. Plus, if you dont mind, can you please do a reading regarding my friend helping me finding a job issue as I requested earlier? his attitude and when i can hear from him? Thanks!

  • Hey hll

    Yeah, I thought it was worth a try... I am always trying new things to see what might work...

    Seems that everyone like question and answer formats, so that is fine... I will draw some cards and I'll share whatever pops up! Thanks for hanging in there with me, I have had an interesting week.

    You asked...

    "...i am wondering about his attitude on helping me out? Is he trying his best to help me this time? Or kinda reluctant?"

    the Universe - sounds like he is very sincere and open to helping you any way he can. I detect nothing reluctant at all.

    "Btw, when will I hear from him? Queen of Cups - um, cups are kinda slowish... and a 5 of pentacles, even slower. Sigh, I dunno when he will call! Not anytime soon I don't think... Feels very up in the air, like too many things hanging or something...

    "is it possible for me to get an interview with K company? Any insight would be appreciated. "

    The Tower. Hmm... is it a business in a high rise? nine of wands... identity solid and strong... and an Ace of Wands.

    I am getting your presentation is what will do the trick for you. Like really get your resume and cover letter perfect. There is something here that needs something, it is related to how you are presenting yourself. You need a new identity. Clothes too? I am reaching for straws here/// let me know what you think...


  • "is it possible for me to get an interview with K company? Any insight would be appreciated. "

    The Tower. Hmm... is it a business in a high rise? nine of wands... identity solid and strong... and an Ace of Wands.

    yes, its a big company located in a highrise down LA 😉 I am kinda confused here. first card you drew here was the tower. generally speaking, its not a good sign answering my question, right? Its like the tower is equal to NO. right? if thats the case, can you please pull a couple more cards to see if i can get an interview with K in July? Thanks for the tips. I will see if i can make changes on my resume and CL.

    Astra, I havent heard from my bf yet! not sure his attitude regarding contacting me? does he want to contact me? or does he actually wait for me to make the first move? (which is impossible on my end..) or does he think its the end of our story? I donno.. confused. your thoughts pls?

    hey astra, I am not sure I didnt get your reading earlier? As I thought you paused and then you would come back finishing the reading about the June issue. I guess I was wrong? Sorry about that! Of course I like to have my questions answered in a relatively straight way, but i am down for your new reading methods 😉 Thank you!

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