Hi Astra, glad to see you back! May I have a reading from you again?

  • Hi Astra,

    Not sure if you remember me... But you helped me with your readings back in jan and feb. thanks a lot! Some update- me and my bf are like on and off for the past couple months. Rough times. Big communication problems. And he works way too much that we don't spend much time together. This morning, I broke up with him via txt.. Stupid, I know. Now I'm confused as I don't know if it's the right move for me? I do hope we can work out some day but if it's not meant to be, I get it and I'm willing to let it go. What you think Astra ? Will he come back to me? Like contact me sometime soon?Will we work out in the end?

    Also... I have been looking for a job for quite a long time. No luck.. Ehh. Frustrating.. Will I find a job in the next couple months?? Big or small company? Will I find it on my own or thru a friend or so?? Any insights would be appreciated.

    Thx for ur help Astra! I hope ur doing well. Sending great blessings ur way. Xx

  • Hi hll

    Sure I remember you… sri to hear you and your bf are having some trouble!

    I drew some cards in patterns to look like you and him standing beside each other. Here is what I got...

    Your heart - The Lovers.

    His heart - the Ten of Wands.

    So it looks like you are all about the love, and he is/was all about him (self image). 10 wands shows him hesitating over something related to his self-image, his role, and he also he has two pages (risks) at either hand. You have the Devil (boundaries) toward him, and the seven wands away from him. He is doing a lot of work on himself, his self identity is a major force right now for him. Maybe connected to his job or career situation? The devil card must be showing the "splitup" txt.

    Your footing is 10 pentacles = hesitating materially, this could be showing what you are focused on, foundational. For you it is money, finances are a major issue under you. For him its the 5 of swords, which is adjusting something in his philosophy or thinking. He seems rather puzzled to me! All I got on him were wands and swords, (no cups) so he is all about the self identity (and life roles/stories) and intellectual stuff…. for you it is much more robust, you have some strong cups and a lot of intense pentacle energies. You do seem to be in motion too, that ten pents under you has you with some itchy feet ready to make a move wherever to get you the pentacle home/security/financial issue resolved to your liking.

    You are making dust away from him, queen pentacles and 4 pentacles are all coming off your feet as you depart from him. Which is interesting to me it is almost like under the surface, the brekup has something to do with your need for work? LIke, you know you need to be more concerned with the career stuff right now? Not sure on that…

    The seven of wands away from him seems to show you imagining some new ideas about your life role, identity, you are dreaming of making some adjustments or something connected to your life path.

    If I had to make a guess as to what is going on here, I think you are sensing that your path (7 wands) is taking you in some new directions that does not seem congruent with his being connected to you. So you are seeing the outward "breakup" stuff, when what is at the root of the matter is your material concerns (job?) and imagining some new changes in your identity of self, your chosen expression "who you are". I see that changing and it could be forcing the split at this moment in time, however this can all change depending on what you do.

    The cards across your heart look like an arrow pointed away from him. Do you want it to work out with him? I can't tell you whether it was the "right" thing to do splitting with him.

    As for the job in the next couple of months?

    I saw some very very strong signs of pentacles work (3's and 8's) working on your behalf, so it looks wonderful to me for a job outlook!

    I wish I could have helped more on these questions… maybe it will give you something to think on? I haven't been on here for a while and I am sorta tip toeing back into these waters!

    blessings to you hll


  • Hi Astra! Thanks so much for the reading. Spot on! All what u were not sure( that u mentioned in the reading) were right. I'm trying to focus on my career, finding a job and move on to a new place. Hes working all the time. Long hours. Lots of pressure. Trying to be on top. So wands and swords r right for him.. As for cups.. I do believe he loves me and wants to make things right. But the prob is i don't think he's trying hard enough. Or maybe he doesn't love me that much? Astra, can you draw a few more cards to see where this relationship heads to? Is this the end? No future anymore? Thanks so much for your time, Astra! Xx

  • Hi Astra, happy to see u back.. If u have time, I would like to have a reading from you...

    Regarding my relationship, tried so much to communicate with him. But every time he made me feel like I was over thinking. I was tired and broke up with me finally. I could tell he was very sad. I Donno if it's the right move... What u think? Will he be back or shall I happily move on this time? I'm confused... He could be the right one.. We just don't know if it's the right time or not..

    Also, I have been looking for a job for quite a while. No luck... I'm wondering when I can find a job and what kind of Job it is? Will I do well? Will I like it? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

    It seems like I asked a lot of questions... Hope you don't mind 😛 looking forward to hearing from u soon. Thanks. Lots of blessings to you. Hugs!

  • Broke up with him*... Couple days ago

  • Hi hll

    Nice to hear from you. Sure thing, lets see what is going on...

