Shuabby, can you do a reading for me...I am stuck!

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading and see if you see anything coming to me financially or job wise....also any moves coming up. I am stuck trying to make decision because I recently lost my job and have been trying to find another and also waiting on a possible settlement. Also, anything on the love life....anyone new or a old love coming back in??? My DOB is 10-16-56....I really, truly appreciate it...thanks!

    Peace & blessings,


  • Leslie,

    Job wise you will not have another job for three months or more dear. You will get by financially though because I feel the settlement will come to the rescue so to speak , not quite the amount you are seeking however close enough is what I receive for you. Yes, there is a residental move for you coming up this year and I see a lot of green so it feels warm and also a condo will be purchased by you , it appears to have large glass windows and it looks at the water. You will love this new dwelling and will meet some very interesting people in the metahphysical part of town. Love is on it way is what I receive for you as I see you becoming more social and a line dance or a single dance is where you will meet an interesting man that must be read like a book as he will not revel his true self right away, there is another man that is more outgoing and fun to be with that you will truely enjoy. I see several men coming your way dear, so be sure to look your best and wear that special fragrance that you like so much when going out.


  • Thank you so much for the reading Shuabby. A condo overlooking the water must mean I am moving out of the desert however:) Thanks for the reassurance on the settlement...I will try to quit worrying!



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