Shuabby, Can I have a reading from you please?

  • I broke up with my boyfriend this morning. Our relationship was never that great. But we do love each other. He spends too much time at work. And we never see each other much. I know he loves me. its just lack of actions. If he cant be aware of the problems between us, I am fine. I let it go.. But..Do you feel if it's the end of our story? Will he come back to me? I appreciate your input and your time. Thanks a lot, Shuabby.

  • hll,

    Your boyfriend is not fullfilling your personal needs and not even his own with working so much. It has taken the joy from his life and yours. You will need to ask yourself a question or two? Can you live on your own without expectations from him should he return as it will be more of the same. Can you make your life exciting and fullfilling on your own? He may teach you to become a strong independent woman, or he can try to change jobs in which I feel would take him a year to do and than there would be no true rewards as I feel he wants to be at the top and this is what it takes, long hours et. Can you accept that kind of life with a man?


  • wow Shuabby, thanks for the reading. Spot-on! The prob between us is his working schedule that he never finds enough time for me. I totally support him. thats part of reason why I am so attracted to him. i just feel like he's not trying hard to show me he loves me. lack of actions. or maybe he doesnt love me that much?? I do wanna be with him, and I did realize I cant change him, and I dont want to. He's who he is and I am who I am. I admire how successful he is and do wanna learn from you and become successful myself someday. I realized I cant have them all from him. I have to sacrifice here or there. There is no way he will change his job. Thats what he does.. He has his own investment company.. yes, long hours, lots of pressure. and he wants to be top no matter what he does.

    Anyway, we were fighting a lot. each time he tried to peace out by saying sweet words... but not much actions.... I still hope we can work out... Shuabby, your thoughts on this? Will he get back to me? Thanks for your help. xx

  • hil,

    He sure will because he does love you and wants you in his life of course on his terms. So if you can love him uncondionally , he is all yours.

  • Thx shuabby. I guess I will have some faith in him.. Hopefully we can communicate better. Hmm do you see when he will contact me again? He's travellimg abroad for work for the next few days. Thanks for ur help! Looking forward to hearing from u again. Hugs.

  • Shuabby, if you dont mind.. may I ask you another question please? I have been looking for a job for quite a long time.. Do you see when I can find a job eventually? Thanks!

  • up up. Shuabby, if you do see a job in the near future for me.. can you please tell me more about this job? like what should I know about this job? and will be the company close to where I live? etc.. THANKS!

  • hll

    I do feel you getting a job , but not as soon as you would like for it to come to you dear. It feels like an office admin environment. Something coming here about red brick bld and a 5 in the address . Ron is a name that comes in here and he will be of help to you work wise. You may want to consider temp work for awhile that could lead you to a permanant job.

    Yes, you will hear from your man soon within three days.


  • Thanks for the suggestion, Shuabby. May I ask you a few more questions regarding the job? I know its gonna take a while. Can you feel how many weeks/months I will have to wait to get this job? I know its hard to predict timing, but maybe you can give me some thought on this?

    red brick building and a 5 in the addy - hmm do you see if its far frm where i live now? or is it gonna be close to me? which direction probably? north? east?

    Another important question - these days I mainly do job search online.. and mainly thru the school career service website. do you think if I will find this job thru my school career service website?

    I dont know any guy named Ron... This is pretty interesting. Maybe he is the guy who will be the interviewer 😉 my wild guess..

    Speaking of my man - Your reading is spot on, Shuabby! he actually texted me before his flight took off this afternoon.. saying if we can still talk... his tone was kinda sad. ;( I started to feel bad being mean to him...

    I am looking forward to hearing from you again, Shuabby. Hope you dont mind answering those detailed questions.. I understand if you cant "see" or "feel".. But in any case if you can, please provide me with more insights. Much appreciated. This job thing is driving me nuts. Thank you!

  • BTW, do you feel if I can get the working visa by the end of this year?

  • shuabby please?

  • Up up... Did I ask too detailed questions ? 😞

  • You will get the working visa in the next six months is what I receive. Yes, is the answer I got for the question of receiving a job through the job working website. The job should not be to far in distance away is what I receive, and it may be a job you do not want after receiving it due to a person there that is just hard on others. Hang in there is what I receive for you as patience builds a lot of fortitude. You will with time be where you want to be and doing what you have put in the time to learn to do.


  • Shuabby, thanks so much for your help. Your reading made my day. Now I'm in a peaceful mood 🙂 I may ask for your opinion later along the job hunting process. Again, I appreciate your time helping me out. Thank you!! Bright bright blessings to you. Xx

  • Shuabby, i forgot to ask - is this company big or small?

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