    I am getting some sadness in your heart right now, the breakup, you are wondering was that really the right thing to happen? Ten of Cups, so it is a card of hesitating emotionally. Like, you were trying to figure out where to take the relationship having reached some sort of impass or crossroads. 10's always ask of you a decision, fish or cut bait. Looks like it was decided to start fishing.

    Ace of Pentacles - okay they want me to shift gears to your material life, this is a great sign of income a new beginning, new job or something.

    Four of Wands, pretty exciting whatever it is. Really suits you and you will find the fulfillment in it that you long for. WHo knows maybe a new guy there too haha...

    Eight of Wands, it should be developing very soon.

    Something about boundaries and limitations. And it could be outside work, travel. Yes it seems to be crossing boundaries (borders) so it is travel related it seems. Outside and travel related.

    Ace of Swords, yes that is saying YES to all that.

    Ace of Cups - and a new love starting for you, could be connected with this job whatever it is.

    Knight of Cups - yep.

    I want to say next month. I ended up with 12 cards (months) and 3 aces! so that portends some wonderful news of new beginnings in material (job) and love and your intellectual life. There are a lot of cups and wands, love and your life role is changing for the better. This job will be using something (skills) you've done in the past, developing that. What kind of work have you been doing? This new job will be taking that in a new direction. It will be a little risky, so you may feel a little stretched in this new position. I see air travel (the spread has some significant air in it (white space) along with the 8 wands says air travel. The World card says that to (you can see how it falls below the Boundary card so boundaries are crossed, opened out.

    You are entering a time where you will be discovering an amazing new freedom in life.

    I believe the breakup to be for a good reason. I would let matters rest there. He contacts you again, I would stay quiet and stay focused on the job area. Something new in love connected with this work, career. New you, new love.

    Hey, hope that is helping... in the second month from now... So beginning mid June... lets hope your travels take you somewhere nice like a beach or something!

    love, astra

  • Hi Astra, thanks a lot for the reading. Although my love life is kinda a mess right now, glad to know things will be getting better soon. Much appreciated!

    May I ask a few more questions about the job hunting? I have a friend who is helping me on this.. He's quite busy and I Donno if he can help me or not.. What u think? Will he find me a job thru his network? If yes, will it be my dream company? Or will I find a job on my own? What kind of job will it be? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing frm u again! Hugs!

  • Hey hll

    yes let's see about the job hunt.... I drew three cards to see about your friend helping, and how that will go...

    King of Wands, Ace of Pentacles (yay!) and the Empress.

    This looks very positive to me! the King of Wands is a releasing energy (rest), the Ace of Pentacles is certainly a new start in work, a job and the Empress has abundance, resources. IT seems that your friend will be able to help once they find a break, a pause in their schedule.

    So yes, this looks like he will find you that job through a network.

    Is it your "dream company"? Two of Swords says yes, so I would be very expectant here, this path looks like it will result in something nice for you in work. 🙂

    As to finding a job on your own, and what kind of job would that be...

    Queen of Pentacles and the Three of Pentacles - wow! This is fantastic too! The Queen is the master of her financial/material realm and the Three is a great "work/employment" card to see in a reading. This looks like a win-win for you hll! Both paths look very exciting, so I would keep doing whatever you are doing on your own, as well as keep bugging your friend about a job lead as well, I see you will have some options with companies to work for.

    Mostly Pentacles showing in this ... Something very very nice coming for you in the material financial area hll.. keep doing whatever it is you are doing good thing$ coming for you...

    love, astra

  • Thanks for the quick response, Astra! I like this $$ in the pic. Cute lol.

    Many many blessings to u! Xx

  • As to what kind of job that will be I drew the Magician and the Page of Pentacles (more pentacles!) so this sounds like it will be a somewhat new area for you in work... the Pages are risk takers so you might be a little nervous about the direction at first however you will do great.

    The Magician is "comparing realities" and creative.

    Are you a chef by any chance? I was getting some signs this job would be related to food somehow, chef, and it is fun. Much food and fun. and a "Jim" connected with this.

    Another possibility is a Reiki practitioner (teaching?). the magician card seem to imply something in the psychic realm.

    You are a Reiki Chef! Haha...

  • Lol funny! My major is accounting. And I'm just an okay cook.. Teaching in psychic ? Ha. I wish 😛

    I know a Jim.. He's my old boss during my intern back in 08... Now he's a senior VP in that big international corporate..

    Astra, I know it's hard to predict timing... But if I can get a job thru my friends help, do u see if I can get it next month or july? And will I have interviews w them this month or next month? Please let me know. Thanks Astra 🙂

  • Okay,

    I laid out two columns of cards, for June and July and you can see how it stacks up.

    June is all wand steps, and I had the sense that June will be mostly you continuing whatever actions you are doing for work, step by step. Page of Wands, Two of Wands, and the Queen of Wands (who is doing the 2 step).

    Then July seems to be where the focus begins to narrow in on work door opening (Ace of Wands) and then the Ten of Swords interview(s) middle of July and then toward the later part of July the Fool who has a great job, (we see the Ace of Pentacles in the center of the Fool) so this is a new start for you, requires some trust which we saw earlier in the last reading with that Page. Could be a big company.

    So this is shaping up nicely for you for a July 20 breakthrough! The Ten of Swords could be point ing to something in the accounting field... and that "chef" career?

    You are going to be helping some company "cook the books" hahaha.......

  • cook the book..not so good lol. thanks for the readings, astra! much appreciated. hope things will turn out good for me..

    sending bright bright blessings ur way. xx

  • ehhh.. actually im quite curious to know what my bf (or shall i call him my ex?)is thinking about our relationship and me at this point? we havent spoken for a week. will he contact me sometime soon? i just have this feeling that this is not the end of our story... what u think, Astra?

  • hll,

    As for your bf/ex thinking about you I drew the Seven of Swords, Justice and the Hanged Man.

    So, the seven of wands is "experimenting with different roles"

    Justice is a "creating balance" energy

    Hanged man is "waiting to make the next move".

    So this sounds like he is more focused on his own life right now, identity issues, changing his role in some way. That leads into some re-balancing in some areas, and that prompts him to want to reach out to you, however this is "on hold" until he works through his personal self-image issues.

    You can see the cards how transition from wands.... to some swords/wands... and then to a wand/cups... so the outlook is very good for him to reach back out to you however this has to wait until the wand energy diminishes in his life. When could this happen? The Moon, which has eight wands in her, so this could happen soon. I would let it rest the ball is in his court. The wands come back in strong here and so that is some developments in the relationships, new roles.

    Then the High Priestess after the Moon, so this does look promising to me, a cup in the moon and then some very nice higher energies with the HP. If he does come back and the relationship picks up again it will be on a new level in some way.

    Ten of Cups is releasing emotions. And it fell below the Hanged Man so it wouldn't surprise me to see him contact you and he wants to talk, open his heart out in some way. He is at a n emotional crossroads and you seem to be there to help him?

    Seven of cups, yes some options are opened out in your relationship or his emotional life. King of swords more releasing energies of thoughts and words so I have the sense that he will be contacting you to "open up" in some way... it is like he is seeking you as a friend to help him, not sure how that plays with your needs... All of these cups and he wants to talk about it...

    love, astra

  • Thanks for the reading, Astra. He actually talked about trying to be a better bf after i sent him an email before I broke up with him. However, a few days later, I still chose to move on without him.. 'cuz I felt he's all talk. well, maybe he's just too busy at work.. . Anyway, I do think if he ever comes back, we will develop a whole new relationship. I understand he wants to pause. I should do that too. focus on myself. Again, Thanks so much for your help, Astra. I read the thread between u and sadsag - I hope you can find a job soon which will pay you well. Oh, and I also hope I can meet you sometime. I live in LA. 😉

  • Here are the cards...

  • we posted at the same time! thanks astra! blessings!

  • I understand, sounds like you are doing the right thing keeping to yourself.

    So, what was missing with him that made you want to "move on"? You said he was all talk. You must have felt something was missing? I am alway curious about relationships and what makes them tick or not. How long were you together?

    LA huh? I am in Spokane. Sort of like LA ...without the coast ...and Hollywood. 🙂

  • We were together for six months, and before that, we both came outta painful relationships.. just like the readings you did for me on him long long time, I sensed the whole time we were together he didnt open up. I felt he was very reserved. not sure why.. Maybe its becuz of his ego/power? I guess he was afraid that if he let me know how much he loved me, I might have abused his weakness. Make sense? Guess he was just trying to protect himself. Also, maybe im not what his mom wanted...altho he never really formally introduced me to his family (i asked you on this issue before also).. Honestly, i dont know.. its quite confusing. I tried to talk to him on this. Everytime he made me feel like i was overthinking... At this point, I just dont wanna waste time on the wrong guy. if he's the one, we will click at some point. sooner or later. universe will bring us together. if not, why should i bother? in the end, i will lose with a broken heart. doesnt sound like a good plan to me. i learned so much from my past relationship - try not to make the same mistake again.

    maybe i should havent said that he was all talk. he was just so busy at work... torn between work and love. we never spent much time together. not much fun activities either. well, i should not make excuses for him. "you will always have time for the one you love". so yah, forget it!

    never been to Spoken. Went to Seattle before. Loved it! probably my second fav city in the States. Chicago is the best 😉

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